17 Best Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands in 2024

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About the US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are an American territory that offers a true paradise experience. Made up of about 50 islands, the main three: St Thomas, St John, and St Croix, are popular amongst tourists.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of daily life behind, these islands provide a pristine beach experience, completed by the reggae rhythms and local Caribbean Cuisine.

The islands are not just fitted for sun-worshippers but also for hikers, snorkelers, and food admirers.

So here are my Top 17 Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands.

Must-Visit Destinations in St. John

1. Beaches to adore in St. John

St. John is hailed as a beach lover’s paradise. The breathtaking North Shore Beaches are just a stone’s throw away, fringed by lush palms, sea grape trees, and wild jungle.

These tranquil, uncrowded white-sand beaches act as a gateway to swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and picnicking.

One of the highlights of St. John has to be Cinnamon Bay, a beach with a campsite on its edge, located within the beautiful Virgin Islands National Park.

With pristine white sands, an untouched backdrop of mountains, sheer cliffs, and verdant mangrove and orchid blooms, it is, without a doubt, the seaside jewel of St. John island.

Visitors can choose to pitch their tent near the palm groves or close to the beach in cozy beach cottages.

Another must-visit beach is Trunk Bay, located near the Virgin Islands National Park. Boasting fluffy white sand beaches and mesmerizing turquoise waters, it also offers a 225-yard snorkeling path abundant with coral and fish.

Other noteworthy beaches include Hansen Bay, renowned for serene waters, beautiful snorkeling experiences, and abundant sea life such as turtles and stingrays.

Don’t miss out on Maho Bay, a local and tourist favorite famous for its glittering white sands beneath towering coconut trees.

Here is my Complete List of the Best Beaches in the US Virgin Islands.

2. Rhythms at Rainbow Beach

Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands

Rhythms at Rainbow Beach is a must-visit spot when in USVI, especially for beach enthusiasts and music lovers.

Located in Frederiksted on St. Croix, this bar is a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. It’s famous for its smooth white sands, ideal for lounging under the golden Caribbean sun while sipping a cocktail from the beach bar.

This beachfront bar and grill is notorious for its lively music. Live bands perform throughout the week, filling the air with reggae, calypso, and R&B tunes, perfect for anyone looking to dance barefoot, soaking up the ethereal sunset views over the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

Beyond the music, visitors rave about the delicious treats on the menu, including the fresh-caught mahi-mahi sandwiches, Caribbean jerk chicken, and lobster.

3. Fascinating Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden is a horticultural gem to visit in St. Thomas. For over 20 years, its lush gardens have beautifully showcased orchids, bromeliads, tropical trees, and other Caribbean plants.

This 2-acre paradise captures the essence of nature’s marvel with its colorful, blooming flowers, which flourish throughout the year regardless of season.

A wander within the garden allows you to appreciate its natural beauty and diverse fauna, with surprises of lizards, parrots, peacocks, tortoises, and chickens around the corners.

A few spots even offer scenic views of the neighboring Tortola and St. John, as well as the bustling cruise ship harbor.

An added plus is that the garden is an inexpensive tour that includes hotel pick-up and drop-off, making it a convenient visit for tourists.

You could easily spend an hour here, basking in the sun among the beautiful flowers while enjoying a packed picnic or drinks. The garden also sells a few orchids and air plants that you can buy as a souvenir or gift.

Be sure to visit this eco-attraction, which serves as a serene backdrop for an afternoon stroll or a relaxing day enveloped by nature.

Thrill with Exciting Water Sports

4. Kayaking through a St. Thomas Mangrove

One of the most thrilling activities that St. Thomas offers is kayaking through the enchanting red mangrove lagoon. An all-in-one excursion, this adventure involves not just kayaking but also hiking and snorkeling!

Starting from the Mangrove Lagoon Marina, you’ll glide your kayak through the mangrove forest, learning about the diverse ecosystem as you paddle through the tranquil waters.

