Top 17 Best Hotels in Key West, FL for 2024: Luxe Retreat

Best Hotels in Key West

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Welcome to Paradise: Key West's Top Hotels

Embrace the Island Vibe at These Luxe Accommodations

Welcome to a world where turquoise waters meet vividly painted sunsets, where the gentle sway of palm trees harmonizes with the soothing murmur of the waves—it’s Key West, a slice of paradise! You’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey to the island’s top hotels and establishments, where luxury is not just an amenity but a guarantee.

Dive into this curated list and discover where your next laid-back luxury retreat awaits. And don’t forget to explore the Best Hotels in Key West, ensuring your stay matches the beauty of your surroundings.

Unveiling Key West’s Finest Stays

1. The Marquesa Hotel – A Blend of Luxury and History

The Marquesa Hotel

The Marquesa Hotel elegantly marries historic charm with contemporary luxury, providing you with an immersive experience that reflects Key West’s rich past. With a lineage tracing back to 1884, this sophisticated landmark offers a unique stay amidst its heritage-laden walls.

Why it made the best list: The Marquesa Hotel stands out for its meticulous preservation of historical beauty while ensuring guests indulge in modern comforts. It secures its spot on this illustrious list thanks to its personal service and prime location in Old Town.

Top 5 features:

  • Historic buildings include a 19th-century cottage and mansion-turned-guesthouse.
  • Luxurious amenities like Nespresso machines, kitchenettes, and soaking tubs.
  • Two private courtyard swimming pools nestled amongst tropical flora.
  • An on-site sophisticated restaurant renowned for its fine dining experience.
  • Proximity to key attractions in Old Town, ensuring a complete Key West experience.

Five benefits:

  • Each room provides a distinct historical ambiance coupled with contemporary comfort.
  • The staff’s dedication to personalized service elevates your stay to exceptional heights.
  • Enjoyment of select amenities like a daily continental breakfast to start your day.
  • Opportunity to relax in the secluded pools, providing an intimate oasis.
  • The prime location allows for easy exploration of Old Town’s treasures.

Two cons:

  • Limited on-site amenities compared to larger resorts.
  • Daily resort fees might feel steep, given the fewer amenities.

2. Sunset Key Cottages – Exclusive Island Getaway

Sunset Key Cottages

Sunset Key Cottages offers a secluded escape, with its private island vibe set apart from the usual hustle and bustle. Here, the word ‘retreat’ takes on a whole new meaning, thanks to their upscale cottages that come with unmatched serenity and bespoke service only a boat ride away from Key West’s famous Old Town.

Why it made the best list: Boasting multiple years on the World’s Best Awards list, Sunset Key Cottages is lauded for its exceptional location and family-friendly luxury. The unique combination of residential privacy and immediate access to vibrant Key West earns it a deserved spot on the list.

Top 5 features:

  • Luxurious beachy cottages with sizes ranging from 700 to 2,500 square feet.
  • Private island location, only 7 minutes by boat from the excitement of Old Town.
  • An abundance of complimentary activities, including sports courts and poolside treats.
  • World-class dining experiences at the resort, especially the sunset dinners at Latitudes.
  • Dedicated pet-friendly accommodations for guests traveling with furry friends.

Five benefits:

  • Exquisite privacy that embodies a ‘getaway from a getaway’ for ultimate relaxation.
  • A stimulating array of activities that cater to every family member, including pets.
  • Spacious and tastefully decorated cottages give a sense of home with a luxurious touch.
  • Gourmet breakfast is delivered daily to your door, letting you savor mornings in comfort.
  • An intimate island ambiance that’s perfect for romantic escapades or serene family retreats.

Two cons:

  • The resort fee is notably high compared to other luxury options in the area.
  • Accessibility is boat-dependent, which some may find less convenient than mainland alternatives.

