15 Best Day Trips from Nassau: Top Excursions and Tours in the Bahamas

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Exploring the Bahamas: Nassau as Your Base

Lover of adventure? Always game for a day trip? Well, lucky you! Nassau’s the perfect base to explore the magic of the Bahamas.

Hop on a quick boat ride to nearby islands or venture to remote corners for a relaxing day out.

You’re in for a treat! Let’s explore the Best Day trips from Nassau.

Water Adventures

1. Swim with Dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island

Fancy a dolphin encounter? Blue Lagoon Island is your go-to spot! Only 20 minutes from Nassau, this private island offers a chance to see these playful creatures up close.

But that’s not all! You can snorkel off the beach, rent water sports gear, or simply chill in a hammock.

Swimming in a clear blue lagoon surrounded by natural beauty? Yes, please! Nature lovers can’t miss out on segway tours exploring the island’s thriving flora and fauna.

It’s the ultimate tropical paradise!

2. Explore Deep-sea Fishing Tours

best day trips from nassau

Ready to reel in the big one? Deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas is a must-try experience! It’s a thrilling ride from Nassau with stunning coastline vista acting as the perfect backdrop.

Be it a half or full-day adventure, these tours offer exhilarating encounters ranging from Marlin to Tuna fishing. An experienced crew by your side ensures you learn the ropes and enjoy the pace.

And here’s the best part, the equipment and bait are ready after you sign up for a trip. So, fish on!

For all you enthusiasts out there, make sure to check out annual competitions that celebrate the sport. Trust me, it’s a sight to behold!

Financially speaking, it starts around $600 USD and may go up depending on the trip’s duration and the boat’s size.

Buckle up, buddy! Your day at sea awaits. Remember to get to the far-east end of Nassau and visit the local bustling fish market. It’s the perfect cherry on top of your fishing day!

3. Snuba or Scuba Diving Adventure

Nassau is a scuba diving paradise! Step into a world of incredible underwater beauty and draw closer to the aquatic life.

From beautifully laid coral formations to astonishing marine life like angelfish and parrotfish, the clear Bahamian waters offer all these and more.

Not a pro diver? No sweat! You could try Snuba, a blend of scuba and snorkeling.

Gear up! Explore the underwater wonders of Nassau, located primarily west of the main island.

Ready for something bigger? Brace yourself and dive right into an encounter with reef sharks. It promises to be a memorable affair (open water certification might be needed!).

Want more? Visit Stuart Cove for an unforgettable underwater experience. Costs vary depending on whether you own or rent equipment. So, water babies, are you ready for a plunge?

4. Visit the Flamboyant Flamingos at Ardastra Gardens

Are you an animal lover? Picture this: a paradise of lush green plants, vibrant flowers, and exotic wildlife, right at your doorstep.

This is Ardastra Gardens, located in West Nassau. And yes, it’s home to the stunning “Ballerinas in Pink”!

Home to over 135 animals and birds, Ardastra offers an immersive wildlife experience. From iguanas to parakeets, capybaras to peacocks, you’re in for a close encounter.

What beats it all, though, is the star of the show – the flamingos. They exude charm and leave an indelible mark on your memory. Make sure to watch the famous flamingo march at the Flamingo Arena.

Ardastra Gardens is an ideal destination combining beauty and tranquillity. The adults’ park entry is $20, and for children aged 4-12 years is $12.

Open your eyes to the world of wildlife. Who wouldn’t want a day surrounded by nature and lovely creatures?

Aquaparks & Beaches around Nassau

5. The Thrilling Baha Bay Waterpark

Craving water-adventure? Say hello to Baha Bay Waterpark, west of Nassau! It’s a treasure trove of rubber-dingy rides, crazy slides, and splash zones.

You’ll find your thrill with body slides, rafting slides, and even free-fall slides. Families with small kids, heads up! There’s an area with shallower pools designed especially for your kiddos.

Offering a day pass at $160 for adults and a discounted $60 for kids under 48” tall, it’s a steal deal for a day full of fun and laughter.

Wait, there’s more! Baha Bay is part of a resort. So, after a day of splashing and sliding, enjoy a relaxing evening at the resort.

Picture perfect, isn’t it? Get your swimsuits ready, people. The water’s just fine!

Ensure you have everything you need on your trip with my Ultimate Bahamas Packing List.

6. Relaxing Time at Cable Beach

Dreaming of powdery sand beneath your feet and turquoise waters stretching beyond the horizon? Cable Beach is just the place for you!

Just 4 miles west of Nassau, this sublime coastline is waiting for you.

From swimming in the warm Caribbean waters to soaking up the Bahamian sun, Cable Beach offers the ultimate beach experience.

And the sunsets? They are breathtaking! Varied hues of oranges, pinks, and purples dance across the sky as the sun sets. It’s not just a beach, it’s a canvas of nature’s art.

