17 Best Things to Do in Guanajuato City, Mexico in 2024

Things to Do in Guanajuato City

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Welcome to Guanajuato City, Mexico

Overview of Guanajuato City

Tucked away in Central Mexico, Guanajuato City enchants with its winding, narrow streets, vibrant colonial mansions, and charmingly leafy plazas. This destination is a delightful blending of rich history, spirited culture, and awe-inspiring scenery.

As the capital of the Guanajuato state with a population of roughly 200,000, it’s a lively place that deftly balances modern vibrancy with rustic appeal.

Things to Do in Guanajuato City

Best Time to Visit Guanajuato

Depending on your preferences, Guanajuato can be a year-round destination and one of the Top Places to Visit in Mexico.

Spring (between late February to May) and fall (October and November) are often deemed the ideal times because of the mild weather and the little chance of rain. But all seasons have their unique charm here. December to February offers cool climes, while June to September sees the greenery come alive with the rains.

However, remember to pack an umbrella if visiting during the rainy season. The city is especially lively in October, celebrating the popular Cervantino Festival. Just remember that this period sees a spike in tourist influx, so advanced bookings are crucial!

And now, let’s explore the 17 Best Things to Do in Guanajuato City.

Top Attractions in Guanajuato

1. Explore the Colorful Streets and Alleyways

Gazing at the rainbow-hued houses, it’s not hard to see why Guanajuato is deemed one of Mexico’s most colorful cities.

Framed by mountains, the city is full of twisting alleyways or callejones, each more charming than the last. One of the best things you can do in Guanajuato is to lose yourself (figuratively, of course!) in these vibrant, narrow streets.

With most lanes closed off to vehicular traffic, the city’s intimate corners are perfect for wandering. Many of these meandering paths lead to hilltops, providing panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes.

Nearly every house you’ll encounter is painted in bright, pleasing hues – a policy encouraged by the local government to appeal to visitors. Today, homeowners even compete for having the most brightly colored abodes!

Moreover, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Guanajuato envelops you in historical charm. Be it the ochre red colonial-era churches, historic buildings, or the calming pastel hues adorning the winding hillside pathways, there’s color and richness at every turn.

Remember to have your camera ready as you explore – every corner offers a visual feast begging to be captured! Whatever you do, don’t rush. Take it slow and enjoy the details of this incredible cityscape.

2. Visit the Museo Casa Diego Rivera

Situated in the artist’s birth home, the Museo Casa Diego Rivera offers an unparalleled insight into the life and work of one of Mexico’s most iconic muralists – Diego Rivera. This remarkable museum transports you back to the late 19th century, retaining much of the house’s original ambiance and decor.

Crafted with beautiful antique furniture and an exclusive collection of Rivera’s original paintings and sketches, the museum ensures a one-of-a-kind journey through Rivera’s life and work. Acclaimed for his Mexican muralism embodying his communist leanings, Rivera played a crucial role in establishing the art movement’s reputation worldwide.

On your tour, you’ll delve into highly diversified exhibits, including portraits, landscapes, still life, nudes, and mural sketches. But the experience doesn’t end here. Head upstairs to the auditorium that houses historical black and white photographs capturing intimate moments of Rivera and his muse and wife, Frida Kahlo.

A highlight of the Museo Casa Diego Rivera is the addition of art pieces by contemporary artists inspired by Rivera. Hence the museum is not only a tribute to Rivera but also an evolving platform embracing modern artistic interpretations.

No art enthusiast’s trip to Guanajuato City would be complete without a visit to this significant site!

3. Unearth the Secrets of the Mummy Museum

Yes, you read it right! For fans of the eerie and peculiar, Guanajuato’s famous Museum of the Mummies – Museo De Las Momias, offers an unmissable experience. It houses the world’s largest collection of naturally mummified bodies.

The museum’s collection, over 100 bodies strong, mostly originates from a cholera outbreak that Guanajuato suffered in the early 1800s. The bodies, well-preserved owing to the mineral-rich soil and low humidity, provide unique and gut-wrenching insights into the tragedy.