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For the Love of Waterfront Bliss

3. Ocean Key Resort & Spa – Where the Gulf Meets Elegance

Ocean Key Resort & Spa

Ocean Key Resort & Spa is a gem at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, offering majestic water views and a vibe that’s simultaneously luxurious and laid-back. This World’s Best Award-winning resort ensures that your Key West stay is imbued with elegant hospitality and unforgettable gulf-front moments.

Why it made the best list: It lands a spot on the best list due to its prime location at the end of Duval Street, pairing the lively spirit of Key West with the serene backdrop of the gulf. The resort is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and boasts some of the best sunset views the island has to offer.

Top 5 features:

  • Stunning gulf views from private balconies are present in each room and suite.
  • The pool is situated on the harbor, surrounded by a generous sundeck with cabanas.
  • Balinese-inspired SpaTerre offers peace and pampering through rejuvenating therapies.
  • Multiple on-site dining options like the Hot Tin Roof restaurant and Sunset Pier.
  • Vibrant and whimsical room décor complements the scenic outdoor vistas.

Five benefits:

  • Breathtaking sunset scenes are right from the comfort of your resort—there is no need to venture elsewhere.
  • An array of entertainment, dining, and festivities are within steps thanks to its central Duval Street location.
  • Thoughtful amenities like stone bathrooms and in-room minibars ensure a luxurious stay.
  • SpaTerre provides a serene sanctuary blending Eastern traditions with island charm for ultimate relaxation.
  • Easy access to water-based adventures with jet ski tours and parasailing right off the resort’s pier.

Two cons:

  • Guests may miss direct beach access as the resort has a seawall instead.
  • The lively Duval Street location, while convenient, may not appeal to those seeking utter tranquility.

Embark on a journey through time as you uncover the rich history and storied past of Key West’s iconic historical sites.

4. Pier House Resort & Spa – Beachfront Serenity at its Best

Pier House Resort & Spa is a haven where the beauty of a private beach melds with artistic history, giving you beachfront serenity at its best. It has, time and time again, proven itself as a choice destination for those who wish to bask in the creative energy that once inspired icons such as Jimmy Buffet.

Why it made the best list: Known for its history as a creative retreat and its stellar spa facilities, Pier House secures its position on the best list for blending the charm of Old Florida with comprehensive amenities. Plus, the quietness of its beachfront contrasts with the nearby liveliness for a balanced Key West experience.

Top 5 features:

  • A private white sand beach to indulge in sunbathing and beachside cocktails.
  • Full-service spa offering a variety of treatments, including outdoor massages.
  • Proximity to the famed Duval Street for convenient dining and entertainment options.
  • Multiple bars and restaurants onsite, including the Chart Room Bar, where Jimmy Buffet played.
  • Rooms and suites featuring balconies or patios with striking views.

Five benefits:

  • Creates the perfect escape with its intimate beach yet remains close to Key West’s vibrant scene.
  • Wellness-focused amenities, including the only full-service spa in Key West, enrich your stay.
  • Offers sensory dining experiences with ocean views and fresh seafood at ‘One Duval.’
  • A rich history that envelops you in the artistic essence and free spirit of Key West.
  • Accommodations ranging from classic décor to modern suites fit a variety of preferences.

Two cons:

  • The resort’s popularity often means higher occupancy and less seclusion during peak times.
  • Some parts of the resort still showcase an older style that might not appeal to those seeking cutting-edge modern accommodations.

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Immerse in Tropical Tranquility

5. The Gardens Hotel – An Enchanting Hideaway

The Gardens Hotel

The Gardens Hotel stands out as an enchanting hideaway, a slice of tranquility amidst the spirited Old Town district. As the name implies, this boutique hotel is a verdant oasis set in a meticulously kept tropical garden, offering a serene retreat from the outside world.

Why it made the best list: The Gardens Hotel is included on the list for its lush landscape, eco-friendly practices, and the luxurious sanctuary it offers within the bustling heart of Key West. The absence of a resort fee despite an array of exclusive amenities further cements its place among the top stays.

