9 Top-Rated Golf Courses in Orlando FL: Play the Pros’ Picks

golf courses in orlando

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Teeing Up in Orlando: A Golfer's Paradise

Pros' Picks: What Makes These Courses Stand Out

Golf in Orlando is more than a leisure activity; it’s an experience that encompasses challenging fairways, immaculate greens, and the awe of nature’s beauty. When professional golfers pick their favorite courses, they consider factors like course design, playability, maintenance, and the overall experience that a course offers.

These pros’ picks provide insights into what makes each course remarkable, whether it’s the historical significance, the strategic layout that tests their skills, or the exceptional amenities that elevate the game.

Explore the best Golf Courses in Orlando and immerse yourself in a golfing journey that combines skill, strategy, and the beauty of the Florida landscape.

The Cream of the Crop: Orlando's Elite Golf Experiences

1. Streamsong Resort – A Trifecta of Golf Excellence

If you’re on the hunt for a top-tier golfing experience, look no further than Streamsong Resort. This magnificent destination introduces you to three of the most celebrated golf courses in Florida—if not the entire United States.

Streamsong Black

  • Designers: Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner
  • Highlights: Ranked No. 4 public-access course in Florida in 2023
  • Enjoys the accolade of being No. 20 resort course in the U.S.
  • About an hour and 20 minutes southwest of Disney World, it’s a scenic drive worth taking.

Streamsong Red

  • Designers: Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw
  • Highlights: Prestigiously noted as the No. 2 public-access course in Florida for 2023
  • Also ranks at No. 16 among resort courses nationwide
  • A blend of challenging play and exquisite course design.

Streamsong Blue

  • Designer: Tom Doak
  • Highlights:Holding its own, it’s rated the No. 3 public-access course in Florida
  • Also recognized as No. 19 among U.S. resort courses
  • Around the same driving distance from Disney World, making it an easy addition to your vacation itinerary.

Streamsong Resort provides not just a singular golf course experience but a comprehensive encounter with the grandeur of golf. Whether you are an aficionado of the game or a professional seeking a challenge, Streamsong seems to be designed just for you. Remember to check out the possibility of discounted hotel rooms near Streamsong to round off your golfing getaway.

2. Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge - Legacy of the King

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge is more than a golf course—it’s a monument to one of golf’s greatest legends. Here’s why this course is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts:

A PGA Tour Venue:

  • Hosts the Arnold Palmer Invitational annually
  • A course layout that has challenged the best in the world

Exclusive Experience:

  • Deemed a private course, offering exclusive play to members or guests of the lodge
  • Just 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, it blends convenience with exclusivity

Course Highlights:

  • Offers 27 holes of golf over three 9-hole courses: The Champion, The Challenger, and The Charger
  • Its design intricately blends risk and reward, demanding strategic play

The Lodge:

  • Accommodation on-site means you can stay where you play
  • Features 70 rooms, offering a cozy and intimate experience

The course, its accommodation, and the legacy it upholds make Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge a journey through the history and heart of the game. With an ambiance that speaks to the passion of its founder, golfers here are treated to a world-class experience steeped in the traditions of the sport.

Top 5 Features:

  • PGA Tour-hosted course
  • Three meticulously maintained 9-hole courses
  • The Arnold Palmer legacy
  • Lodging with timeless elegance
  • Proximity to Orlando’s attractions

Five Benefits:

  • Play on a professional-level course
  • Immerse in the storied history of golf
  • Enjoy exceptional member services
  • Access premium lodging and dining
  • Located near Orlando’s top entertainment venues

Two Cons:

  • Exclusivity limits access to members and lodge guests
  • Premium experience comes with a higher price point

Best For:

  • Avid golfers seeking a luxurious and historic golf experience, or fans of Arnold Palmer looking to walk in the footsteps of the King.

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Play Where the Magic Happens: Disney's Premier Golf Destinations

3. Disney's Magnolia Golf Course - A Walk with Walt's Legacy

Disney's Magnolia Golf Course

For a magical round of golf that combines a PGA Tour pedigree with the enchantment of Disney, look to Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. Here’s why this course has become a jewel in Disney’s crown:

Championship Caliber:

  • As the longest of Disney’s courses, it’s a favorite among lower-handicap golfers.
  • Boasts decades of history, having hosted PGA Tour events since its inception.

