11 Best RV Parks in the Florida Keys: 2024 Picks for Campground

RV Parks in the Florida Keys

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Unveiling the Best RV Parks in the Florida Keys: 2024 Edition

Your Guide to Navigating the Top Picks

Exploring the open road and soaking in the sun-drenched charm of the Florida Keys? You’re in luck! The 2024 edition of the best RV Parks in the Florida Keys island chain promises exceptional stays at scenic locations.

Each park offers unique features, whether you’re seeking waterfront vistas, bustling marinas, or tranquil natural settings. To ensure you stake out the perfect spot for your RV adventure, let’s cruise through the top picks and uncover your next memory-making destination.

1. Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina

When luxury and leisure top your list, Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina does not disappoint. Located on Ohio Key, they offer a slice of paradise with spectacular ocean views, full-hookup sites, and access to a private marina.

Top 5 Features:

  • Private marina, ocean views, full-hookup sites, pet-friendly, resort-style pool.

Five Benefits:

  • Enjoy boating and fishing, ample space for big rigs, easy access to water sports, pet-friendly policies, and a welcoming community.

Two Cons:

  • Premium pricing, occasional overcrowding.

Best For:

  • RV enthusiasts crave luxury and oceanfront living.

Activities Galore for Water Enthusiasts

With the sparkling waters of the Atlantic at your doorstep, Sunshine Key is a haven for water sports lovers. They cater to every taste, from paddling serene waves on kayaks to adrenaline-fueled jet skiing.

With daily activities and a bustling community, there’s never a dull moment.

2. Bluewater Key RV Resort

Bluewater Key RV Resort

Bluewater Key RV Resort merges seclusion with opulence, offering lush sites that are thoughtfully landscaped for privacy. Guests relish in their slice of waterfront beauty, alongside top-notch amenities.

Top 5 Features:

  • Private docks, tiki huts at each site, upscale facilities, pet-friendly, landscaped lots for privacy.

Five Benefits:

  • Exclusive waterfront access, personalized spaces, a serene environment, proximity to Key West, and plentiful wildlife sightings.

Two Cons:

  • With a higher price range, reservations fill up fast.

Best For:

  • Campers desire a tranquil yet premium RV experience.

Exclusive Resort Facilities for a Premium Experience

Bluewater Key takes luxury to new heights with personalized touches like services from waste disposal to cable TV, ensuring that your stay combines the comforts of home with the allure of resort-style living. Indulge in the heated pool or connect with fellow RVers at the club’s community events.

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the rich historical places of Key West!

3. Boyd’s Key West Campground

Boyd’s Key West Campground

At Boyd’s Key West Campground, adventure beckons at the southern edge of the United States. Offering waterfront RV sites, this campground is your gateway to both relaxation and adventure in the vibrant city of Key West.

Top 5 Features:

  • Waterfront sites, fishing pier, heated pool, tiki hut picnic area, 24-hour security.

Five Benefits:

  • Quick access to Key West, water-based activities on-site, a pet-friendly atmosphere, full-service amenities, and a variety of site options.

Two Cons:

  • It can be noisy due to its proximity to Key West and limited privacy.

Best For:

  • Visitors aim to combine outdoor fun with the excitement of Key West’s attractions.

Proximity to Key West Attractions

Its location is a perfect base camp for exploring the myriad offerings of Key West, from the bustle of Duval Street to the historic charm of the Hemingway House.

With just a stone’s throw away from some of the best attractions, you’ll find convenience at this adventurous outpost.

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking landscapes offered by the Florida Keys State Parks.

4. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park

Nature lovers, rejoice! Bahia Honda State Park showcases some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. With an inviting atmosphere for snorkeling and kayaking, this state park RV camping spot is ideal for those looking to connect with nature.

Top 5 Features:

  • Pristine beaches, snorkeling opportunities, marina services, nature trails, and historic bridge views.

Five Benefits:

  • Direct beach access, abundance of marine life, picturesque surroundings, opportunities for stargazing, and a quiet environment.

Two Cons:

  • Limited RV site availability during peak season, strict regulations on pet access.
  • Best For:
  • Nature buffs and water sports enthusiasts crave a tranquil beachfront camping experience.

Ideal for Snorkeling and Kayaking Enthusiasts

The clear waters around Bahia Honda are not only perfect for swimming but also provide some of the best spots to snorkel and kayak in the Keys. Glide over colorful coral reefs and come face to face with vibrant sea life.

Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or trying kayaking for the first time, the park’s waters provide a safe and unforgettable experience.

Planning a trip to Key West? Make sure to browse through our list of the best hotels in the area for an unforgettable stay. Explore your options now!

