13 Ultimate Fishing Spots in Orlando, Florida for 2024

Fishing Spots in Orlando

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Casting Lines in Orlando: An Angler's Paradise

The Best Seasons for Fishing in the City

When you’re planning an angling adventure in Orlando, timing is everything. Explore the best fishing seasons in the City Beautiful, from spring to fall. Check out our recommended Fishing Spots in Orlando, and seize the opportunity to reward catches from bass to more.

Spring, with its mild weather and spawning fish, sets the stage for an excellent bass fishing experience, especially from March to May. Summer brings continued excitement, with early morning or late evening escapades offering the most rewarding catches to beat the heat. As temperatures drop in fall, the lakes come alive, creating a feeding frenzy and making it the perfect time for anglers to hit the water.

Freshwater Havens: The Ultimate List of Lakes

1. Legendary Lake Tohopekaliga: A Bass Angler's Dream

Legendary Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Tohopekaliga, affectionately known as Lake Toho, is a freshwater fisherman’s paradise, boasting some of the largest bass nationwide. If trophy largemouth bass is what you’re after, this legendary lake delivers, with an astounding ratio of one bass over 10 pounds per every 10 acres of water. With its record-breaking bass, here’s why Lake Toho shines:

Top 5 Features:

  • Extensive vegetation that creates perfect bass habitats
  • Consistent producer of trophy-sized largemouth bass
  • Accessibility and proximity to Kissimmee and other tourist destinations
  • Diverse fishing spots, from open waters to hydrilla-laden coves
  • Professional fishing tournaments and guided trips availability

Five Benefits:

  • High chance of catching trophy bass
  • Year-round fishing opportunities
  • Accessible for anglers of all skill levels
  • Beautiful natural surroundings enhance the fishing experience
  • Supportive services like bait shops and professional guides

Two Cons:

  • Can become crowded, especially during peak fishing seasons
  • Waters can be challenging to navigate for newcomers without a guide

Best For:

  • Lake Toho is best for serious bass anglers who dream of catching a record-breaking largemouth. It’s also great for recreational fishers looking for a scenic and productive day on the water. Whether you’re a local or visiting Orlando, this lake should be on your fishing bucket list.

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2. Red Bug Lake Park and the Crappie Craze

Red Bug Lake Park

Red Bug Lake Park is not just a hub for community events and picnics; it’s a crappie angler’s delight. Nestled within the Orlando area, this park offers serene surroundings and a lake that is abuzz with the crappie craze, especially when the fish swarm the shallows during their spawning seasons in spring and fall. Here’s the scoop on why Red Bug Lake Park is a hit for crappie enthusiasts:

Top 5 Features:

  • Family-friendly park amenities and easy fishing access
  • Dock and pier facilities for optimal crappie fishing spots
  • Natural cover from lily pads and vegetation that lure crappie
  • Less crowded than larger lakes, offering a peaceful fishing experience
  • Regularly stocked with crappie to maintain the population

Five Benefits:

  • High likelihood of catching crappie, particularly near the spawning nests
  • Suitable for anglers of all ages, making it ideal for family trips
  • Offers other recreational activities within the park
  • Easily navigable waters for both shoreline and boat fishing
  • Proximity to urban areas, providing quick fishing getaways

Two Cons:

  • The limited size of the lake may offer fewer spots during peak hours
  • Fishing pressures during peak seasons can affect catch rates

Best For:

  • Red Bug Lake Park is perfect for families and beginner anglers looking to enjoy a tranquil day of crappie fishing with the added convenience of park facilities. It’s also ideal for those who prefer a more intimate setting away from the larger, more competitive lakes.