Your journey leads you to a little uninhabited island named Cas Cay. Here, you’ll leave your kayaks for some hiking, discovering the geological wonders of the area, and the diverse flora and fauna that call the island home.

After hiking, prepare for a mesmerizing snorkeling experience in the bay. Equipped with the necessary gear, you’ll plunge into the crystal clear waters to meet the various marine life residing in the area.

Previous guests have reported sightings of a variety of tropical fish, jellyfish, sea turtles, stingrays, octopuses, and on extraordinary occasions, a blacktip shark!

Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a nature enthusiast, this kayaking journey is sure to cater to all your wanderlust needs.

Do make sure to book in advance, though, as high demand often leads to sold-out trips.

5. Parasailing adventures in St. Thomas

Experience an adrenaline-inducing activity as you float in a tandem ride parasailing in the striking St. Thomas. Among the many water sports, parasailing has stood out as the favorite, offering a new perspective of the island and surrounding waters.

Based out of Sapphire Beach marina, the parasailing spot allows you to sail over the clear waters with a 360-degree panoramic view of the island.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced parasailor, expert guides will ensure safety comes first, providing training and clear instructions.

You will take to the air, ascending to heights where the horizon stretches in all directions inclining a spectacular view of the surrounding islands. Anyone above the age of six can participate, making it a great family activity.

Parasailing offers the dual excitement & adventure of being high up in the sky and a refreshing, occasional dip in the water.

It’s a unique way of exploring the island both from the water and the air. You might even spot dolphins, schools of fish, or turtles swimming below!

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Step into St. John's Natural Beauty

6. Hike the Reef Bay Trail for Petroglyphs

Reef Bay Trail is not only one of the most popular hiking trails in St. John but also in the entire US Virgin Islands. Spending a morning or afternoon hiking this trail offers a balance between relaxing beach time and adventurous exploration.

The trail is a little over 4.4 miles being an out-and-back hike with an elevation of 1184 ft. Despite being labeled as moderate to difficult, it is a rewarding journey that descends into a valley and completes with an exhilarating uphill climb.

It takes you through a historical path unveiling plantation ruins and presenting a lush spectacle of native flora.

The trail culminates at the tranquil Reef Bay Beach, where you can rest and picnic amidst the beautiful scenery before your return journey. This trail is a testament to St. John’s rich history and biodiversity.

For a memorable detour, make sure to watch for signage marking the Petroglyph Trail, leading you to view mysterious ancient rock carvings found by the Taino people.

The petroglyphs are next to a waterfall that fills a pool, believed to be a sacred site for the Tainos.

Make sure to pack essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and plenty of water, as parts of the trail are exposed to the sun.

Also, remember to adhere to the leave-no-trace ethics to protect the landscape and its inhabitants.

Hiking the Reef Bay Trail combines all of the park’s best elements into a single activity, making it the favorite thing to do in Virgin Islands National Park.

Ensure you have everything you need on your next vacation with my Complete US Virgin Islands Packing List.

7. Explore ruins at Leinster Bay - A Walk down History lane

The US Virgin Islands, particularly St. John, is steeped in history dating back to the era of sugar plantations and slavery.

Leinster Bay is home to the most intact sugar plantation ruins in the Virgin Islands that once held over 600 enslaved people captive, hence a walk here is an important and enlightening historical journey.

Your visit to Leinster Bay is made educational with the National Park’s information panels describing the complex history of the island, from the violent displacement of indigenous Arawak and Carib Indians to European settlement and the trafficking of enslaved African people during the sugar boom of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Within this area is the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins, an important stop along the trail. The ruins are well preserved, offering a glimpse into the life and labor conditions of the enslaved workers.

A walking trail with placards explains the processes of sugar production used during that time.

Step right next door to view Waterlemon Cay, a fantastic snorkeling spot with crystal-clear waters.

The journey there offers some of the most picturesque hiking trails in St John, conveniently marked for easy navigation.

The trail also offers an old Danish windmill, an overseer’s house, and slave quarters.