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5. Fiesta Key RV Resort and Marina

Fiesta Key RV Resort and Marina embodies the essence of a tropical getaway, coupling convenience with a bounty of entertainment and dining opportunities right within the resort.

Top 5 Features:

  • On-site restaurant and bar, marina with boat slips, resort-style pool, oceanfront sites, and full-hookup capabilities.

Five Benefits:

  • Dine without leaving the resort, enjoy boating and fishing, engage in social events, experience waterfront living, and access all-encompassing amenities.

Two Cons:

  • Higher cost due to comprehensive facilities, sometimes busy and less private.

Best For:

  • Vacationers are looking for a self-contained resort experience with lots of on-site amenities and social opportunities.

Entertainment and Dining Options On-Site

From live music to themed parties, the resort comes to life with activities designed to entertain guests of all ages. When hunger strikes, the waterfront restaurant provides fresh cuisine with a view, ensuring an all-around exceptional stay.

Dive into the adventure of a lifetime exploring the vibrant underwater world of Key West’s premier dive sites!

6. Leo’s Campground – Key West's Hidden Gem

Leo’s Campground

For those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on location and quality, Leo’s Campground serves as a hidden jewel, offering affordable rates and a genuine Key West culture.

Top 5 Features:

  • Competitive pricing, waterfront and shaded sites, free Wi-Fi, close to Key West, and a community atmosphere.

Five Benefits:

  • Easy access to local attractions, significant cost savings, intimate campground size, friendly staff, and a cozy vibe.

Two Cons:

  • Fewer amenities compared to larger resorts and compact site size.

Best For:

  • Budget-conscious travelers who value proximity to Key West’s lively downtown without the hefty price tag.

Close to Landmarks and Lively Downtown

Only a short distance from the heartbeat of Key West, you’ll enjoy the ease of visiting renowned landmarks, lively bars, and eclectic shops. Leo’s offers a mix of peaceful retreats after a bustling day out exploring.

Enhance your Key West experience by checking out the fascinating museums sprinkled throughout the island.

7. Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge (BPKFL)

Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge

Anglers and their families will find BPKFL to be a delightful haven with its dockside amenities and a welcoming community ambiance perfect for a dose of saltwater fishing and relaxation.

Top 5 Features:

  • On-site fishing options, boat ramp access, bait and tackle shop, heated pool, waterfront lodgings.

Five Benefits:

  • Superb for fishing enthusiasts, family-friendly environment, variety of lodging options, engaging community events, and easy boating.

Two Cons:

  • Popular, which may require booking, a focus on fishing that may not appeal to everyone.

Best For:

  • Families and anglers are looking for a friendly, activity-rich, and nautically themed camping experience.

Family-Friendly Environment and Amenities

With its kid-approved amenities like the pool and playground, BPKFL ensures that families have a comfortable and engaging stay. The casual, neighborly atmosphere also means making new friends and creating lasting memories, which is part of the daily catch.

Discover the perfect party venue in Key West to celebrate your special occasion in style!

8. Jolly Roger RV Park and Resort

jolly Roger RV Park and Resort

Here, it’s about oceanfront views from your RV site that lead to captivating sunsets and a calendar filled with diverse activities to enrich your stay in the Keys.

Top 5 Features:

  • Oceanfront sites, sunset view spots, a plethora of activities, pet-friendly areas, and welcoming staff.

Five Benefits:

  • Wake up to the sound of waves, witness stunning sunsets, and engage in water sports and activities, pet-friendly so your furry friends can join, and a friendly community to welcome you.

Two Cons:

  • Limited privacy at sites, some areas can be crowded in peak season.

Best For:

  • RV campers are looking for direct ocean access and an activity-rich environment.

Impressive Array of Activities and Facilities

Whether you prefer lounging poolside, exploring local marine life, or joining in on group activities, Jolly Roger has something for everyone. Their attentive staff and well-maintained facilities make every day a pleasure.

9. Grassy Key RV Park & Resort

Grassy Key RV Park & Resort

Tailored for those who prefer serene, intimate camping experiences, Grassy Key offers a peaceful retreat. Its pet-friendly policies and unbeatable views ensure a relaxing and scenic stay.

Top 5 Features:

  • Stunning ocean views, seclusion, pet-friendly, full utility hookups, access to a private beach, and inviting community areas.

Five Benefits:

  • Enjoy personal space away from crowds, bask in natural surroundings, pets are welcome companions, convenient amenities, and a private beach for leisure activities.

Two Cons:

  • Fewer on-site activities compared to larger parks, and a bit remote from popular tourist spots.