The Magnificent Magnolias:

  • Named for its illustrious magnolia trees lining the fairways.
  • The course features beautiful natural landscapes that are as challenging as they are breathtaking.

Newly Revamped:

  • The comprehensive redesign has rejuvenated this classic course.
  • Golfers can now enjoy new teeing grounds, reimagined bunkers, and re-contoured greens.


  • Welcomes all levels with its wide fairways while still presenting an engaging test for the skilled golfer.
  • Eleven of its eighteen holes feature water hazards, asking for precision and strategic consideration.


  • Conveniently situated in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Complements a visit to the parks with a world-class golfing experience.

Top 5 Features:

  • PGA Tour legacy and championship layout
  • Signature magnolia tree-lined fairways
  • Enhanced with a modern redesign
  • Diverse mix of water hazards and bunkers
  • Integrated into the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort

Five Benefits:

  • Test your skills on a professional-grade course
  • Enjoy the stunningly landscaped Disney environment
  • Ideal for lower handicaps looking for a challenge
  • Family-friendly options available through adjacent courses
  • Access to additional Disney amenities and entertainment

Two Cons:

  • High demand can lead to busy tee times
  • May be challenging for beginners due to the length and hazards

Best For:

  • This course is tailor-made for serious golfers wanting to immerse themselves in a course rich with Disney’s legacy and competitive spirit. It’s also perfect for Disney lovers who want to inject a touch of magic into their golfing escapades.

4. Tranquilo Golf Course at Four Seasons Resort - Serenity Meets Challenge

Tranquilo Golf Course

Nestled in a serene escape within the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, the Tranquilo Golf Course presents a blend of tranquility and challenge that golf enthusiasts adore. Here’s what sets it apart:

A Reimagined Layout:

  • Originally Disney’s Osprey Ridge, it was redesigned by Tom Fazio to elevate the golfing experience.
  • Now it offers a refreshed course that respects the original topography while introducing new challenges.

Natural Florida Beauty:

  • Set amid wetlands and Southern Live Oak trees, the course preserves the area’s natural beauty.
  • Golfers can admire the rich wildlife and greenery that make central Florida a haven for nature lovers.

Unique Features:

  • Uncommon elevation changes in Florida create an unexpected layer of complexity.
  • Meticulous fairways and strategic bunkers are designed to test precision and forethought.

Exclusive Play:

  • As a course associated with the Four Seasons, it maintains a high level of exclusivity and tranquility.
  • The high green fee ensures an uncrowded and unrushed experience on the course.


  • Despite its high-end nature, the course is accessible via resort stay or membership.
  • It’s located within Lake Buena Vista, making it proximate to other Orlando attractions.

Top 5 Features:

  • Tom Fazio-designed course offering a nuanced challenge
  • Lush settings with protected wetlands and wildlife
  • Varied elevation changes, unique in the region
  • Exclusive atmosphere for a luxury golf experience
  • Proximity to the entertainment and amenities of Orlando

Five Benefits:

  • A high-quality round of golf without the crowds
  • The opportunity to play on a course designed by a renowned architect
  • Enchanting natural surroundings for a relaxing game
  • Impeccable course conditions and facilities
  • Close to Four Seasons Resort amenities

Two Cons:

  • High costs may deter some golfers
  • It is not as accessible for general public play compared to other courses

Best For:

  • Tranquilo Golf Course is ideal for those seeking an elite golf experience with a touch of solitude amid the bustle of Orlando’s attractions. It’s an excellent choice for luxury seekers who value course design, pristine conditions, and the tranquility that its name suggests.

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Fairways to Heaven: More Top-Rated Courses for Every Golfer

5. Grande Pines Golf Club - Natural Beauty and Strategic Play

For players who prize both environmental splendor and intellectual challenge in their golf rounds, Grande Pines Golf Club serves as the ideal locale. Currently operating as Marriott Golf Academy, this course remains a staple in the Orlando golf community. Here’s a closer look at what makes Grande Pines an enduring favorite:

Skillful Design:

  • Initially crafted by the esteemed designer, Steve Smyers, with consultations from player Nick Faldo.
  • The care that went into shaping the course carries over into every aspect, from the natural preservation to the strategic approach needed for each hole.