Energizing Outdoor Adventures

8. Cruise Along USVI’s Most Famous Zipline

For an adrenaline rush from the soaring heights, try out ziplining at Tree Limin’ Extreme, the first zipline park in the Virgin Islands.

Set at a mountaintop location in St. Thomas, this ziplining adventure will get your heart pounding while you fly over lush green forests, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph!

Your adventure starts with a brief safety and instructional presentation by trained guides who ensure your comfort and safety.

Then you are off, zipping down the line, taking in breathtaking views of the island landscape below, including the incredible vistas over Magens Bay, Jost van Dyke, Tortola, and beyond.

The park boasts six adrenaline-fueled ziplines and two sky bridges stretching across the canopy. Each aerial platform provides a unique view, making every ride a refreshing tour of the natural splendor.

During the two-and-a-half-hour tour, you also have the chance to learn about the island’s history, culture, flora, and fauna.

Whether you’re thrill-seeking or just want to see the island from a new perspective, the zipline experience should not be missed.

9. Explore the Baths for Relaxing getaway

Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience on your visit to the US Virgin Islands, take a day trip over to the nearby British Virgin Islands and make sure to explore The Baths on Virgin Gorda Island.

The Baths are a geological wonder, consisting of an expanse of gigantic volcanic boulders scattered along the beach, creating a series of pools and maze-like natural tunnels.

The area gets its name from these natural baths, which fill up with seawater and are warmed by the sun.

It’s the ideal spot to swim, snorkel, or simply relax in the calm tidal pools while marveling at the breathtaking rock formations overhead.

Visitors to The Baths can explore the hidden caves and secluded beaches, swim and snorkel in the clear blue water, or just soak up the sun on the sandy beach.

After exploring, you can stop at the Top of the Baths, a hilltop restaurant featuring a freshwater pool and panoramic views.

Getting to The Baths involves a ferry from St. Thomas to Tortola. From there, a taxi or local tour boat will bring you directly to the Baths.

Keep in mind this adventure requires a passport because you’ll be going to a different country.

A Peep into Authentic Island Life

10. Join Island Life Jeep Tours

Another excellent way to explore the beauty of the Virgin Islands is by joining an Island Life Jeep Tour.

A jeep tour will take you on an exciting, adventurous exploration around the islands, inviting you to discover the spellbinding sights and hidden gems of the Virgin Islands.

Look for an operator that offers tours conducted by local guides, which enhances your touring experience with their invaluable knowledge and insights about the islands, their history, culture, and people.

Be prepared as some exciting tours may take you off the beaten track to places that many visitors do not get to see.

The Half Day Jeep Beach Island Adventure, a four-hour tour starting from $390 per group (up to 4), is a popular option for visitors.

This off-roading adventure allows you to explore serene beaches, secluded overlooks, and historic sites while riding in the comfort of a customized, open-air jeep.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of St. Thomas and St. John from mountainside vantage points, splash around in the crystal-clear waters of a secluded beach, or learn about the Danish sugar cane plantation ruins, all under the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide.

11. Roller-coaster Ride at Skyride to Paradise Point

Skyride to Paradise Point, a state-of-the-art aerial tramway, provides a thrilling ride to the top of Paradise Point, 700 feet above sea level.

Located just across the Havensight Cruise Ship Dock in St. Thomas, this ride offers the best scenic view of the island, making for an unforgettable experience.

The 7-minute ride to the top provides an exhilarating experience along with breathtaking panoramic views of St. Thomas’s harbor and the Caribbean Sea.

It’s the perfect stop for a sky-high vista of the island, with opportunities to snap unforgettable photos. The viewing deck at the top is a favorite spot for watching sunsets.

Once you reach the top, you can grab a bite at the famous PRIME at Paradise Point, which ranks as one of the top restaurants on the island. The hilltop also houses a bar, where you can toast to the stunning view with the famous Bailey’s Bushwacker cocktail or try out the renowned Banana Daiquiri.