Top it off with beachfront establishments providing drinks and food, and you’ve got a perfect beach day. It’s a piece of paradise on earth.

Here is a List of The Best Beaches in the Bahamas.

7. Jet ski Fun at Cable Beach

Alright adrenaline junkies, buckle up! The azure waters of Cable Beach are waiting to be explored…on a jet ski!

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea as you zip through the waves. The thrill is simply unmatched!

With professional guidance and safety measures, trust me, it’s perfectly alright even for beginners. Jet Ski rentals are available right on the beach, usually priced around $60 – $75 for a 30-minute ride.

While you’re at it, you might even glimpse marine life like starfish or sea turtles! What’s better than having fun and exploring the natural beauty of Bahamas’ water?

Life’s a beach… enjoy the waves! Pack your sunscreen. Adventure awaits!

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Cultural Experiences

8. Visit Historical Fort Fincastle

Anticipating a trip down memory lane? Then visit Fort Fincastle, an iconic historic site perched on the island’s highest hill.

Built in 1793 with 126-feet of robust walls, it once served as a stronghold against pirates. Now, it’s a testimony to Nassau’s fascinating past, resonating echoes of its history.

Step into the fort and admire the rusty old cannons while informative plaques guide you through its history.

The highlight, though, isn’t within; it’s the fort’s panoramic views over Nassau and the ocean – simply mesmerizing.

History buffs, here’s your go-to place to relish the intriguing tales woven into Nassau’s tapestry! Entrance is free by the way, so no excuses.

Let’s explore the past!

9. Climb Up the Queen’s Staircase

Ready to climb 66 steps to history? The Queen’s Staircase is an absolute must! Nestled in downtown Nassau, it’s an architectural marvel.

Hewn out of solid limestone by slaves in the 1790s, it’s a testament to their resilience and skill. Not just that, it pays tribute to Queen Victoria – who abolished slavery.

These steps lead up to Fort Fincastle, revealing breathtaking views of the town and harbor. Ever walked up steps named after a queen? You’re bound to feel regal, trust me!

It’s a slice of history intertwined with natural beauty. Guess what? The visit is free.

So pull on your walking shoes, and let’s step back into history!

10. Spend a Day at Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation

Curious about Bahamian history? The Pompey Museum is a gold mine. Placed within bustling Pompey Square, the museum is steeped in culture and historical facts.

Its exhibits range from ancient artifacts to media displays that narrate the history of slavery and emancipation in the Bahamas.

Immerse yourself in a tour guided by knowledgeable staff. Admission? A mere five bucks! It’s a compelling walk through history, igniting understanding and compassion.

Always remember, understanding history is key to embracing progress.

Let’s delve into the past, shall we?

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Foodie Experiences in the Bahamas

11. Embark on a Food and Cultural Walking Tour

For all you foodie adventurers out there, sample Nassau’s culinary delights on foot! A food and cultural walking tour is a feast for your senses.

Boutique restaurants, home-style eateries, and savory roadside snacks are all savored while soaking up Nassau’s vibrant history and architecture.

Starting from $69, you can make pit stops at Graycliff Chocolatier for handmade truffles, taste rum-infused cakes at Tortuga Rum Cake Company, and savor fusion dishes at Van Breugel’s Bistro & Bar.

Ready for more? Greek flavors at Athena Cafe! Yes, you heard right.

A unique blend of cultural and culinary exploration? Absolutely irresistible! Lace-up your comfy shoes, and let’s hit the food trail.

12. Dinner in the Gardens of Café Matisse

In the heart of Nassau, a trip down culinary delight welcomes you – Café Matisse. Offering indoor as well as garden seating, the warm and inviting setting melts right into the delectable menu.

From soups, and pastas to seafood, and even pizza – there’s something here for every discerning palate.

The catch? Show your proof of vaccination to dine indoors. And yes, it’s open! Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday between 6 pm – 10 pm awaits.

Prices? They’ll range from $100 to $150, squaring off with the dining experience.

Gear up for a gastronomic experience in charming gardens under a twinkling Bahamian sky.

13. Sample Authentic Bahamian Cuisine at Arawak Cay

If you’re a food adventurer, Arawak Cay shouldn’t be missed! Fondly called the ‘Fish Fry,’ it’s your direct ticket to the heart of Bahamian food.

Nestled just out of downtown Nassau, locals and tourists alike throng here for a taste of the island’s authenticity.

Dive into ‘cracked conch’ or quench your thirst with ‘Sky Juice,’ a delicious combination of gin, sweet milk, coconut water, freshly grated nutmeg and sugar.

Discover why locals recommend Oh Andros and Twin Brothers for food and daiquiri cocktails, respectively.

Open every day, a dish goes for around $10 – $35. Expect an explosion of flavors. Gear up for an exotic culinary journey!