Natural Setting:

  • The course is woven through native pines, providing an impressive backdrop and challenging obstructions.
  • An environmentally conscious design that coexists with the area’s flora and fauna.


  • Though challenging, the course offers multiple tee boxes catering to varying skill levels.
  • Balance is key here, making it a course that rewards thoughtful play over mere power.


  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of golfers – from the seasoned player looking to test their skill to the casual enthusiast looking to enjoy a day amidst nature.
  • The course’s variability is one of its most compelling traits, ensuring no two rounds are quite the same.


  • Nestled in the lush landscape of Grande Vista, the course is right around the corner from the heart of Orlando’s attractions.
  • Easy to fit a round into your vacation itinerary.

Top 5 Features:

  • Strategically designed by renowned golf architects
  • Surrounded by natural pine forests for a secluded atmosphere
  • Tee boxes for all skill levels, offering a fair challenge
  • Meticulously maintained greens that enhance playability
  • Ideal location near Orlando’s popular tourist destinations

Five Benefits:

  • An engaging layout that will stimulate your strategic mind
  • Scenic beauty that enhances your golfing experience
  • Flexibility for different golfing styles and preferences
  • Immaculate course conditions leading to a rewarding game
  • Close to accommodation, dining, and entertainment options in Orlando

Two Cons:

  • Advanced players may desire more difficulty
  • Some golfers might prefer traditional course layouts without the golf academy setting

Best For:

  • Grande Pines is best suited for those who seek a golf experience that’s as thoughtful and considered as it is naturally stunning. It’s for golfers who enjoy the cerebral aspect of the game amid a picturesque setting close to Orlando’s vibrant scene.

6. Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club - Rolling Hills and Fast Greens

Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club

Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club stands out as a distinctive oasis with its dune-like terrain and lightning-fast greens—traits not often found in central Florida’s golf scene. Here’s a deep dive into what makes this Haines City gem a golfing must:

Architectural Marvel:

  • Designed by Steve Smyers, this course has been revered for its innovative use of the natural landscape to create rolling fairways, massive sand bunkers, and elevation changes.
  • A testament to imagination, the course presents a links-style feel with a Floridian twist.

Exquisite Greens:

  • Known for having some of the fastest and best-maintained putting surfaces in the region.
  • Garnered top-spot accolades for the best greens in Orlando beside Shingle Creek Golf Club.

Not Just for Golf:

  • The Club is part of a greater residential community, adding a sense of warmth and hospitality to every round.
  • An expansive clubhouse is available for events and dining, offering views of the meticulously kept course.


  • While many top-tier courses cater exclusively to members or resort guests, Southern Dunes is open to the public.
  • Just a 25-minute drive south of Orlando, it’s accessible while still providing a retreat from the city bustle.

Challenge and Beauty:

  • The course provides a challenge for serious golfers while still being enjoyable for the casual player.
  • Visually striking, the play is accentuated by the interplay of shadows and light across its contours.

Top 5 Features:

  • Celebrated design by Steve Smyers, blending natural dunes with manicured aesthetics
  • Pristine and fast greens offer a supreme putting experience
  • A community-centric club atmosphere that’s welcoming and inviting
  • Open to the public, providing access to world-class golf for all
  • Under a half-hour from Orlando, combining accessibility with a sense of escape

Five Benefits:

  • Encounter a course layout that’s both visually and technically rewarding
  • Revel in putting conditions that mirror those of championship standards
  • Enjoy the inclusive vibe, whether you’re a local or an out-of-town guest
  • Take advantage of facilities like the clubhouse for relaxation after your game
  • Integrate a top-notch golf experience into your Orlando vacation with ease

Two Cons:

  • The course’s difficulty may be daunting for beginners
  • Those preferring flat, traditional Florida courses might find the hilly terrain challenging

Best For:

  • Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club is ideal for golfers who crave a high-caliber golf challenge enhanced by extraordinary greens and striking landscapes. They welcome everyone, from avid golfers seeking to test their skills to casual players who appreciate a beautiful setting for their game.