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Fishing Amidst the Magic: Unique Spots Near Tourist Attractions

3. Walt Disney World Waters: Where Fantasy Meets Fishing

Walt Disney World Waters

At Walt Disney World Resort, the enchantment isn’t limited to the theme parks. Their well-stocked waterways provide a unique mix of magic and angling action, particularly for bass fishing enthusiasts. You can indulge in a world-class fishing experience where fantasy intersects with the thrill of the catch. Dive into what makes this a must-visit spot:

Top 5 Features:

  • Guided catch-and-release excursions on a pontoon or NITRO bass fishing boats
  • Experienced guides, fishing gear, tackle, and refreshments included
  • Fishing opportunities at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
  • Family-friendly experiences with dockside fishing options
  • Pristine Disney-maintained waterways teeming with largemouth bass

Five Benefits:

  • Inclusive experience with all necessary fishing equipment provided
  • Suitable for both amateur anglers and pros
  • The magical backdrop of Disney adds to the overall experience
  • The convenience of fishing within a major tourist destination
  • Safe and controlled environment, perfect for introducing kids to fishing

Two Cons:

  • Premium pricing for a unique experience
  • Booking and planning required, which may limit spontaneity

Best For:

  • The Walt Disney World fishing spots are best for families and Disney visitors looking to add an outdoor recreational twist to their trip. They cater to guests wanting to experience catch-and-release fishing while surrounded by the comfort and magic of Disney’s impeccably managed properties.

4. Urban Escapes: Public Parks with Prime Fishing Spots

Public Parks with Prime Fishing Spots

Orlando’s urban parks offer angling aficionados a respite right in the heart of the city. Places like Barnett Park Frog Pond, Bear Creek Park, Lake Island Park, and Lake Santiago are prime examples of urban waters that are conveniently accessible and teeming with fish.

These parks are not just well-stocked and managed, they are also perfect for beginner anglers or those looking to introduce their little ones to the joys of fishing. Here’s why these urban escapes are great for casting a line:

Top 5 Features:

  • Easy access right in the urban areas of Orlando
  • Park amenities like restrooms, benches, picnic areas, and playgrounds
  • Typically less crowded, making for a more peaceful fishing experience
  • Fishing docks and piers are available for easy casting
  • Lakes stocked with various species, ensuring a high-action fishing day

Five Benefits:

  • Perfect for quick, spontaneous fishing trips
  • Ideal for family outings with non-fishing activities available
  • No need for a boat to reach productive fishing areas
  • Great for beginners to learn and enjoy fishing
  • A cost-effective option with no expensive charter fees

Two Cons:

  • Urban environment may lack the “getaway” feel of more remote lakes
  • Closer proximity to city life can sometimes lead to polluted waters

Best For:

  • Orlando’s public parks with fishing spots are best for city dwellers seeking a convenient getaway, families with kids, and those new to the sport. They provide a low-cost option that’s close to home and pack plenty of amenities for a day full of varied activities.

Adventure on the Water: Kayak & Charter Choices

5. Paddling to Success: Kayak Fishing Hotspots

Orlando’s myriad of waterways makes it a hidden gem for kayak fishing enthusiasts. The intimate setting of a kayak allows you to explore areas that larger vessels simply can’t reach, getting you up close and personal with Orlando’s aquatic life. Here are the top spots for those ready to paddle their way to a successful catch:

Top 5 Features:

  • Access to remote and under-fished waters
  • Diverse ecosystems, from shallow grassy flats to deep freshwater lakes
  • Plenty of launch sites around the city catering to kayak anglers
  • Fish-rich waters with species like bass, crappie, and sunfish
  • Year-round kayak fishing opportunities, thanks to Orlando’s mild climate

Five Benefits:

  • An immersive experience in nature and a chance for physical exercise
  • A sense of adventure and self-reliance on the water
  • Opportunities for sightseeing and the peace of nature
  • Ability to navigate fishing spots with stealth, resulting in a bigger catch
  • Low-cost fishing without the need for fuel or boat rental

Two Cons:

  • Physical demands can be challenging for some, limiting the duration of trips
  • Storage space for gear and catch is limited in a kayak

Best For:

  • Kayak fishing hotspots around Orlando are best suited for outdoor and adventure lovers who enjoy the independence and intimacy that kayak fishing affords. They cater to those seeking not only to fish but to also immerse themselves in a serene and active outdoor experience.

6. Full-Service Fishing: Top Local Charters

Full-Service Fishing

Full-service fishing charters in Orlando are a boon to both avid and casual anglers. They offer the perfect opportunity to dive into the local fishing scene with expert guidance.