Visitors can also interact with parrots that reside at the top. Gift shops and boutiques selling local arts and crafts provide perfect souvenirs.

Although a car or truck can reach Paradise Point, taking the Skyride is a much more exhilarating experience.

With tickets priced at $25/person, this attraction is a must-try journey to paradise!

Best of Island Cuisine and Dining

12. Local delights at Hob nob on Necker Island

Relish the chance to dine on exclusive Necker Island at Beach House Restaurant, a part of Sir Richard Branson’s luxury resort.

This beachfront restaurant, sometimes also referred to as Hob Nob, offers gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs who showcase local delights for discerning gastronomes.

With the beautiful setting right on the beach, and the waves lapping up to the edge of the restaurant, you will kick back and relax under the shade of palm trees.

Savor the local delicacies – Lobster served in diverse ways, fresh Snapper and Grouper, along with special dishes featuring the island’s ripe fruits and succulent vegetables.

The extensive list of fine wines and the well-stocked bar will delight any cocktail enthusiast. The restaurant also has a sushi bar and offers an excellent selection of artisanal cheeses.

Do remember this dining experience requires a reservation well in advance due to its popularity and limited availability.

13. Enjoy dining at Imperial Dynasty & Savant

The US Virgin Islands are an equally delightful destination for food lovers, and two restaurants that stand out are Imperial Dynasty and Savant.

Imperial Dynasty is located on St. Thomas and stands as one of the finest Asian restaurants you’ll ever dine at. Combining Chinese and Japanese cuisines in a sumptuous fusion of flavors, the menu extends from sushi to sashimi, and hot pots to katsu.

Their popular Peking duck and ramen bowl should not be missed. Complete your meal with some exquisite sake from their extensive collection.

Over in St. Croix, Savant welcomes visitors with a warm, eclectic atmosphere and an exotic menu. Named among the top 10 Caribbean restaurants by USA Today, Savant boasts a lovely setting with an indoor-outdoor dining area surrounded by a coral wall.

The cuisine is a delectable mix of Caribbean, Thai, and Mexican dishes, including fresh seafood, steaks, salads, and more. A must-try is the fresh catch of the day in Thai Red Curry or Mango Tequila salsa.

Both restaurants offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to cater to the varied dietary needs of their guests.

Like many popular hotspots in USVI, reservations at both venues are recommended.

Nightlife and Party Spots to look for

14. Unleash your party spirit in Cruz Bay

Unleash your party spirit in the vibrant town of Cruz Bay, known for its buzzing nightlife. When the sun sets, the “downtown” of St. John comes alive, with local residents and visitors thronging to the bars and nightclubs.

The hillside town, filled with pastel-colored houses, offers some of the best spots to dine, shop, and party in the Virgin Islands.

Famed for offering stunning sunset views from locales like The Beach Bar and Rum Hut, enjoy a drink in hand during golden hour over the Caribbean Sea.

Post-sunset, the energy kicks up a notch with live music performances, DJs, karaoke nights, and dancing.

Castaways, a well-known watering hole in Cruz Bay, offers an outdoor stage for live music, great drinks, and an excellent bar food menu.

Nearby, Woody’s Seafood Saloon is a landmark dive bar known for its lively atmosphere and the island’s best happy hours.

Cruz Bay is the launching point for excursions to Virgin Islands National Park during the day, and by night it transforms into the ideal spot for bar-hopping, offering a nightlife scene for every traveler.

Do note that most bars in the USVI open around 11 am and usually stay open until midnight or later.

15. Festivities & fun at Redhook

For nightlife seekers, the small town of Red Hook located on the east side of St. Thomas Island, is the perfect place to town-hop, dance, and have fun.

Famous for its vibrant nightlife, Red Hook is the must-visit party area, comprising many lively bars with live music, DJs, and an all-encompassing festive spirit.

One unique place that guarantees a good time is Duffy’s Love Shack. Known as a “parking lot tiki bar”, it brings together a great crowd, scrumptious food, catchy island tunes, and a fun atmosphere.