With expressions of shock and pain etched on their faces, the bodies here bear a connection to Mexico’s strong association with death and its celebration, as most evident during the annual Day of the Dead. However, this exhibit is not for the faint-hearted – it can be quite confronting for some due to its macabre display.

Located just outside the city’s historic district, the steep walk is best done by a local bus or Uber, costing around 100 MXN ($5). Open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, an entry will cost you 85 MXN (around $4.50). Brave the disturbing yet fascinating exhibit for a one-of-a-kind experience in Guanajuato.

4. Discover the History at Alhóndiga de Granaditas

The Alhóndiga de Granaditas, an iconic and historical venue in Guanajuato, is perfect for history buffs. Established in 1809, this majestic building has donned various roles throughout the centuries – a grain warehouse, a fortress during the War of Independence, an armory, a school, a prison, and finally, an esteemed museum.

As a crown witness to Mexico’s tumultuous past, it offers an authentic peek into the rich history and culture of the city and the nation at large. The museum presents exhibits that narrate Mexico’s history timeline, starting from ancient times and leading to contemporary periods.

While exploring the museum, you’ll encounter intriguing artifacts and stories to enhance your understanding of Mexico’s past. Not to miss are the stunning murals and art installations. Although the written material is mostly in Spanish, you can opt for a guide to get more detailed explanations.

The museum, open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, charges a reasonably low fee of 30 pesos (around $1.25). Find your way to Alhóndiga de Granaditas here on the map. Nestled at C. Mendizábal 6, Zona Centro, 36000, Guanajuato, it’s an ideal destination for those pondering what to do in Guanajuato, Mexico. For history buffs and aestheticians alike, Alhóndiga de Granaditas comes as a mandatory pitstop.

Located right at the center of the city, this massive beige-brown stone structure is hard to miss. And why should you? With its high historical significance and cultural enrichment, Alhóndiga de Granaditas offers an unmatched learning experience. Just make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes!

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5. Marvel at the Grandeur of the Monumento al Pipila

As soon as you arrive in Guanajuato, the Monumento al Pipila is hard to miss. Located on a hill above the city, this heroic monument dedicated to Juan Jose Martinez (known as El Pipila) affords a sweeping vantage point of the cityscape.

This iconic monument was built in 1939 and stands as a testament to Guanajuato’s stirring history. In 1810, Martinez, a local miner labeled as El Pípila, played a crucial role in Guanajuato’s fight for independence by setting the Alhóndiga gates on fire, thus marking a pivotal turn in the war.

Made of pink quarry, the mighty statue clutching a flaming torch easily stands out as a city landmark. A sight that truly comes alive at sunset, inviting you for an experience of golden rays washing over the colonial town and mountains.

Accessing the viewpoint could be an adventurous journey. Brace yourself for a steep walk, hire a taxi, or ride the funicular (cable car) from the heart of the city; each provides its own unique experience. Make sure to pay a nominal fee to enter the statue and relish the astounding 360-degree city view.

Right below the monument, street food vendors serve delectable local favorites, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a snack with the best view of Guanajuato. Whether you are a history buff, a photography enthusiast, or a leisure traveler, this towering Statue of El Pipila’s visit is indispensable as it brings together history, views, and gastronomic pleasure in one spot.

6. Experience a Historical Theater: Teatro Juárez

Located in the beating heart of Guanajuato, Teatro Juárez, or Juarez Theatre, proudly graces as one of Mexico’s most beautiful theaters. Drawing in tourists with its stunning neoclassical facade and Doric columns topped with eight life-sized bronze statues from Greek mythology, it creates quite the first impression.

Inside, the theater surprises with an Oriental-inspired interior in contrast to its outer appearance. Awash in red and gold, with details so intricate and opulent, it feels like stepping into an Arabian Nights tale.