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The Public's Favorites: Accessible Yet Challenging Courses

7. MetroWest Golf Club - A Robert Trent Jones Sr. Classic

Step into the traditional realm of golfing excellence at the MetroWest Golf Club, where the legacy of legendary designer Robert Trent Jones Sr. shines bright. Celebrated for its classic design and natural beauty, this Orlando staple offers golfers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and skillful play. Here’s what to expect:

A Fair Test of Golf:

  • MetroWest prides itself on balancing fairness with a demanding test of golf, so every level of player can find joy and challenge here.
  • Large, undulating greens and strategically placed bunkers encourage golfers to think strategically about each shot.

Mature Landscapes:

  • The course is lined by spring-fed lakes and bordered by mature native trees, offering a serene backdrop that can calm even the most frayed nerves on the back nine.
  • With the rolling fairways, MetroWest also provides a sense of seclusion and escape.

Accessibility and Amenities:

  • Conveniently nestled just minutes from Universal Orlando Resort, MetroWest offers easy access to golfers visiting the theme parks.
  • The clubhouse serves as a perfect spot for post-round dining and events, complete with a pro shop for all your golfing needs.

Maintained Tradition:

  • Despite many courses chasing modern redesigns, MetroWest holds to the traditional values that have long defined golf.
  • It’s a refreshing nod to the classic era in a city often associated with the new and innovative.

Community Connection:

  • More than just a golf destination, MetroWest fosters a sense of community and shared passion for golfers of all stripes.
  • Regular events and tournaments offer opportunities to connect with others who share a love for the game.

Top 5 Features:

  • The classic Robert Trent Jones Sr. design emphasizes strategic play
  • A picturesque setting with rolling fairways and beautiful lakes
  • Located near major Orlando attractions for easy visitation
  • Offers comprehensive services including a quality clubhouse
  • Maintains a warm community atmosphere with regular golf events

Five Benefits:

  • Relish the time-tested course architecture of Robert Trent Jones Sr.
  • Enjoy a scenic and tranquil environment that augments the golf experience
  • Benefit from the course’s prime location and integrate golfing smoothly into your Orlando travel plans
  • Access high-end amenities that cater to your post-game relaxation and dining needs
  • Immerse yourself in a club that values community engagement and the camaraderie of the sport

Two Cons:

  • Traditional layout may not appeal to those seeking ultra-modern design elements
  • The course might be less challenging for highly skilled golfers looking for extreme difficulty

Best For:

  • MetroWest Golf Club is best for those who appreciate classic golf course architecture and want to enjoy a satisfying round in a stunning, natural setting. Its proximity to Orlando’s attractions and commitment to maintaining tradition make it an excellent choice for visitors and locals alike.

8. Orange County National - Home of the Panther Lake Course

Orange County National

At Orange County National, the Panther Lake Course stands as a testament to the allure of natural Florida golfing terrains, having charmed both amateurs and professionals. This expansive 18-hole course is lauded for its diversity in play and eco-friendly design. Here’s why it’s a must-play course:

PGA TOUR Qualifying School Finals Venue:

  • It has been the stage for the 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2010 PGA TOUR Qualifying School Finals, establishing its championship quality.
  • The course layout challenges even the most seasoned players, requiring a full array of shots.

Breathtaking Landscapes:

  • Panther Lake is renowned for its natural scenery, with no homes on the course—just pure Florida wilderness.
  • Each hole is a secluded sanctuary, offering an immersive golfing experience in nature.

Dynamic and Thoughtful Design:

  • Designed collaboratively by Phil Ritson, Isao Aoki, and David Harman, the course presents a variety of holes, each with sloping fairways, elevated greens, and water hazards that call for strategic navigation.
  • The significant risk-reward opportunities make every decision from the tee box to the green both thrilling and crucial.

All-Encompassing Golf Facility:

  • Beyond Panther Lake, there’s Crooked Cat Course and a 9-hole short course, making it a comprehensive golf destination.
  • Its 360-degree driving range, touted as one of the largest in the nation, is perfect for warming up or working on your swing.