Set right in the heart of downtown, visitors can enjoy island favorites like Cruzan rum cocktails, Painkillers, or the local favorite, Bailey’s Bushwackers. It’s not just a bar but a pure Caribbean experience not to be missed!

Caribbean Saloon is another lively bar that serves a variety of local and international beers, along with their buckets of “Voodoo juice”. The bar often hosts bands and DJs, setting the mood for a night filled with dancing and revelry.

Look out for happy hour specials offered by most bars from 5-7 pm for great deals on drinks. Red Hook is definitely a spot where the party doesn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning!

Historical Landmarks Worth Visiting

16. Government House, St. Thomas

Government House, located on King Street in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, is one of the historical and architectural landmarks to visit on the island.

Built between 1865 and 1867 and restored in 1994, the three-story, hipped-roof white mansion represents the Danish colonial style with an added American twist.

The mansion features two floors of cast-iron verandas from which anyone can marvel at the beautiful scenery of St. Thomas Island.

Inside the house, visitors can enjoy an array of beautiful paintings by local artists, prominently featuring works by the renowned St. Thomas native Camille Pissarro. The mansion presently houses the offices of the territorial governor.

Usually, the first and second floors are open to the public for touring. However, the building is sporadically under repair due to hurricane damage.

Before planning a visit, we recommend checking up on the current status to avoid any surprises.

Walking through this historical mansion provides an insight into the island’s past and a unique perspective of its aesthetic charm.

Whether you’re an art admirer, a history enthusiast, or simply intrigued by beautiful architecture, a stop at Government House gives a perfect glimpse of St. Thomas’s culture.

17. Frederik Lutheran Church, St. Thomas

Frederik Lutheran Church, located in Charlotte Amalie, offers a captivating blend of religious, historical, and architectural significance.

Founded in 1666 and completed in 1793, this church serves as one of the oldest institutions on the island and represents one of the continuously used structures in St. Thomas.

While walking through the centuries-old building, you’ll notice the Georgian architectural style blended with Gothic Revival elements, such as a gable tower.

Key features to look out for are the “welcoming arms” stairway flaring at the base, typical of West Indian architecture.

The church has a vibrant and complex past. During the 19th century, it segregated congregations into West Indian and Danish groups.

Today, the church remains functional, still holds services, and warmly welcomes tourists.

A visit to Frederik Lutheran Church presents an opportunity to appreciate St. Thomas’s rich religious history and architectural charm. While it may not be the first thing to hit a tourist’s list, the church’s serene ambiance, history-steeped interior, and impressive stonework make it truly special and worth a quick stop.

Even today, it serves as a beacon of unity and an emblem of the resilience of the Virgin Islands’ community, embodying centuries of history.

Hotels and Accommodation Preferences

The Charm of Mafolie Hotel & Restaurant

Mafolie Hotel and Restaurant, situated high in the hills of St. Thomas, is a popular and delightful choice for tourists looking for accommodation in the US Virgin Islands.

Providing stunning panoramic views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and downtown, the hotel offers an elegant Caribbean atmosphere that serves as a perfect base for exploring the island.

This boutique hotel features 22 Caribbean-styled rooms and suites, each providing both tropical and modern amenities. What sets Mafolie apart is its stunning views.

Most rooms boast a sea-facing veranda, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and watch cruise ships traveling into the harbor.

The on-site restaurant at the hotel is renowned for serving delicious local and international cuisine. It presents spacious outdoor dining spaces where guests can enjoy meals against the backdrop of Charlotte Amalie and beyond, making meals at Mafolie memorable.

Serving everything from fresh local seafood to prime steaks, it’s no wonder the restaurant has become a must on the culinary scene of St. Thomas.

With a stunning pool, attentive service, warm ambiance, and a convenient location, Mafolie Hotel provides an exceptional stay.

