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Welcome to Barefoot Caribou!

We’re Chip & Cristina Ge, a couple from Miami, on a mission to help you travel smarter and lighter.

We’ve been working remotely and living out of our suitcases for the last 5 years. During this time, we’ve learned that you can have everything you need without dragging your whole wardrobe.

Our motto is “Travel light. Less is more.”  

We never bring things “just in case”. Instead, we pack basic yet multi-functional stuff. Which means everything in our luggage is necessary, comfortable, and non-chunky. 

This gives us the freedom of traveling smart and light. 

Now, it’s YOUR TURN to discover how to do the same. 

By using our first-hand experience, we’ll help you get rid of the clutter in your luggage.

So, Who Are We?

We spent most of our 20’s grinding in our dream corporate jobs, trying to achieve financial freedom. But even when we reached handsome, six-figure salaries, we weren’t happy. 


Because we had the money, but we didn’t have the time or energy to enjoy it. 

Chip was spending the week traversing the United States, flying from client to client for his IT consulting job. Meanwhile, Cristina worked mostly on weekends. Her Miami-based career took her to trainings and seminars all over the U.S.A. 

We were newlyweds who saw each other for less than 10 hours per week. 

After hustling our bottoms off for a couple of years, we said, “This is NOT how we want to live the rest of our lives.

We quit our corporate jobs and started our journey of working remotely – mainly because we wanted to spend more time together. 

Today, we still travel a lot and live out of our suitcases. But now, we have the time and freedom to explore the places we want to visit. Plus, we spend every minute with each other!

What’s Barefoot Caribou?

Barefoot Caribou is an accessories brand born in the sun-kissed Miami, Florida. 

We’ve gathered all our travel experience to create the perfect companions for your trips. 

Our products are made BY travelers FOR travelers.

We called our brand “Barefoot Caribou”. 

Here’s why:

  • CARIBOU is the animal with the longest overland migration on the planet. It roams the wilderness, in search of new places and experiences. In that way, it’s very similar to us, travelers. 
  • BAREFOOT translates to being free and in sync with nature. When traveling, you’re often barefoot – be that on a sunny, secluded beach or while sipping a drink by the pool. 

What Can We Do for You?

Our travel style can be characterized as planned, prepared, and organized – yet chill and spontaneous. 

We like to be informed about the places we travel to. We research the destinations in depth but don’t overplan our activities. Once we reach our final destination, we prefer to go with the flow. 

So far, we’ve explored almost every American state, as well as most of Europe and South-East Asia, China, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. 

We’ve crisscrossed the U.S.A. for work, rode our bikes through Thailand, went deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, strolled the narrow streets of ancient European cities, and explored the market in every town we visited. 

So, on our website, you can expect to find our best travel advice, our well-researched guides, and our most helpful tips about the destinations we’ve been to. 

Chip hates the gym but does lots of push-ups. He also loves DJing and does that everywhere we go – sometimes even for free! 

More info about Chip

Meanwhile, Cristina is an organizational geek and an excellent landscape photographer.

This means that next to the excellent packing guides, we’ll share the occasional music or photography tip as well. 

Once again, welcome to Barefoot Caribou! 

Let’s help you travel in a lighter, smarter, and more fun way!

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