Top 5 features:

  • Intimate garden setting with a diverse range of tropical plants, vibrant flowers, and exotic birds.
  • Self-serve wine gallery featuring an impressive selection of over 30 wines from around the globe.
  • Spacious, smartly appointed rooms with grand beds and antique furnishings.
  • Solar-powered water heating and a strong commitment to eco-friendly operations.
  • Two pool options for guests to enjoy, alongside excellent concierge services.

Five benefits:

  • You can bask in the beauty and peacefulness of the hotel’s private gardens, perfect for relaxation.
  • The unique self-serve wine bar experience allows for a delightful DIY tasting session at your leisure.
  • Enjoy live jazz in the gardens, adding a refined ambiance to Sunday nights.
  • Green travelers will appreciate the hotel’s dedication to sustainability.
  • Located centrally in Old Town, providing ample opportunity for exploring Key West’s charms on foot.

Two cons:

  • The colonial-style decor might appear dated to guests who prefer modern interior design.
  • Some might miss having an on-site restaurant for convenient dining options.

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6. Parrot Key Hotel & Villas – Family-Friendly Oasis

Parrot Key Hotel & Villas

Parrot Key Hotel & Villas radiates with the allure of a secluded family-friendly resort, presenting abundant grounds that beckon kids and adults alike to play and relax. Consider this Key West treasure your very own sun-kissed paradise, tailored for familial bonding and leisure.

Why it made the best list: The expansive property lands its spot on this best list for the comfort and versatility it offers families. Multiple swimming options and generous living spaces define this resort, while the complementary shuttle to Old Town adds convenience to your stay.

Top 5 features:

  • Choice of traditional guestrooms and spacious 1- to 3-bedroom villas with home-like amenities.
  • Four swimming pools to make sure everyone has room for a splash.
  • A white sand terrace with hammocks and lounge chairs overlooking the Florida Bay.
  • An observation deck perfect for family star-gazing or enjoying breathtaking sunsets.
  • On-site watersports and kids’ areas offer fun-filled activities for all ages.

Five benefits:

  • Suites and villas offer families plenty of space with separate living areas and private porches or balconies.
  • The scenic and laid-back environment serves as a natural stress reliever for adults.
  • Complimentary shuttle services to Old Town ensure easy access to local attractions without parking headaches.
  • The resort’s sculpture garden introduces a cultural and artistic dimension to your strolls.
  • Delicious on-site dining at The Grove Kitchen & Bar keeps the whole family satisfied with fresh local fare.

Two cons:

  • Its New Town location might feel remote for some, being a slight distance away from downtown Key West.
  • While the resort is expansive, it may lack the more extensive range of amenities offered by larger resort complexes.

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Old Town Charm with Modern Flair

7. The Saint Hotel Key West – Chic Design meets Historic Charm

The Saint Hotel Key West exudes an air of chic design entwined with historic charm, capturing the free spirit of Key West while offering an upscale boutique experience. Opened in 2015 after extensive renovations, it transformed from a basic hotel to a sanctuary reflecting a bordello-esque flair with modern amenities.

Why it made the best list: Its signature blue-and-white color scheme and mood lighting create a distinct aesthetic that, along with Frette linens and Niven Morgan toiletries, justify its position on the best list. This hotel is a haven for those who appreciate both style and substance.

Top 5 features:

  • Unique Bordello style décor with contemporary classiness, reflecting Key West’s eclectic spirit.
  • In-room technology, including mood lighting and flat-screen TVs for personalized ambiance and entertainment.
  • Located just a block from the excitement of Duval Street, it maintains a feel of exclusivity.
  • The hotel’s “Play Naughty, Sleep Saintly” ethos offers a playful departure from conventional hotel stays.
  • Luxurious in-room amenities such as Frette linens and Niven Morgan bath products for indulgent comfort.