Whether you’re after a hefty largemouth bass, the rush of saltwater fish in the Atlantic, or a family-friendly excursion, here are the best picks for top local charters:

Top 5 Features:

  • Expertly guided services with seasoned captains
  • All-inclusive packages with gear, tackle, and sometimes even a fishing license
  • Vast range of options from freshwater to deep-sea adventures
  • Flexibility in booking half-day, full-day, or night charters
  • Provision of learning experiences for beginners and kids

Five Benefits:

  • Maximized chances of a successful catch with local expertise
  • Hassle-free preparation as charters take care of most necessities
  • Access to diverse fishing territories, from lakes to the ocean
  • Educational tips and tricks provided by knowledgeable guides
  • A memorable experience that’s tailored to different preferences and skill levels

Two Cons:

  • Higher cost compared to independent fishing excursions
  • The need to book in advance may limit last-minute fishing plans

Best For:

  • Orlando’s full-service fishing charters are best for those looking to get the most out of their fishing trips without the stress of planning and preparation. They’re also ideal for newcomer anglers who wish to learn from real pros or families seeking an enjoyable and educational outing together on the water.

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Tackle and Gear: Preparing for Your Orlando Fishing Trip

7. Bait & Tackle Shops: Where to Get Equipped

Getting the right equipment is crucial for a successful fishing trip, and Orlando is dotted with reputable bait and tackle shops ready to gear you up. Whether you’re a beginner needing a full set-up or an experienced angler searching for that specific lure, these local shops are your go-to stops:

Top 5 Features:

  • Knowledgeable staff with hands-on experience in personalized advice
  • A comprehensive inventory of rods, reels, baits, lures, and accessories
  • Live bait options to increase your chances of a successful catch
  • Services such as line spooling, gear rental, and fishing licenses
  • Proximity to popular fishing spots for last-minute supply runs

Five Benefits:

  • Ability to tailor your gear to the specific fish you’re targeting
  • Instant insider tips on the current fishing hotspots and tactics
  • Convenience of one-stop shopping for all fishing needs
  • The assurance of quality equipment for reliable performance
  • Engagement with the local fishing community for deeper insights

Two Cons:

  • Premium gear can come with high price tags
  • Stock may vary and be limited to specific fishing styles or species

Best For:

  • Bait & tackle shops in Orlando are best for anglers looking to arm themselves with quality gear and local fishing intelligence. From first-time fishers to seasoned pros, these shops cater to everyone’s needs and set you up for an exciting adventure out on Floridian waters.

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8. Know Your Quarry: Fish Species in Orlando Lakes

Before you hit the waters of Orlando, it’s essential to know what kind of fish you’re after. The lakes in this vibrant city are teeming with a variety of species, each with their habits and habitats. From the aggressive largemouth bass to the scrappy bluegill, understanding the fish will increase your chances of a great catch.

Largemouth Bass: The star of Orlando’s lakes, largemouth bass are sought after for their fighting spirit and substantial size. They’re often found around structures like docks, weed beds, and drop-offs.

Black Crappie (Speckled Perch): An angler’s winter favorite, black crappie prefer cooler waters. You’ll find them in open water or around submerged structures, ready to strike on small live minnows or jigs.

Bluegill: Easy to catch and perfect for family outings, bluegills are abundant near the shores, especially around covers like lily pads and submerged logs.

Channel Catfish: These bottom-feeders can grow quite large and are often caught using stink baits or cut bait. Night fishing can yield great results for catfish enthusiasts.

Sunfish: With their colorful appearance, sunfish are a joy to catch, especially for young anglers. Small worm bits or insects can easily entice these shallow-water dwellers.

By targeting specific species with the right techniques and baits, you’ll ensure a productive day on the water in the beautiful lakes of Orlando.

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9. Conway Chain of Lakes

Conway Chain of Lakes

Nestled in the southeastern part of Orlando, the Conway Chain of Lakes consists of interconnected lakes known for their pristine, clear waters and excellent bass fishing.