This 902-seat theater, built between 1872 and 1903, is a cultural hub staging a variety of performances, including concerts, plays, dance performances, and film screenings. It hosts the famous International Cervantino Festival every year, a key highlight in Guanajuato’s cultural calendar not to be missed.

To fully absorb the resonating historical ambiance and striking details of the theater, you can hop on a guided tour or, better yet, book tickets for a performance. However, take note of the renovation plans for 2024. The theater will only open for special Cervantes events and is set to reopen with daily walk-through post-renovation.

Whether you are a history aficionado, architecture lover, or culture seeker, a visit to Teatro Juárez will surely leave you captivated. Despite the modern adaptations the theater has gone through over the years, it has held its historical charm well. A delightful stop to weave into your Guanajuato travels!

7. Relax at the Jardin de la Union

Imagine this – basking under the shade of Indian laurel trees in an elegant triangular plaza, the heart of local life, unfolding around you. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, that’s exactly what awaits you at the enchanting Jardín de la Unión or Union Garden in Guanajuato.

Perfectly manicured and lined with trees, the Jardín de la Unión serves as a living room for the city’s inhabitants and visitors. Sprawling in front of the Teatro Juárez, the plaza comes to life with live music, street artists, and local food vendors, creating an intoxicating atmosphere of authentic Mexican life.

It’s an ideal spot for leisurely strolls, people-watching, or chilling on a bench under leafy canopies. Additionally, it’s a hotbed for mariachi bands offering tuneful serenades, even into the night.

If you’re feeling peckish after all the exploring or relaxing, you can grab a local snack from one of the food vendors or sit down at a surrounding restaurant or café. While they may be a bit pricier, the constant hum of activity assures night-long entertainment.

Overall, a visit to the Jardín de la Unión gifts you an immersive experience of Guanajuato’s vibrant local life and culture, a memory to fondly recall for years to come. So grab your favorite book, find a cozy spot, and let the laid-back atmosphere of Jardín de la Unión embrace you.

8. Take aRomantic Picture at the Alley of the Kiss

Nestled between the narrow, twisty alleys of Guanajuato, you’ll find the Callejon del Beso, or Alley of the Kiss, one of the city’s most famous and romantic spots. Imbued with a tragic love tale that seizes the heart, this alleyway, only 27 inches wide at its narrowest, is so slight that the balconies nearly touch across.

The legend goes that star-crossed lovers, deemed Mexico’s Romeo and Juliet, lived across from each other here. In defiance of the girl’s disapproving father, the pair continued their love affair by meeting on their balconies for stolen kisses. The legend ended tragically, but today serves as a unique spot for romantic photo ops.

One exciting tradition associated with this spot is that any couple that stands on the third step (painted red) and steals a kiss is promised seven years of happiness. This has made the Alley of the Kiss a burgeoning hotspot for couples, evident by the rife love locks decorating it.

For that magical photo, make sure to reach the spot early or be prepared to wait your turn. Whether you’re with a loved one or a solo explorer, the Alley of the Kiss gives you a distinctive perspective on local folklore. Who knows, you may even find your love story written on these walls!

Adventure and Leisure Activities

9. Join a Historical Walking Tour

When it comes to discovering the best of Guanajuato City, there’s nothing quite like a historical walking tour with a local guide. Wandering the labyrinthine streets is an adventure, but to truly appreciate the architecture, history, and secret spots that comprise Guanajuato’s charm, joining a guided tour is your best bet.

There are several options available, each offering unique experiences. With one popular tour, you’ll explore back alleys, Diego Rivera’s home, Mercado Hidalgo, Teatro Juárez, and more. Another highly-rated tour includes visits to renowned places like the University, Plaza Baratillo, Museo Regional de Guanajuato Alhóndiga de Granaditas, and the underground roads.

Notable for its breadth and affordability, these tours not only cover iconic landmarks but also interweave local legends and hidden gems. This isn’t merely a sightseeing trip; your guide provides historical context, helping you gel with the city and its deep roots.