Five benefits:

  • Guests enjoy the intimacy of a boutique hotel with just 36 rooms, ensuring personal service and attention to detail.
  • A prime spot for exploring Key West’s nightlife, dining, and cultural venues by foot.
  • Sublime sleeping experiences due to high-quality linens and a peaceful environment.
  • Access to the on-site bar and restaurant to sip and savor local flavors without venturing far from your room.
  • The adult-only policy creates a tranquil atmosphere perfect for couples or solo travelers seeking a sophisticated escape.

Two cons:

  • The bold theme may not resonate with travelers preferring a more traditional hotel ambiance.
  • Limited on-site amenities can be a downside for those expecting expansive resort-type offerings.

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8. Casa Marina Key West, Curio Collection by Hilton – Timeless Sophistication

Casa Marina Key West

Casa Marina Key West, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, is an embodiment of timeless sophistication with nearly 100 years of history. Its walls have witnessed the comings and goings of celebrities and politicians, along with serving pivotal roles during events like the Cuban Missile Crisis. It emphasizes luxury, comfort, and the island’s unique historical heritage.

Why it made the best list: The hotel’s distinction earned Readers’ Choice Awards from 2017 through 2020, thanks to its mixed allure of storied past, contemporary refinement, and the rare luxury of its private beach. It’s a standout member of Key West’s accommodation scene.

Top 5 features:

  • The private, sandy beach is exclusive to guests — a prized feature in Key West.
  • Extensive accommodations, from rooms to suites, many offering ocean views and balconies.
  • Opulent breakfast offerings, including the Grand Buffet at Flagler’s Ballroom.
  • On-site Sun Sun Beach Bar & Grill and HMF Sidecar for diverse dining experiences.
  • A rejuvenating spa with both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering standard treatments and unique custom-blended aromatherapy oils to take home.

Five benefits:

  • Dedication to luxury is evident through upscale room finishes and meticulous service.
  • A historic ambiance that adds depth to your vacation, going beyond mere accommodation.
  • Foodie delights are abundant, with varied dining options that cater to different tastes and occasions.
  • The spa services provide a soothing retreat that can be tailored to your personal preferences.
  • Its southern island location is conveniently close to Key West’s attractions yet provides enough seclusion for a true escape.

Two cons:

  • The enormity of the property might overwhelm those seeking a boutique hotel experience.
  • Some may find the dining and spa services on the pricier side, reflecting its luxury positioning.

Boutique Wonders and Unique Finds

9. The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West – Nautical Elegance Off-the-Beaten-Path

The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West

The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West prides itself on offering a dash of nautical elegance and an out-of-the-ordinary Key West experience. A refreshing break from typical pastel-hued island accommodations, this sleek, modern-industrial hotel located on Stock Island is a haven for design lovers and boating enthusiasts alike.

Why it made the best list: This award-winning hotel wows with its unique location—a working waterfront that affords guests a sincere glimpse into the maritime lifestyle of the Florida Keys. The Perry’s undeniable charm comes from a blend of unmatched views of the marina and upscale, comfortable lodging.

Top 5 features:

  • Grand, elegant rooms with a choice of the stunning marina or mangrove views.
  • Two sea-to-table restaurants offering fresh local seafood and dockside dining.
  • Direct marina access is perfect for those arriving by boat or wanting to feel connected to the sea.
  • Expansive waterfront pool area that captures the essence of relaxation by the waterside.
  • Outdoor showers and pet-friendly rooms cater to those looking for an immersive island experience.

Five benefits:

  • Guests indulge in spacious rooms featuring rustic, refined decor that reflects the spirit of the Keys.
  • On-site amenities like the artists’ and stock shops, a waterfront boardwalk, and monthly events at the marina enrich your stay.
  • The restaurants’ culinary delights match the high standards of the surroundings and celebrate the locale’s flavors.
  • The pool’s direct view of the marina offers an inspiring setting for sipping cocktails from the pool bar.
  • Within the secluded atmosphere of Stock Island, you’re a short shuttle ride away from downtown Key West’s vibrancy.