This chain of lakes, including Lake Gatlin, Lake Conway, and Big and Little Lake Conway, makes for a rewarding fishing spot through various seasons.

Top 5 Features:

  • Clearwater visibility, which is perfect for sight fishing
  • A diverse aquatic environment with abundant vegetation
  • A single public boat ramp for convenient access
  • Home to a healthy population of largemouth bass
  • Winter is the prime season due to active fish metabolism

Five Benefits:

  • Potential to catch trophy-sized bass
  • Scenic beauty with lined oak trees and sabal palmettos
  • Less fishing pressure compared to other popular Orlando lakes
  • Suitable for both experienced anglers and beginners
  • Proximity to Orlando International Airport for visiting anglers

Two Cons:

  • Limited public access could require waiting during peak times
  • Surrounded by private properties, which can limit shoreline fishing

Best For:

  • The Conway Chain of Lakes is best for anglers who appreciate clearwater fishing and are pursuing trophy largemouth bass. It’s also an excellent choice for those who prefer quieter, less-pressured waters while still being within a short distance from Orlando’s urban attractions.

10. Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake is a serene oasis located surprisingly close to the bustling Universal Orlando Resort, offering an escape into nature and some of the finest bass fishing in the area. Turkey Lake is a modest yet vibrant bass haven, with plenty of largemouths in the 2- to 4-pound range waiting to be reeled in. Its fusion of convenience and natural beauty makes it an appealing fishing destination.

Top 5 Features:

  • A peaceful lakeshore with ample fishing spots
  • Early-morning boat rentals are available Thursday through Sunday
  • Park amenities like picnic pavilions, playgrounds, and a swimming pool
  • Floating fishing platforms and a dedicated pier
  • A max depth of about 14 feet with lush weed growth acting as fish habitats

Five Benefits:

  • Proximity to city attractions with a tranquil setting
  • Ample opportunities for bank fishing or boating
  • Variety of fish species, with a focus on largemouth bass
  • Family-friendly facilities for a well-rounded park visit
  • Affordable boat rentals for an enhanced fishing experience

Two Cons:

  • Boat rentals require early return by 11 am
  • No privately owned watercraft allowed on Turkey Lake, limiting options for boat owners

Best For:

  • Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake is best for those who want to combine a family park trip with excellent fishing opportunities. It’s also ideal for morning anglers looking to start their day with a peaceful fish before the afternoon heat sets in. Whether you are a seasoned bass hunter or a recreational fisher, Turkey Lake offers an accessible and rewarding fishing experience.

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11. Lake Underhill Park

Lake Underhill Park, situated in the heart of Orlando, presents a convenient and relaxing spot for anglers searching for trophy bass close to downtown. This urban lake boasts a healthy bass population and not just any bass—here, you have a solid shot at bagging 8-pound-plus largemouths.

Despite its urban setting, the lake’s attributes contribute to its reputation as a serious fishing destination.

Top 5 Features:

  • A trophy bass lake managed by the city for prime fishing
  • A loop trail that circles the lake offers diverse bank access
  • A public boat ramp and clear waters are ideal for casting
  • Proximity to downtown Orlando, with easy access from the 408 Expressway
  • Thick hydrilla mats and grass beds create rich bass habitats

Five Benefits:

  • Excellent for anglers without a boat, thanks to good bank fishing spots
  • Strong populations of large bass, complemented by clear water for sight fishing
  • Beneficial for anglers interested in fishing within the city’s confines
  • Features such as boat ramps and loop trails enhance the angling experience
  • Ample opportunities for those practicing catch-and-release

Two Cons:

  • The urban setting means it lacks the wild, natural environments some prefer
  • The presence of highways and an airport nearby may detract from the sense of seclusion

Best For:

  • Lake Underhill Park is best for local urbanites seeking trophy bass encounters without a long drive. Fishing enthusiasts who want to squeeze in early morning or after-work sessions will find this lake a perfect fit for their schedules.
  • Additionally, it’s an ideal locale for those who enjoy urban fishing or are in Orlando temporarily and want to score on some big bass action.