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Shopper’s Paradise

14. Nassau Straw Market: Find Your Souvenirs Here

Searching for the perfect souvenir? Your quest ends at Nassau’s iconic Straw Market. This vibrant and bustling bazaar located on Bay Street is a crowd-puller.

And why wouldn’t it be? Handwoven straw hats, bags, wood carvings, jewelry – everything’s here! Dating back to the 1940s, this is a traditional open-air market oozing character and charm.

This is where you get to test your haggling skills. So, whether you’re a shopping aficionado or just looking to grab a keepsake before heading home, the Straw Market is your go-to.

Open every day from 9 am to 8 pm, entry is free! Ready to shop til you drop?

15. Bahama Hand Prints: The Best Place for Authentic Souvenirs

Say hello to Bahama Hand Prints! Tucked away east of Nassau, it’s the ultimate destination for authentic Bahamian souvenirs.

Handmade interior design fabric, readymade napkins and placemats, clothes, accessories, and more – this place has got it all!

What’s more, the items here double as trendy accessories. The prime location? Perfectly gift-wrapped memories! And they’re great for gifting your loved ones, winning hearts of nostalgia.

Want a sneak peek of how all these beautiful items are made? Enquire about personalized tours of the factory. It’s another exciting adventure to add to your Bahamian experience.

What are you waiting for? Bag a piece of Bahamian fashion!

Here is a Complete List of my Top Bahamas Travel Tips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Day Trips from Nassau

How to travel locally in Nassau?

Ever heard of a Jitney? It’s what locals call their public buses in Nassau, and it’s your ticket to seeing the island like a true Bahamian.

These buses operate daily, zooming to various parts of the island for just $1.25 per trip.

Friendly locals, quirky conversations, and a slice of local life make this a preferred choice for tourists exploring on a budget.

If you’re island hopping, consider water taxis, especially to Paradise Island. A quick 10-minute ride, costing $4 one way or $8 round-trip.

You could also splurge on regular taxis or car rental services, though remember, they drive on the left here!

So, ready to discover Nassau, Bahamas, with a dash of local flavor?

Are there any major events in The Bahamas?

Fancy a vibrant celebration? The Bahamas offers galas throughout the year. The biggest spectacle? Junkanoo!

Getting down on New Year’s and Boxing Day, the streets buzz with costume-clad revelers swaying to rhythmic beats. If you’re visiting in May, don’t miss the Bahamas Carnival, a riot of music and dance.

Sports enthusiast? The Bacardi Billfish Tournament in March is a dream for fishing fanatics! Visit in July to be part of Independence Week, where the island explodes into a sea of colors and festivities.

Lastly, the Great Bahamas Seafood and Heritage Festival in October is a culinary delight you can’t afford to miss. Intrigued?

What are the nightlife activities in Nassau?

Oh, Nassau’s nightlife is an enticing concoction of delicious cocktails, heart-thumping music, and a magical island ambiance!

Dotted with bustling bars, lounges, and clubs, nights here are a fiesta. Start with John Watling’s Distillery for a rum tasting.

Or join in the party at Senor Frogs, a place known for its lively atmosphere.

For the clubbers, Club Luna, situated a few miles west of Nassau, should be your next stop. Bambu nightclub in downtown Nassau is a ramp to heat things up with dance and music.

If casinos fascinate you, take your chance at the Atlantis Casino on the Paradise Island. So, are you ready to groove to the Caribbean beats?

Let the nightfall bring out the party animal in you!

What islands are easy to get to from Nassau?

Looking to hop islands? Nassau’s location makes it a breeze! Rose Island and Blue Lagoon Island can be accessed by a short boat ride for beach bliss.

For a dose of luxury, The Exumas calls, 365 cays strung together in a jewel of clear waters and sandy beaches.

Don’t miss out on Harbour Island, pink-sand beaches are just a ferry ride away from Nassau.

For a wild encounter, swim with the famous pigs at Pig Beach on Big Major Cay in The Exumas.

Andela Island, a birdwatcher’s paradise, is just a boat ride away.

Sounds tempting, right? Just bring along sunblock, pick your island, and off you go!

Here is my list of the Top All-Inclusive Resorts in the Bahamas.

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Conclusion: The Best Day Trips from Nassau

So, you see how we’ve spun a Bahamian rollercoaster ride for you? From thrilling waterparks and regal historical monuments to delectable food trails and bustling markets, Nassau has got you covered.

The adventure doesn’t end in Nassau; hop over to neighboring islands for a fresh slice of Bahamian paradise.

Whether it’s getting up close with dolphins or embarking on a high-action sea adventure, savoring Bahamian delights, or shopping local artistry, excitement follows you all around Nassau.

So, buckle up! Your Bahamian escapade is just a trip away.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 15 Best Day Trips from Nassau, and if I missed anything, let me know in the comments below.

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