Delving beyond traditional tours, you’ll also find ones that include local street food tasting. This off-beat tour is perfect for those who love food and history. During the tour, you’ll start your day with a traditional breakfast at Plaza Baratillo and enjoy a variety of local fares.

For the perfect blend of history, culture, and food, don’t miss out on joining a historical city tour. Your exciting journey in Guanajuato starts here.

10. Take a trip underground with Calles Subterraneas

One of the unique charms of Guanajuato City is its extensive network of subterranean streets and tunnels known as Calles Subterraneas. This labyrinth of passages, initially designed to control river flooding in the 18th century, got a new life as a subterranean traffic system traveling beneath the city. Today, it serves as a prevalent fascination among tourists and locals, on foot or by vehicle.

Venturing underground takes you to a mysterious yet fascinating world. The streets, walls, and tunnels are adorned with bright lights creating a mesmerizing aura. Calle Miguel Hidalgo is one of the most well-known subterranean streets that isn’t fully covered, providing a balance of underground and open spaces.

It’s a great way to get introduced to the city’s history and how the tunnel system developed over the years.

If you desire to peek into an alternate side of Guanajuato and its history, then spending a part of your exploration in the Calles Subterraneas is a must. It adds an uncanny element to your ordinary city tours. But be wary while navigating these subterranean paths; they can be a bit confusing at times.

Walking these streets during the night is definitely a rare treat when the tunnels are all lit up with vibrant lights. It’s a great way to escape the traffic of the city above and explore Guanajuato’s history from below. An adventure you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

11. Ride the Funicular for breathtaking views

For the best panoramic view of the city, hop on the Funicular in Guanajuato. This charming cable car ride, opened in 2001, offers a delightful journey amidst the heart of Mexico.

Execution of Funicular operates with a tram car pulled up the mountain by a cable. The ride up the incline is just as exciting as the destination itself. Crawling up the steep mountain, it offers unprecedented views of the color-splashed cityscape while encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Guanajuato.

Here’s a tip: When boarding the funicular, aim for a position at the back, facing the city. This guarantees you the perfect spot to click photos or relish the breathtaking view as the funicular rises up the hill.

Once you reach the top, you’re met with a stunning view of the city, crowned by the statue of Pipila, a local hero. This fun-filled ride marks the perfect balance between adventure and sightseeing with a tinge of thrill.

The Funicular station is located behind Teatro Juarez, making it easily accessible to tourists exploring the city center. A one-way ticket costs 30 pesos, while a return journey is 60 pesos. I recommend taking the funicular up and then walking down to enjoy the serene city views differently.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for an unparalleled view of Guanajuato and a thrilling ride, make sure to add the Funicular experience to your itinerary. It promises a fun journey with an unforgettable view at the end!

12. Experience the authenticity of the street food tour

Visiting Guanajuato and not experiencing its authentic street food tour would be like missing out on half the fun. Street food is integral to Mexican culture, and Guanajuato offers a diverse palette of flavors and dishes – an experience best enjoyed with local guidance.

Guanajuato’s street food tour offers a culinary journey through the city, visiting the best local vendors serving traditional dishes. The curation brings together Guanajuato’s historically rich culinary fare with intriguing stories about the city’s culture, all while wandering its quaint streets.

Food is more than just a necessity here; it’s a cultural expression. From authentic gorditas and Michoacan-style carnitas to the abundant bakeries offering sweet pan dulce and fresh juices, you’ll venture through all the hot spots and hidden gems. The tour guarantees a nap-inducing satisfaction with an array of delicious snacks topped with Mexican coffee and homemade ice cream.

Doing a food tour also comes with the satisfaction of supporting small businesses, local vendors, and artisans. To sum it up, a street food tour in Guanajuato isn’t just about food but about history, culture, and experiences blending together to leave an indelible impact.

So put on your most comfortable shoes, build up an appetite, and be ready for a truly memorable trip! After this captivating endeavor, you’ll be savoring Guanajuato’s flavors long after you’ve left the city and perhaps even trying to recreate some of them in your own kitchen!