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Bolongo Bay Beach Resort- Comfort amidst nature

Experience Caribbean charm and comfort at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, located on the south coast of St. Thomas.

Surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sparkling Caribbean Sea, this beachfront resort offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Featuring 65 beachfront guest rooms with self-catering options, the resort boasts direct access to its private golden sand beach.

The rooms are vibrant and cozy, fitted with modern amenities, and each has its oceanfront balcony or patio that opens to the sea breeze and stunning views.

The resort embraces the spirit of the Virgin Islands by offering a range of water sports activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and sailing.

This resort is also home to St. Thomas Diving Club, a PADI five-star facility, perfect for those looking to explore marine life.

Bolongo Bay houses two open-air beachfront restaurants serving mouthwatering local and international cuisine.

Notably, Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill is a hit with its live music, delectable food, and stunning views of the sunset, earning it the accolade of “Best Beach Bar” in the Caribbean by Carib Journal.

The resort’s on-site dining, The Lobster Grille, offers an extensive menu with an eyeful of the beach and ocean.

With excellent personalized service, unique experiences, and the perfect setting, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is a fantastic choice, especially for couples and families.

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Other Key Highlights - Bonus

Taking a Food Tour of Charlotte Amalie

If you are a food-loving traveler, taking a food tour in Charlotte Amalie is an enticing way to get an introduction to the culinary delights of St. Thomas and its Danish influence.

Held by expert guides, these tours take visitors around the city’s various restaurants, cafes, and other local hotspots.

Starting at the historic Fort Christian, you’ll wander the downtown area, where you learn not only about the island’s food but also its history.

Each stop along the tour emphasizes the island’s rich and diverse culinary scene. Experience local favorites like pates (deep-fried meat pies), callaloo (a spinach-like stew), kallaloo (a soup made from various local, leafy vegetables), and johnnycakes (a fried flatbread pastry).

One notable stop includes the acclaimed Gladys’ Cafe in Charlotte Amalie, where chef Gladys is as famous for her cooking as her singing.

Don’t miss out on Gladys’s saltfish, okra, and fungi, or her signature hot sauce, a secret family recipe that sparks up any dish.

The tour typically includes more than eight different tastings, so be sure to come with an empty stomach.

By participating in the walking food tour, you get an authentic taste of the cuisine of St. Thomas and learn about the history and culture of the island.

Volunteer on an organic farm for a unique experience

For those who seek hands-on, unique experiences and transformative travel, volunteering at Ridge to Reef Organic Farm in St. Croix offers a truly immersive cultural experience.

The farm, nestled amidst the lush rainforest, is dedicated to providing 1% of the US Virgin Islands’ population with organic and healthy food, primarily through school lunches.

As a volunteer, you’ll learn about sustainable farming methods and contribute directly to agricultural production.

From tending soil-fertile fields, managing tilapia ponds, harvesting crops, to preparing meals in the community kitchen, there’s a variety of tasks that connect you with the earth.

Volunteering is mutually beneficial to both the farm and you, helping promote organic farming practices while providing you with an opportunity to develop new skills and understand sustainable living.

The farm not only offers daytime visits but also provides on-site accommodations. You can choose to stay in the farm’s eco-friendly, solar-powered cabins, each offering a simple yet comfortable blend of outdoor living with modern amenities.

If you are unable to volunteer, make sure to stop by to tour the grounds, guided by an interpretative map, and see the farm’s initiative to transform the way we relate to food and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About the US Virgin Islands

When is the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands?

The best time to visit the US Virgin Islands (USVI) generally falls between April and June.

During this time, the islands experience a balance of pleasant weather, bearable heat, fewer crowds, and lower travel costs.

While summer (July to November) is quite hot, it offers travelers a chance to snag some great deals as it is considered the off-peak (or hurricane) season. Also note that rainfall tends to be higher during these months, specifically September and November.

Winter, from December through March, is the peak tourist season in the USVI, coinciding with the end of hurricane season. While offering warm temperatures, reduced humidity, and limited rain showers, this period also brings larger crowds and higher travel costs due to the holiday season.