Best For:

  • Campers seeking a quiet, scenic getaway with their pets, looking to unwind and relax by the water.

Pet-Friendly Policies and Stunning Scenery

Your four-legged friends will feel right at home at Grassy Key, with ample space to play and splash around. Human companions can revel in the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that paint the sky each day, all within steps from their RV.

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10. Key Largo Kampground and Marina

Key Largo Kampground is a haven for campers of all styles, offering diverse accommodation options from basic to premium while granting superb access to the area’s renowned coral reefs and fishing spots.

Top 5 Features:

  • Wide range of site options, marina access, swimming pools, beach area, kayak rentals.

Five Benefits:

  • Accommodates various RV sizes and styles, direct access to water activities, multiple pools for swimming, opportunities for wildlife sightings, and a fun, family-friendly environment.

Two Cons:

  • It can become quite busy, especially during peak tourist season; premium sites can be costly.

Best For:

  • Diverse groups and families desire a communal atmosphere and direct access to Key Largo’s aquatic activities.

Excellent Access to Coral Reefs and Fishing Spots

The proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs is a diver’s dream, while anglers will find their perfect catch in the surrounding waters.

Both novices and experts will appreciate the exceptional location and facilities on offer.

11. El Mar RV Resort – A Cozy Corner in Key West

El Mar RV Resort

El Mar RV Resort offers a cozy and homey atmosphere for those wishing to explore Key West without the crowds. With a warm community vibe and essential amenities, this smaller park ensures a pleasant stay.

Top 5 Features:

  • Prime location in Key West, well-maintained facilities, peaceful atmosphere, friendly staff, and variety of amenities.

Five Benefits:

  • Proximity to Key West attractions and beaches, clean and comfortable accommodations, a serene environment for relaxation, helpful staff, and access to diverse amenities.

Two Cons:

  • High demand may lead to limited availability; pricing might be relatively higher.

Best For:

  • Travelers seeking a tranquil retreat with easy access to Key West’s vibrant attractions and natural beauty.

Packing for the Ultimate Florida Keys RV Experience

Navigating to Your Dream Campground

Finding your dream campground in the Florida Keys begins with a bit of navigation savvy. Start by mapping out your journey, considering both the scenic route and the most direct path to your destination.

Use RV-friendly GPS apps or services like RV Trip Wizard to plot your course, taking into account bridge clearances, fuel stops, and points of interest along the way.

Remember, the Florida Keys are interconnected by a series of bridges, so ensure your vehicle can traverse these with ease. Whether you’re headed to a secluded beachfront spot or a lively marina-based resort, a clear route plan will set the stage for a stress-free arrival and an unforgettable stay.

Each Park's Unique Slice of Paradise

Unique Slice of Paradise

Each RV park in the Florida Keys offers its unique slice of paradise, whether it’s the luxurious amenities of a high-end resort or the simple pleasures of a beachside haven. At Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina, you can indulge in opulent comforts with an oceanic backdrop. Bluewater Key RV Resort personalizes tranquility with individually designed sites.

Boyd’s Key West Campground is the ultimate adventure base, located tantalizingly close to the action of Key West. Meanwhile, Bahia Honda State Park presents pristine natural beauty that’s ideal for snorkeling aficionados. Fiesta Key RV Resort adds tropical flavor with full-service facilities, while Leo’s Campground and others like Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge cater to both budget-friendly and family-oriented travelers.

Jolly Roger RV Park delights with its oceanfront views, and Grassy Key RV Park pampers both you and your pets amidst stunning scenery. With this guide, you’re sure to uncover the slice of paradise that resonates most with your version of the perfect Keys getaway.


Parking your RV in the Florida Keys can vary widely in cost, typically influenced by location, amenities, and seasonality. On average, you might find rates from as low as to upwards of with, with some luxury resorts charging more, particularly during the sought-after winter months.

For shorter stays, nightly rates often exceed, especially during peak season. Be sure to check for long-term discounts or off-peak deals to save on your tropical retreat.

The average cost to stay in an RV park in Florida can vary quite a bit depending on factors like location, amenities, and the time of year. Generally, you may expect to pay anywhere from around per night at a basic park to at a resort with more facilities. Monthly rates can fall between and or higher. Always look for discounts for extended stays to help manage costs.

Free RV parking in Florida, often referred to as boondocking, is typically found on public lands like national forests and Bureau of Land Management areas. Walmart parking lots and some casinos in Florida may also allow free overnight parking for RVs, but always check with the management first.

Avoid staying on private property without permission, and be mindful of local ordinances that may restrict overnight parking.