12. Lake Baldwin Park

Lake Baldwin Park is a popular recreational spot that doubles as a favored fishing venue in Orlando. Offering a neat balance of leisure activities and angling opportunities, this park and lake combo draws in both families and dedicated fishers.

With access to a sizable body of water and all the comforts of a well-maintained urban park, Lake Baldwin Park is a fishing sweet spot well worth the visit.

Top 5 Features:

  • Dog-friendly park areas allow for pet companionship while fishing
  • A designated swimming area with clear demarcation from fishing zones
  • A fishing pier reaching into deep water, ideal for casting
  • Picturesque surroundings and walking paths encircling the lake
  • Accessibility with ample parking and maintained amenities

Five Benefits:

  • Family-friendly atmosphere perfect for a day’s outing
  • Diverse wildlife, birds, and aquatic life, great for nature enthusiasts
  • Versatile fishing options for both shore and boat anglers
  • Ideal for an active lifestyle with trails for walking, biking, and running
  • Opportunities to catch bass, crappie, and other panfish

Two Cons:

  • Can get busy on weekends with recreational foot traffic near fishing spots
  • Limited to no boat rentals available, requiring personal watercraft

Best For:

  • Lake Baldwin Park is best for families and anglers seeking a relaxing day by the water where they can combine fishing with other outdoor activities. It’s also perfect for those preferring easy access to fishing without needing to leave city comforts far behind.
  • Whether you’re a resident or touring Orlando, this lake and park provides a handy fishing retreat.

13. Starke Lake

Starke Lake is a hidden gem within the Ocoee community, less than a 15-minute drive from Downtown Orlando. Ideal for family outings and local fishing enthusiasts, this 200-acre lake is celebrated for producing large numbers of largemouth bass, particularly appealing for those who favor quantity over trophy-sized catches.

It is an angler-friendly environment that combines accessibility with a rich fishing experience.

Top 5 Features:

  • High bass production, commonly known as a “bass factory.
  • Bill Breeze Park on the western shore offers great facilities
  • Easy patterning due to the size and behavior of the bass population
  • Rat-L-Trap or similar lipless crankbait fishing along grass bed edges
  • Excellent bank fishing opportunities along with boating facilities

Five Benefits:

  • Ample shoreline for those who prefer or are limited to bank fishing
  • Beginner-friendly lake, making it welcoming for new anglers and families
  • Boating access to deeper waters for anglers wanting to catch larger specimens
  • A wide array of amenities in Lakeshore Park, including a pier and outdoor bathrooms
  • Good chances of success, reinforcing the fun aspect of fishing

Two Cons:

  • Smaller-sized fish dominance may not appeal to trophy seekers
  • Some areas may become crowded during weekends or holidays

Best For:

  • Starke Lake is best for beginner anglers who are looking to develop their skills and for families in search of an enjoyable and fish-abundant destination. Its approachability and consistently active fish population make it an enticing option for those wishing to hook into largemouth bass with minimal fuss.

Rules and Regulations: Fishing Responsibly in Florida

Essential Guidelines for Fishing in Orlando

If you’re heading to Orlando to indulge in some fishing, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the essential guidelines to ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Fishing License: Almost everyone fishing in Florida waters is required to have a fishing license, with a few exceptions such as children under 16 and Florida residents over 65. Check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for details.
  • Bag and Size Limits: There are regulations regarding how many fish you can keep and their size. This helps maintain the fish population and ecological balance.
  • Catch and Release: Many areas in Orlando practice catch-and-release to preserve fish stocks, so be prepared to let your catch go.
  • Responsible Handling: When practicing catch-and-release, handle fish with wet hands and minimal contact to reduce the chances of harm.
  • Legal Gear: Make sure your fishing gear is permitted. Illegal hooks and nets can damage the ecosystem.
  • Boating Regulations: Follow all boating safety regulations, including speed limits and no-wake zones.

By adhering to these guidelines, you not only comply with the law but also contribute to the sustainability of Orlando’s vibrant fishing scene.

Catch or Release: Understanding Local Fishing Policies

When fishing in Orlando, it’s crucial to understand local fishing policies, particularly catch and release. These practices are designed to maintain fish populations and ensure the long-term health of aquatic ecosystems.