Two cons:

  • The location of the main island might feel less convenient for those seeking the downtown Key West buzz.
  • While nautical and chic, the industrial design may not suit guests looking for a classic Floridian aesthetic.

10. Kimpton Key West – Pet-Friendly and Personalized

Kimpton Key West

Kimpton Key West is a collection of five distinct properties scattered in the Old Town, each offering an intimate setting that emphasizes personalized service and unpretentious luxury. Embracing the quirky charm of Key West, these boutique hotels provide unparalleled hospitality, catering to both human guests and their four-legged companions.

Why it made the best list: Distinguishing itself with its high standard of personalization and welcoming attitude towards pets, the Kimpton Key West collection is a favorite among those who seek individualized experiences. The brand’s thoughtful provisions for pets, along with their unique ‘stay human’ philosophy, place them on this esteemed list.

Top 5 features:

  • Diverse accommodation options range from historic cottages to posh bungalows.
  • No pet fees and various amenities are provided for pets, including beds, bowls, and treats.
  • Each property has its own pool, enabling refreshing dips away from the public eye.
  • A nightly hosted social hour featuring complimentary wine for guests to mingle.
  • Bicycles are available for exploration, giving guests the freedom to cruise through the island’s charms.

Five benefits:

  • Enjoy the authenticity of staying in individually designed rooms that reflect the character of Key West.
  • With a variety of properties, there’s a vibe for every preference, whether it’s tranquil or centrally located.
  • The social hour reinforces a sense of community and offers a chance to meet fellow travelers.
  • Comprehensively pet-friendly policies mean pets can enjoy the vacation as much as their owners.
  • The provided bicycles invite spontaneous adventure and a delightful means of sightseeing.

Two cons:

  • Choices among various properties may overwhelm those who prefer a single, straightforward hotel setup.
  • Depending on the property, some rooms might be smaller or lacking the waterfront views you’d expect in Key West.

Optimal Locations for Experiencing Key West

11. Southernmost Beach Resort – Steps from Duval Street

Southernmost Beach Resort stands as a proud and timeless testament to Key West’s coastal charm. Just a three-minute stroll to South Beach and the Southernmost Point buoy, this resort is a favorite for its blend of tranquility and easy access to the vibrant local scene, satisfying the desires of both beach-goers and cultural aficionados.

Why it made the best list: Positioned at the quieter end of Duval Street, Southernmost Beach Resort garners accolades for offering both a serene beachfront and proximity to bustling attractions. The recent multi-million-dollar refresh that enhanced guestrooms and common areas guarantees its spot among the best.

Top 5 features:

  • An array of rooms and suites, many with private balconies and oceanfront views.
  • Three sparkling pools, including an adults-only option for uninterrupted relaxation.
  • Full-service beach club with food, drinks, and free beach setups for effortless seaside enjoyment.
  • Live entertainment and full-service menus are available poolside, amplifying the resort experience.
  • On-site fitness center and spa services to keep wellness routines on track even while indulging.

Five benefits:

  • Whether traveling with family or seeking a couple’s retreat, the variety of accommodations suits all needs.
  • Unwind with the stunning ocean views available from many parts of the resort, including the privacy of your room.
  • The effortless blend of a relaxing getaway with the offerings of Duval Street’s dining and entertainment nearby.
  • Beach club services ensure that your beach day is as carefree as possible, no lugging chairs or umbrellas needed.
  • The revitalized guestrooms and public areas mean enjoying the newest comforts and styles.

Two cons:

  • Wi-Fi service can be unreliable, which may be frustrating for those needing consistent internet access.
  • The resident roosters add local color, but their early calls aren’t for late risers seeking undisturbed sleep.