Yes, you can live full-time in many RV parks in Florida, as some are designed to cater to long-term residents with amenities like laundry facilities and full hookups. When choosing a park for full-time living, consider checking any residency restrictions and the availability of long-term rates.

Always confirm with the RV park management about their specific rules and regulations for full-time RV living.

In Florida, the length of stay at an RV park can vary by location. State parks often have a maximum of 14 consecutive days within 30 days. However, many private RV parks and resorts cater to longer stays, from months to even year-round residency.

It’s important to check with individual parks for their specific policies and restrictions regarding length of stay.

Embarking on an adventure to the Florida Keys offers a treasure trove of sunshine, sparkling waters, and laid-back island charm. It’s hard to find reasons not to go, but considerations may include budget constraints due to higher costs in popular destinations, concerns about crowded spots, especially during peak tourist season, and potential weather-related issues like hurricane season.

Still, with proper planning, most can find the Florida Keys to be a paradise worth exploring.

There are numerous options to park your RV in the Florida Keys, ranging from luxury resorts to state parks. Popular choices include Bahia Honda State Park, Boyd’s Key West Campground, and Bluewater Key RV Resort.

To secure a spot, especially during high season, it’s best to book well in advance due to high demand. Each location offers a distinct experience, from beachfront views to full-service amenities.

The cost of parking an RV in the Florida Keys can fluctuate based on factors like season, location, and amenities. Nightly rates can soar in winter but may drop significantly in summer.

Monthly stays, particularly during the winter, might cost around, so scouting for long-term discounts is advisable. Always check current rates as they can change annually.

Absolutely! RVing in the Florida Keys is a popular and delightful way to experience the island chain’s natural beauty, laid-back atmosphere, and vibrant culture. With a variety of RV parks and resorts offering amenities for all types of travelers, from beachfront locations to full-service resorts, there’s a perfect spot for every kind of RV enthusiast in the Keys.

Just be sure to book in advance, as spots fill up quickly, especially during peak season.

In the United States, you can park your RV for free in various locations known as boondocking sites. These often include national forests, Bureau of Land Management lands, and sometimes at businesses like Walmart or Cracker Barrel, with their permission.

Always check the local regulations and rules before parking overnight, as policies can vary widely by location. Free camping apps and websites also provide valuable resources for finding these spots.

Yes, there are long-term RV parks available in the Florida Keys that cater to visitors looking to stay for extended periods, ranging from a few weeks to several months. These parks often provide amenities like full hookups, laundry facilities, and community activities, making them suitable for a comfortable prolonged stay.

It’s recommended to book in advance, as these spots are in high demand, especially during the peak winter season.

Monthly rates for RV parks in the Florida Keys vary widely, averaging with luxury resorts and prime locations commanding higher prices. Rates can fluctuate based on the season, site type, and amenities offered.

Some parks might offer discounts for longer stays or have different rates for shoulder and off-peak seasons, so it’s best to check directly with the parks for precise pricing and any potential deals.

Indeed, the Florida Keys are home to several luxury RV parks that offer an array of upscale amenities and services for those seeking a lavish retreat. Parks like Bluewater Key RV Resort and Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina provide premium facilities, such as private docks, waterfront sites with personal tiki huts, and resort-style pools.

These high-end options cater to those looking for an exquisite camping experience with all the comforts and conveniences of a top-tier vacation destination.

To rent an RV park space in the Florida Keys, start by researching and selecting a park that fits your needs. You can book directly through the RV park’s website or over the phone. Alternatively, use reservation platforms like Reserve America, Campendium, or RVshare.

It’s advisable to make reservations well in advance, especially for peak travel periods. Be prepared to provide details about your RV and any specific requirements you may have. Most parks require a deposit to secure your reservation.

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Conclusion: RV parks in the Florida keys

In conclusion, the Florida Keys offer a mesmerizing range of RV parks to suit every traveler’s preferences, each park bestowing its slice of paradise. From the luxurious setups with oceanfront views and private docks at places like Bluewater Key and Sunshine Key to the charming and intimate escapes at Grassy Key and El Mar RV Resort, there’s a perfect spot for everyone.

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a peace-loving beachcomber, an avid angler, or simply a sun worshipper, the Keys beckon with a promise of memorable experiences. While planning your trip, remember to book in advance to secure your ideal spot, especially during high season, and prepare for the unique island lifestyle that only the Florida Keys can provide.

With crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and palm-lined shores as your backdrop, an RV trip to the Florida Keys is sure to be the highlight of your travels.

Share your thoughts and experiences exploring the RV parks of the Florida Keys! We’d love to hear your stories and recommendations.

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