  • Catch and Release is highly encouraged in many Orlando fishing spots as it helps promote conservation. Anglers are urged to release certain species, mainly the larger, breeding-sized fish.
  • Size Restrictions are imposed, allowing only the capture of fish within a specific size range, usually to protect juveniles and larger, more fertile fish.
  • Bag Limits restrict the number of fish you can keep per trip or per day to prevent overfishing.
  • Specific Regulations may apply to unique bodies of water, such as catch and release only in certain lakes or areas within lakes.

By respecting these policies, you do your part in preserving the environment, ensuring that Orlando remains a fantastic fishing destination for years to come. Always check current regulations before your trip, as they can change based on research and conservation needs.

FAQs: Anglers' Most Common Queries About Orlando Fishing

In Orlando, most anglers need a fishing license, with exceptions for kids under 16 and Florida residents over 65. Saltwater charters include licenses, but freshwater fishing requires a license beforehand. Visit the FWC website or contact local outlets like Fish Orlando! for details.

Yes, visitors can fish in Orlando without a guide or charter if they prefer. There are numerous accessible public lakes and piers, but remember to secure a Florida fishing license if required and familiarize yourself with local regulations and fish species.

For bass fishing, Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho) reigns supreme in Orlando, offering record-breaking trophy bass and experienced guides for both amateur and seasoned anglers. Check local regulations and lake conditions for the best experience.

Red Bug Lake Park provides great shore fishing for crappie and other panfish, with amenities for a comfortable experience. Urban ponds and public parks are ideal for those without a boat, offering accessible and productive shoreline spots.

The best month for fishing in Florida is generally in the spring, particularly March and April when many species are active and spawning. However, fishing is a year-round activity in Orlando, with varying prime times for different species.

When people think of Florida, they often think of Disney World, sunny beaches, and delicious oranges. But for anglers, Florida is the sportfishing capital of the world, famous for its exceptional bass and diverse fisheries.

People are praising Orlando’s lakes for their beauty, cleanliness, and family-friendly atmosphere. Reviews often mention spacious parks with playgrounds and enjoyable events. Fishing spots are noted for their diverse opportunities, especially for bass fishing.

Yes, Orlando is renowned for its fantastic bass fishing, with plentiful lakes that house healthy populations of largemouth bass. Lake Toho, in particular, is a favorite for anglers looking to catch trophy bass.

Yes, bass do bite at night in Florida, and night fishing can be very fruitful due to cooler temperatures and active feeding. Use dark, noise-making lures for best results in these conditions.

Orlando has several free fishing spots, like Lake Underhill Park, Lake Baldwin Park, and various public piers. Always check local guidelines, and remember, a Florida fishing license may still be required.

Beginners can find fishing spots in Orlando at urban parks with easy access like Lake Underhill Park, Red Bug Lake Park, and Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, which are stocked and have friendly locales for first-timers.

Near Disney in Orlando, you can fish at the Walt Disney World waters, offering guided excursions, or explore Lake Tohopekaliga for bass fishing close to the attractions.

Deep sea fishing isn’t available directly in Orlando, but it’s a short trip to the coast for it. Port Canaveral, an hour’s drive, offers some of Florida’s best deep-sea fishing charters.

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Conclusion: Fishing Spots in Orlando

Orlando, while famous for its theme parks and attractions, is a surprisingly rich destination for anglers. From the largemouth bass of Lake Toho to the family-friendly atmosphere of Red Bug Lake Park, the city caters to a wide array of fishing preferences.

Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure in a kayak, the excitement of a full-service charter, or a casual day of fishing while your kids play nearby, Orlando’s diverse waterways provide ample opportunity.

Equip yourself at one of the many tackle shops, heed the local fishing regulations for a responsible outing, and indulge in the thrill of the catch in one of America’s most versatile fishing locales. Remember to plan according to the season, obtain the necessary license, and most importantly, savor the experience because in Orlando, every angler can find their perfect fishing spot. Happy fishing!

Share your favorite fishing spots in Orlando and swap tips with the community. Let’s reel in those great stories and big catches together!

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