Food and Drinks Specialties

13. Savor Guanajuato’s Signature Dish: Miner's Enchiladas

If food is the gateway to a region’s culture, then Miner’s Enchiladas are Guanajuato City’s upstanding ambassadors. This city’s signature dish was created to fuel the silver miners with a hearty meal before their workday, a rich reflection of the city’s mining past.

Miner’s Enchiladas or Enchiladas Mineras are made from day-old tortillas dipped in red chili sauce, flash-fried, and stuffed with ranchero cheese. Layers of onions, carrots, and potatoes garnish the enchiladas, along with a generous topping of more sauce and cheese.

Though traditionally a standalone dish, today, it’s frequently served alongside a chicken piece. From upscale restaurants to street stalls, you can easily find this classic dish all around Guanajuato. No trip to this city is complete without tasting these hearty and flavourful enchiladas, a true culinary delight!

While there are several places to try Miner’s Enchiladas, one highly recommended spot is Enchiladas de Lupe. Also, do not miss the Enchiladas Mineras at Mercado Hidalgo, one of Guanajuato’s best street food markets frequented by locals. Here, besides enchiladas, you can try stuffed chiles and tamales, among other delights.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, the Miner’s Enchiladas flavor burst is a delightful gastronomic affair embodying the spirit of Guanajuato, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Don’t be surprised if you crave more after finishing your meal!

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14. Try out the Homemade Ice Cream: La Garrafa Nieves

One of the most pleasurable ways to beat the heat in Guanajuato is to cool down with some homemade ice cream from La Garrafa Nieves. This popular local ice cream shop in the heart of Guanajuato City churns out dozens of unique and exotic flavors you would have never imagined on a cone before – tequila, beer, cheese, you name it, they’ve got it!

La Garrafa Nieves has become a sensation not just due to their diverse and creative flavors but also to their production methodology. They make their ice cream in a contraption called a ‘garrafa,’ which is a traditional Mexican ice cream churner. This adds an extra layer of freshness and authenticity to every scoop.

An unexpected crowd favorite is the queso-flavored or cheese ice cream. Yes, it might sound unusual, but prepare yourself for a surprisingly rich and smooth treat that’s somehow perfectly balanced. Alternatively, if you’re feeling more adventurous, the Kiss of the Devil ice cream might be just up your alley!

This refreshing pitstop is a must-visit for any dessert lover passing by Guanajuato. You surely wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to treat yourself with fresh-churned ice cream and a unique flavor adventure at La Garrafa Nieves.

15. Embark on a Pub Cantina Crawl

To truly experience the vibrant nightlife of Guanajuato, a pub-cantina crawl is an absolute must-do! Being a university city, Guanajuato is famous for its lively cantina culture and eclectic bars. Late-night diversions are aplenty, everything from vibrant dance clubs to beer-soaked Irish pubs to quiet little cantinas.

An exciting pub crawl tour takes you on a journey through four different bars under the guidance of a local guide. Each bar offers its unique atmosphere and a variety of local brews for you to enjoy.

The tour is not just about drinking; it is also a great way to learn about Guanajuato and its bars. Your guide will share fascinating stories, ensuring an enriching experience. Plus, you’ll have the chance to meet new people and make friends – a perfect way to blend with the locals.

One of Guanajuato’s best-kept secrets is a local cantina called La Clave Azul. This bar offers free food – tapas style, along with each round of drinks you order in the afternoons. With a great atmosphere and delicious drinks, what better place to enjoy traditional Mexican food?

The Cantina pub crawl is an excellent way for travelers to discover Guanajuato’s authentic nightlife. Always remember to drink responsibly and have a designated sober buddy to make the most out of your pub crawl adventure. So, get ready to say “salud” and have an unforgettable night out while in Guanajuato City.

Shopping Experiences in Guanajuato

16. Get Lost in Mercado Hidalgo

At Mercado Hidalgo, you can immerse yourself in an authentic Mexican market vibe. You’ll love wandering around this vibrant place whether you’re in the mood to go shopping, eat, or merely observe everyday life in Guanajuato.