Recognitions and Accolades:

  • Named Best Public Golf Course in Orlando for 2023.
  • Ranked No. 20 public-access course in Florida and tied for No. 183 among top U.S. resort courses by Golfweek in 2023.

Top 5 Features:

  • Prestigious history as a PGA TOUR Qualifying School Finals host
  • Secluded outdoor experience with preserved natural beauty
  • A designer layout that rewards thought-provoking play
  • Extensive training and practice facilities including a top-rated driving range
  • High recognition as one of the finest courses in Orlando and Florida

Five Benefits:

  • Test your skills in a competitive, tour-proven environment
  • Enjoy the tranquility of an uninterrupted natural setting
  • Face diverse challenges each hole offers, avoiding monotony
  • Perfect your game with exceptional practice facilities
  • Feel confident playing on a course celebrated for its quality and design

Two Cons:

  • Its challenging setup may intimidate novice golfers
  • High demand and accolades can lead to busier tee times and potentially longer waits

Best For:

  • The Panther Lake Course at Orange County National is ideal for dedicated golfers seeking a tour-level challenge amidst Florida’s picturesque landscapes.
  • It’s also perfect for those who value ecological preservation and the opportunity to play on one of the nation’s most esteemed public courses.

The Hidden Gem: Where Locals Love to Play

9. Dubsdread Golf Course - Historic Charm Meets Modern Game

Dubsdread Golf Course

Dubsdread Golf Course, located in the heart of Orlando, is where history and modern play converge, offering a unique round for golf enthusiasts. It appeals to both beginners and intermediate players with its vintage charm and contemporary enhancements. Let’s explore why Dubsdread has captivated golfers for nearly a century:

Steeped in History:

  • Establishing its fairways in 1924, Dubsdread is Orlando’s oldest public golf course, brimming with stories and tradition.
  • As it gears up to celebrate its centennial, this course has hosted legends and continues to delight golfers of all ages.

Classic Design:

  • Created with a short, traditional layout that features “postage stamp” style greens and heavy bunkering reminiscent of golden-age golf architecture.
  • The course underwent a major redesign in 2008 by Mike Dasher, enhancing its character while updating it for today’s game standards.

Intimate Play:

  • Its shorter course length makes Dubsdread accessible without sacrificing technical challenges, as tight fairways and small greens demand precision over power.
  • The emphasis on strategic play makes for an engaging round that honors the strategic thinkers of golf.

Accessibility and Convenience:

  • As a public course, Dubsdread offers high-quality golf at more affordable rates, opening the game to a wider audience.
  • Nestled close to downtown Orlando, it’s convenient for city dwellers and visitors looking to fit in a quick round.

The Local Favorite:

  • With its welcoming atmosphere and local lore, this is where Orlando’s golfing community often finds its footing.
  • Women’s leagues, junior programs, and learning centers contribute to an inclusive and nurturing golf environment.

Top 5 Features:

  • Rich historical significance as Orlando’s oldest public golf course
  • Updated classic design that prioritizes strategic play
  • Suitability for players of varying skills, especially beginners and intermediates
  • Accessible location close to downtown Orlando
  • A strong sense of local community and golf traditions

Five Benefits:

  • Experience playing on a course that’s part of Orlando’s golfing heritage
  • Engage with a layout that challenges your precision and strategic thinking
  • Enjoy the accessibility for all skill levels and ages
  • Take advantage of its urban proximity for easy scheduling
  • Immerse yourself in a friendly and supportive golfing environment

Two Cons:

  • Advanced players may find the course less challenging than high-difficulty venues
  • Those accustomed to longer courses might crave additional distance and variety

Best For:

  • Dubsdread Golf Course is exceptionally suited for beginning and intermediate golfers who value a course with character and historic roots.
  • Additionally, it’s a great pick for locals and visitors who wish to enjoy a casual yet challenging round in a centrally located, community-oriented golf environment.

From Tee Times to Memories: Planning Your Orlando Golf Getaway

Best Times of Year to Golf in Orlando

Best Times of Year to Golf in Orlando

Orlando’s mild winters and year-round sunshine make it a golfer’s sanctuary nearly any time. But for the best experience, certain seasons shine brighter. Here’s the scoop on when to book those tee times in Orlando:

Autumn (September-November):

  • The sweltering summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures.
  • With fewer tourists around, you’ll find more open tee times and possibly lower rates.

