Author: Chip Ge

Chip Ge is a contributing writer at Barefoot Caribou.

About Chip

Hey, I’m Chip, and I have been traveling pretty much my entire adult life. I traveled to many different countries and have a wealth of knowledge about different cultures, customs, and destinations.

I was born in Romania but moved to the United States when I was young and currently call Miami, Florida home.

In 2019, I traveled to Thailand with my wife, Cristina, and our little dog, Cindy. We came here to travel the entire country and use it as a home base to explore the rest of Asia. We fell in love with the Land of Smiles and decided to stay here a few more years. 

I have been passionately writing about travel since 2010 and have contributed to the stories at Barefoot Caribou since 2020. My strong points are the practicalities of travel, such as planning trips, budgeting, and packing light.

My passions are writing, photography and videography. Besides writing here, I also started a YouTube channel called Our Paid Vacation, where we share our travels and top tips on how to get paid while on vacation.

I also love music and like to DJ from time to time at small establishments. Mostly just for fun, free of charge, but you never know, I might become a pro someday. 

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