The market features an enormous dome hesitatingly visible from various spots across the city. The hive of activity inside the market is where you’ll experience the rhythm of local life. It’s a labyrinth of tightly packed stalls peddling an array of products – from fresh fruits & vegetables, colorful handicrafts, souvenirs, meats, and cheeses to clothing and footwear.

What sets Mercado Hidalgo aside is also its food court. Filled with the delectable smell of sizzling tacos and tortillas, the various food stalls cook scrumptious local dishes that are a treat to your taste buds. Here, some of the mouth-watering street foods like tortas, birria (spicy stew), and sopes (tortillas topped with meat or cheese) are not to be missed.

The far end of the bustling marketplace is ideal for those planning a meal. Be ready for a fun-filled flurry as señoras compete against one another trying to woo customers. Deciding which meal to devour is an offbeat yet entertaining experience.

A visit to Mercado Hidalgo lets you experience the lesser-explored yet intriguing side of Guanajuato. Whether you’re a first-timer in town or a seasoned traveler, a morning or afternoon spent haggling at stalls and sampling local cuisine at Mercado Hidalgo is highly recommended!

17. Visit the Saturday Market at Paseo de la Presa

Visiting Guanajuato on a Saturday? Reserve your day to explore the bustling Saturday Market at Paseo de la Presa. This little gem, often missed by tourists, is where you get to dive into local culture.

Bask in the lively atmosphere while meandering through numerous street vendors offering a rich variety of local Mexican food and artisanal goods. It’s a paradise for food enthusiasts, where mouthwatering aromas of traditional Mexican food waft through the air, luring gourmands to myriad food stalls.

Serving everything from juicy grilled meats, fresh salads, and assorted tacos to a vast selection of local Mexican cuisines, you would be hard-pressed to find a better gastronomic hotspot!

Apart from the food, a range of artisanal crafts is also displayed. Beautifully handcrafted goods, trinkets, unique jewelry, vividly colored textiles, and other crafts make this market an excellent place to shop for souvenirs or gifts.

Remember to head to La Presa de la Olla, the dam located on the edge of Guanajuato City, near the market area, for a leisurely stroll. Popular with locals, it’s an ideal spot to sit back and soak in the buzzing market atmosphere.

With an enriching blend of food, craft, and locale, visiting the Saturday Market at Paseo de la Presa promises an entertaining and culturally rich experience that offers a glimpse into local life. Even if you’re not keen on shopping or eating, the vibrant energy around the market is infectious, making the visit worth remembering!


Is Guanajuato City worth visiting?

Absolutely! With its blend of vibrant culture, rich history, stunning architecture, and colorful alleys, Guanajuato City is undoubtedly a gem of Mexico that’s worth visiting.

It offers a unique travel experience for those interested in architecture, history, food, music, and arts. The city offers something for every kind of traveler, making it a must-see destination.

How do I travel to Guanajuato?

Traveling to Guanajuato City is relatively easy, with several options available.

If you’re in Mexico City, you can take a first-class bus, rent a car, or hire a private driver for the nearly 4.5-hour journey. Buses are comfortable and reliable, offering an economical choice for budget-minded travelers.

There’s also an international airport in Leon, approximately 45 minutes away, with regular shuttle services to Guanajuato City arranged at affordable prices.

What is Guanajuato best known for?

Guanajuato is famed for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning colonial architecture.

The city is renowned for its eye-catching, colorful buildings, hilly terrain, maze-like passageways, and extensive network of underground streets. It’s also celebrated for its lineage as a silver-mining town and the culturally rich Cervantino Festival.

With the charm and interest it holds, the city is known as one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Mexico.

Is Guanajuato safe for travel?

While the state of Guanajuato has faced safety concerns due to cartel activities, the city of Guanajuato remains a generally safe place for tourists.

Most crime targets specific individuals and is not a frequent threat to tourists. However, like anywhere else in the world, it’s essential to stay vigilant, aware of your surroundings, and not to flash valuable items.