Winter (December-February):

  • Escape the snowy north as Orlando’s winters are mild and dry.
  • It’s peak season though, so booking is crucial to secure your preferred tee times.

Spring (March-May):

  • The weather is idyllic with warm days and cool breezes.
  • Being a popular time, book early but also watch out for higher prices during spring break.

Summer (June-August):

  • Expect hot, humid conditions and afternoon thunderstorms.
  • However, courses are less crowded, and discounts are often available.

Remember that Orlando’s environment offers the flexibility of playing golf throughout the year, but visiting during shoulder seasons like autumn and late spring can afford you both pleasant weather and more manageable crowds!

Amenities and Services Beyond the Greens

Amenities and Services

Golfing in Orlando extends beyond the fairways and greens, offering a variety of amenities and services that enhance every golfer’s experience. Here’s a glimpse of what’s available when you’re not swinging clubs:

Pro Shops:

  • Stock up on the latest gear and stylish attire to look your best on the course.
  • Professional staff can help you select the best equipment for your game.

Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities:

  • Hone your skills before hitting the first tee, with many clubs offering extensive driving, chipping, and putting areas.
  • Take advantage of complimentary instruction at select clubs.

Culinary Delights:

  • Savor a range of dining options, from casual club fare to gourmet meals.
  • Discounts on food and beverages are often provided, especially if you’re a member or resort guest.

Golf Academies and Clinics:

  • Elevate your game with personalized instruction or partake in group clinics to improve your skills.
  • Players can benefit from the expertise of certified golf instructors.

Event Hosting:

  • Many clubs provide elegant spaces for weddings, tournaments, and corporate events.
  • Take the opportunity to blend business with pleasure on a championship course.

Spa and Fitness:

  • Unwind after a round with spa services or keep fit in state-of-the-art fitness centers at premium courses.
  • Golf-centric fitness programs help optimize your performance and well-being.


  • Several elite courses have luxury lodging options that allow you to stay where you play.
  • Enjoy special packages that combine play and stay, sometimes including other resort activities.

This array of amenities and services showcases that Orlando’s golfing venues are designed not only for exceptional play but also for an enriched lifestyle experience on and off the course. Whether you’re there for leisure or to sharpen your skills, plenty awaits you beyond the greens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orlando is home to numerous public access golf courses where everyone is welcome to tee off. A few notable ones include:

  • Orange County National, is renowned for its PGA TOUR history and immaculate greens.
  • Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club, offers rolling hills and a challenging layout.
  • MetroWest Golf Club is a classic Robert Trent Jones Sr. course with traditional charm.
  • Dubsdread Golf Course is the city’s historic course with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, where Disney enchantment meets PGA Tour heritage.

Remember to check specific course rules and booking policies, as some may offer public access with certain restrictions or require reservations.

Yes, many of the top-rated Golf Courses in Orlando provide rental equipment, including golf clubs and carts. Make sure to contact the course ahead of your visit to confirm availability and to reserve the equipment you need.

Absolutely! Orlando offers a variety of golf packages for tourists, which often include tee times, accommodations, and sometimes additional perks like dining credits or pro shop discounts.

Check with individual courses or look for package deals through Orlando golf vacation specialists.

Orlando, often referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” largely due to Disney World, is a playground for all ages with more than just theme parks. It’s a vibrant hub with lush golf courses, abundant shopping, diverse dining, and entertainment options that cater to every taste and preference.

Whether you’re perfecting your swing on the green or exploring the many attractions, Orlando promises memories that last a lifetime.

The Deltona Club, despite mixed reviews, has been recognized for its unique design, with its notable elevation changes setting it apart from the typical Florida course.

While it may not be everyone’s favorite, it certainly has aspects that capture the interest of some golfers seeking variety in their Florida golfing experience.

Orlando boasts around 50 golf courses, offering a mix of public, private, and municipal options. This includes everything from championship courses to family-friendly links, ensuring a broad selection suitable for golfers at all levels.

No, Bay Hill is a private golf course that’s exclusively available to club members and guests staying at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge.