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12. H20 Suites – Adult Exclusive Luxury

H20 Suites elevates the art of adults-only luxury, blending sleek, contemporary design with the laid-back vibe of Key West. Designed with modern sophistication in mind, this all-suite hotel serves as an exclusive retreat for discerning guests seeking serenity and personalized service.

Why it made the best list: Its adults-only policy and signature offerings, such as selective suite pools and a rooftop pool and bar, make H20 Suites a sanctuary for romance and repose. Ranked exceptionally high by guests, it’s the serene seclusion and intimacy here that win a rightful place on the best list.

Top 5 features:

  • Private suite pools are available in select accommodations for an extravagant and unique lodging experience.
  • The rooftop pool with a bar provides scenic views of Key West and an idyllic setting for relaxation.
  • Proximity to Duval Street yet ensuring a peaceful retreat away from the hustle.
  • All suites boast luxury linens, spa bathrooms, and personalized wet bars.
  • Complimentary amenities include beach access, a welcome drink, and nightly turndown service—sans resort fees.

Five benefits:

  • Indulge in the ultimate privacy and comfort that come with a boutique, suite-only setup.
  • The meticulous attention to detail, from in-room design to the attentive concierge service, emphasizes exclusivity.
  • Staying here means joining a select group of guests, ensuring a tranquil and crowd-free environment.
  • Enjoy easy access to the best of Key West’s entertainment and dining options just a block away.
  • The absence of added resort fees for premium amenities provides value that aligns with defined luxury.

Two cons:

  • The minimum age requirement of 25 may exclude younger couples looking to enjoy such exclusivity.
  • With only 22 suites, availability may be limited, necessitating early booking to secure a reservation.

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Exquisite Amenities that Stand Out

13. Hyatt Centric Key West Resort and Spa – Full-Spectrum Indulgence

Hyatt Centric Key West Resort and Spa provides a full-spectrum indulgence experience, catering to those who seek a comprehensive vacation with all the trappings of a luxury resort. This waterfront oasis exudes a modern and vibrant personality, perfectly in tune with Key West’s colorful disposition.

Why it made the best list: With a striking score like 9.0 out of 10 and described as “Wonderful” by over a thousand reviewers, it stands firmly on this list for its premium location in the Historic District, enriching amenities, and genial, attentive service that has become the hallmark of the Hyatt brand.

Top 5 features:

  • Every guest room boasts a private balcony, offering splendid views and a personal sanctuary.
  • Full-service spa featuring an extensive menu of rejuvenating treatments, perfect for some R&R.
  • On-site watersports and activities, from jet skiing to parasailing, cater to adventure-seekers.
  • Heated outdoor swimming pool with a spacious deck, ideal for soaking in the Florida sunshine.
  • Dockside restaurant and bar, providing sumptuous seafood and captivating ocean vistas.

Five benefits:

  • Spacious, contemporary rooms equipped with plush bedding and state-of-the-art amenities deliver comfort and convenience.
  • The prime waterfront location provides easy access to both the serene Gulf waters and the lively Key West entertainment scene.
  • The resort’s pet-friendly policy means your beloved furry friends can join the fun.
  • Perfect for business and leisure, with facilities and services that cater adeptly to both.
  • Exemplifying Hyatt’s stellar reputation, the resort promises consistency in service and quality that seasoned travelers rely on.

Two cons:

  • It sits on the water by a seawall, lacking a traditional beach which some may prefer.
  • Pricing may reflect its status and popularity, potentially placing it above budget for some visitors.

14. Opal Key Resort And Marina – Quintessential Key West Elegance

Opal Key Resort And Marina encapsulates the quintessence of Key West elegance with its waterfront grace and a suite of thoughtful amenities. Lauded for its commitment to providing an exquisite resort experience, Opal Key allows guests to relish in the full spectrum of island allure, from the tranquil waves to the exuberant downtown scene.