Always follow general safety practices, including traveling in groups at night, keeping belongings secure, and staying within recommended areas of the city.

Here are all my Top Mexico Travel Tips.

How do you spend a day in Guanajuato?

Spending a day in Guanajuato involves exploring the city’s beautiful architecture, powerful history, and exciting culture.

  • Start your day by exploring the landmarks and vibrant streets on foot or through a city walking tour.
  • Visit the Museo Casa Diego Rivera, then head to the local markets, like Mercado Hidalgo, for lunch.
  • In the afternoon, take in the stunning views of the city from the Funicular and Monumento al Pipila.
  • Follow this with a visit to the Alley of the Kiss and try local delicacies like Miner’s Enchiladas.
  • Cap off the day with a visit to a local pub or cantina to experience the city’s nightlife.

Create a tailored itinerary based on your interests to make the most of your time!

What are some unusual things to see in Guanajuato City?

Guanajuato City is filled with unusual and unique sights.

  • The Museo De Las Momias, a museum of naturally mummified bodies, is one such place that many find both fascinating and eerie.
  • The Calles Subterraneas, a network of underground streets beneath the city, is another unique aspect distinct to Guanajuato.
  • Don’t forget the Callejon Del Beso, or Alley of the Kiss, which is so narrow that two people could lean out their windows on opposite sides of the street and share a kiss!
  • Lastly, don’t miss out on the La Garrafa Nieves, an ice cream shop offering ‘out-of-box’ ice cream flavors such as beer, cheese, and tequila.

Guanajuato truly offers charm and character wrapped in layers of novelty.

You will also enjoy the Best Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende.

Are there any free tourist attractions in Guanajuato City?

Indeed, several attractions to check out in Guanajuato City don’t require any entry fee.

  • Wandering through Guanajuato’s charming and colorful city streets is free and gives visitors a first-hand experience of the city’s rich culture and heritage.
  • The Plaza de la Paz, Union Garden, and the famed Alley of the Kiss are all free to visit.
  • The city’s beautiful churches, like the Templo de la Compañía and Templo de San Diego, are also open for visitors without any admission charge.
  • If you enjoy hiking, the trails leading to the La Bufa viewpoint are accessible free of charge.
  • Walking tours – while not entirely free – work on a pay-what-you-can basis, making them an affordable option.

These tours are a great way to get acquainted with the city’s history and highlights.

What are some places to visit in Guanajuato, Mexico at night?

Guanajuato comes alive at night with a vivacious and energetic vibe.

  • Teatro Juarez, with its lively performances, is one great place to visit after dark.
  • Joining a nighttime Callejoneadas tour, where local student guides bring to life Guanajuato’s alleyway legends through song, drama, and humor, is also an engaging experience.
  • Take a stroll in Jardín de la Unión, watching the world go by as you enjoy a late-night dinner or ice cream.
  • Also not to miss is the spectacle at Plaza de los Ángeles, which fills up with Cervantes performers and local musicians making it quite a lively nightly attraction.
  • If you are more into relaxing and chilling, sit back at a local Cantina or bar and relish it all with a sip of your preferred drink!

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Conclusion: Things to Do in Guanajuato City

Guanajuato City, with its pastel palette of buildings, intimate streets, lively culture, and a rich history, offers more than one can imagine.

From fascinating museums, winding underground tunnels, mouthwatering cuisine, colorful markets, and vibrant nightlife, the city caters to every traveler’s taste. No matter how you choose to experience Guanajuato, its unique charm and warmth are sure to make your visit memorable.

This list has offered an insight into some of the best things to do in Guanajuato City, although the true joy of exploring Guanajuato is found in simply wandering its alleyways and soaking in its vibrant atmosphere.

So buckle up, pack your bags, and get set to be mesmerized by the city that offers a unique piece of Mexico’s essence! We hope you find this guide helpful when planning your visit and navigating what to do in Guanajuato, Mexico.

And if I missed anything, let me know in the comments below!

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