However, if you book a stay at the Lodge, you’re entitled to reserve a tee time.

The Villages, located near Orlando, is a sprawling retirement community famous for its extensive collection of golf courses. It features numerous courses, with executive and championship courses available.

However, exact numbers may vary, so it’s best to check with The Villages for the most current count and offerings.

No, Bay Hill Club & Lodge restricts its course play to club members and their guests, as well as guests staying at the lodge. Public play is not permitted without a stay or membership.

For the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, smart casual golf attire is recommended. Spectators typically wear comfortable clothing like polo shirts, golf shirts, khakis, or dress shorts, and comfortable walking shoes.

It’s advisable to prepare for the weather with hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen for sunny days or a jacket for cooler weather.

Yes, Orlando has several public golf courses that are open to all players without the need for a membership. These courses cater to a variety of skill levels and offer different experiences, from championship layouts like Orange County National to historic courses like Dubsdread Golf Course.

Some of the most highly regarded public golf courses in Orlando include:

  • Orange County National, with two championship courses—Panther Lake and Crooked Cat—that are frequent hosts to professional qualifiers.
  • Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club, is recognized for its undulating terrain and fast, testing greens.
  • Dubsdread Golf Course, the oldest public course in Orlando, offers charm and a strategic layout.
  • Shingle Creek Golf Club, is known for its meticulous maintenance and environmental preservation.
  • ChampionsGate Golf Club features designs by Greg Norman and offers a resort-style golf experience.

Each course brings something unique to the table and has been favorably reviewed by both local and traveling golfers.

Yes, maps illustrating the locations of golf courses throughout Orlando can be found online. Golf-related websites, tourist boards, and even interactive maps on smartphones can help you identify and navigate various courses in the area.

These resources are particularly useful for planning a golf trip to ensure you hit all the top-rated links.

For the best value, golfers often look for courses that offer quality experiences at reasonable rates. Some of the golf courses in Orlando known to provide great value include:

  • Dubsdread Golf Course: Affordable rates combined with a rich history and proximity to downtown.
  • MetroWest Golf Club: A classic layout with competitive pricing and good playing conditions.
  • Ventura Country Club: Offers a challenging play with a budget-friendly fee structure.
  • Eagle Creek Golf Club: Known for its links-style layout and competitive rates.
  • Falcons Fire Golf Club: Offers a championship course experience without the upscale price tag.

These courses are recognized for their good balance of price and play quality, making them popular choices among residents and visitors alike.

Orlando, a golfer’s haven, hosts approximately 50 golf courses within its vicinity, offering a diverse range of public, private, and municipal options suitable for all skill levels and preferences.

Keep in mind that new courses may open and others might close, so the number can fluctuate.

According to Golf Digest, some of the best public golf courses in Orlando include:

  • Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club: Recognized for its unique landscape filled with dunes and rolling fairways.
  • Orange County National: Home to the Panther Lake and Crooked Cat courses, admired for their championship layouts and excellent practice facilities.
  • Shingle Creek Golf Club: Praised for its well-maintained greens and challenging layout amidst picturesque surroundings.
  • Grand Cypress Golf Club: Before its renovation, it was known for offering a selection of courses inspired by famous links from around the world.
  • Disney’s Palm and Magnolia Golf Courses: Both courses have received accolades for their historical PGA Tour integration and Disney’s magical touch.

It’s always a good idea to check the most current Golf Digest rankings or listings as courses may enter or leave the list based on recent reviews and player feedback.

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Conclusion: Golf Courses in Orlando

Orlando’s array of golf courses captures the imagination of golfers the world over. With offerings that range from the historic charm of Dubsdread to the majestic layouts of Bay Hill, and from the unique challenges of Southern Dunes to the whimsical touches of Disney’s courses, there truly is something for every golfer in this city.

Whether it’s the accessibility of public courses or the exclusivity of private clubs, Orlando caters to all, embracing both the spirit of the game and the warmth of Floridian hospitality. As you consider your next golf trip, Orlando stands ready to provide you not just with a place to play but with an unforgettable experience etched against the backdrop of the glistening Florida sun.

Share your beloved golfing memories or feel free to ask any questions about golf courses in Orlando in the comments section below!

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