Weather-wise, temperatures in the USVI are quite consistent throughout the year, ranging from the mid-80s to low 90s Fahrenheit. However, visitors should remember that the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November.

Which of the US Virgin Islands are the best?

Selecting the “best” US Virgin Island largely depends on your personal preferences, as each of the main three islands—St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix—offer distinctive charm and attractions.

St. Thomas: As the most visited and developed of the islands, St. Thomas is renowned for its bustling harbor (Charlotte Amalie), duty-free shopping, and beautiful beaches.

It offers a variety of luxury resorts, restaurants, and lively nightlife, making it an attractive vacation choice for couples, families, and cruise shippers.

For adventure seekers, it offers activities like para-sailing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. St. Thomas is also the primary gateway to the other Virgin Islands.

St. John: Smaller and less developed, St. John is a nature lover’s paradise, with over two-thirds of the island reserved as the Virgin Islands National Park.

Pristine beaches, hiking trails, marine life, historic ruins, luxurious villas, and campgrounds attract hikers, campers, honeymooners, and those seeking a serene escape.

Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and the Annaberg Sugar Mill ruins remain notable attractions.

St. Croix: The most extensive and farthest island of the USVI, St. Croix embraces a unique local identity. It hosts a thriving culinary scene complemented by rum distilleries and offers a blend of natural (Buck Island, Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge) and cultural (Christiansted and Frederiksted) attractions.

It is known for its historical landmarks like Fort Christiansvaern and Estate Whim Plantation Museum and for having one of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere.

In conclusion, choose St. Thomas for shopping and vibrant city experience, St. John for natural beauty and tranquillity, and St. Croix for an authentic island experience rich with history and culture.

It’s also not uncommon for travelers to island-hop and enjoy the unique offerings of each island.

What are some unique local foods to try in St. John?

In the heart of the US Virgin Islands, you’ll find St. John, a culinary haven offering a feast of unique local foods that you surely must not miss.

Highlighted by the island’s rich culture and passion for food, the local cuisine is dominated by fresh seafood, exotic spices, and treats that are exclusive to the region.

Popular traditional dishes include:

Conch Fritters, an islander’s delight made of sea snail meat, onions, peppers, and assorted spices then deep-fried until crisp.

Another must-try is the island’s Johnnycake, a fried bread dessert that’s perfectly crisped on the outside and fluffy on the inside, complementing well with a spread of local marmalade or simply enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Fish tacos, promising the freshest catch of the day garnished with island-grown herbs wrapped in a soft tortilla, represent another flavorful escape.

To sum it up, the varied cuisine of St. John promises a delightful gastronomic experience, with every bite resonating with the island’s vibrant culture and rich history.

Do US citizens need a passport to go to the US Virgin Islands?

The answer is no – if you are a US citizen and are departing from a US airport, you don’t need a passport to travel to these delightful Caribbean islands.

The US Virgin Islands, comprising three main islands and multiple smaller territories, are a recognized US territory. Therefore, you can travel there with just a government-issued photo ID such as your driver’s license or even a birth certificate.

However, carrying a passport is recommended for its universal validity as an identification document, particularly to facilitate smooth US re-entry from international locations.

Note that if your journey includes transit through a foreign country, a passport will be necessary.

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Conclusion: Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands

From the exciting water sports and the untouched beauty of Virgin Islands National Park to the vibrant cultural experiences and throbbing heart of St. Thomas, the US Virgin Islands boast an abundance of diverse attractions.

This tropical paradise separates itself with a rich historical background, a feast of Caribbean cuisine, engaging tours, and the warmth of island hospitality.

Whether you’re in search of adventure, tranquility, gastronomy, or history, the US Virgin Islands unfailingly cater to all.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the pristine beaches, secret parks, spiced rum, and much more. Explore the US Virgin Islands — where life is lived ‘on island time.’

And if I missed anything, let me know in the comments below!

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