Why it made the best list: Convenience meets luxury, as it’s celebrated in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. This resort satisfies those yearning for a waterfront stay coupled with the excitement of Key West’s renowned attractions—a beautiful blend that has earned it a prime spotlight on this list.

Top 5 features:

  • The courtyard swimming pool offers a relaxing respite amidst lush tropical surroundings.
  • Onsite waterfront restaurant and rooftop bar provide breathtaking views while you dine and unwind.
  • A promenade that leads directly into Mallory Square, placing you at the heart of Key West’s vibrant sunset celebrations.
  • The marina access opens doors to a variety of watersports and excursions, from snorkeling to sunset sailing.
  • Spacious, elegantly appointed rooms and suites featuring balconies with either harbor or pool views.

Five benefits:

  • Guests can enjoy the nightly sunset celebration at Mallory Square without leaving the resort.
  • Located just a block from Duval Street, the resort offers effortless access to the island’s vibrant nightlife.
  • The sense of escapism is tangible, with an atmosphere conducive to both relaxation and adventure.
  • The luxurious accommodations ensure your stay is wrapped in comfort with a touch of island chic.
  • A dedicated marina makes it easy for boating enthusiasts to integrate seamlessly into the waterfront lifestyle.

Two cons:

  • For those seeking a beachfront experience, the lack of a beach on the property may disappoint.
  • As a popular destination, peak times may lead to a more crowded and less intimate atmosphere.

It’s excellent for travelers who want to savor every moment, from grand ocean vistas to the comfort of a deluxe room.

15. Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club

Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club sets itself apart as a boutique eco-conscious retreat, nestled in the heart of the scenic Middle Keys. This hideaway promises a stay that’s attuned to the natural beauty of the tropics while providing upscale modern amenities for an entirely refreshing vacation experience.

Why it made the best list: Well-regarded by eco-aware travelers and awarded a rating of 9.0, Grassy Flats earned its place on this prestigious list through its marriage of environmental stewardship with indulgent living.

Offering unique attractions like its extensive seagrass restoration project alongside luxurious accommodations, it provides guests with a guilt-free lavish stay that’s not easily found elsewhere.

Top 5 features:

  • Environmentally-designed guest rooms, including solar power and sustainable materials.
  • A private, tranquil beach that underscores the resort’s commitment to preservation.
  • On-site dining offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients for a true taste of the Keys.
  • A picturesque outdoor swimming pool, perfect for unwinding under the warm Florida sun.

Five benefits:

  • Revel in accommodations that are as grand as they are green, minimizing your vacation’s carbon footprint.
  • Discover the nearby aquatic life by taking advantage of the complimentary non-motorized water sports.
  • Dine with peace of mind, knowing that each meal aligns with sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
  • Absorb the serenity of Marathon’s more private surroundings away from the busier parts of the Keys.
  • Enjoy on-site amenities designed to elevate relaxation without sacrificing a harmonious relationship with nature.

Two cons:

  • Location farther away from Key West’s main hub may deter guests seeking proximity to its high-energy attractions.
  • Compared to larger resorts, the amenities might feel limited to those expecting extensive on-site entertainment options.

It’s also an ideal choice for those who prefer a quieter getaway with a focused dedication to the environment and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Florida Keys. Couples, families, and solo travelers desiring eco-ethical accommodations with a touch of exclusivity will find Grassy Flats perfectly suited to their tastes.

16. JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort is a cornerstone of opulence and a beacon of hospitality on Florida’s southwestern tip. With its expansive sugar-white beaches, this resort invites guests to experience unparalleled luxury amidst the calming backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico.

Why it made the best list: The inclusion of JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort on the best list is a nod to its multi-faceted appeal, combining stunning beachfront access, an array of sophisticated dining options, and extensive outdoor activities. Having consistently high ratings and luxurious updates, it defines what a top-tier beach resort should be.

Top 5 features:

  • Two private 18-hole championship golf courses that cater to the golf enthusiast’s dream.
  • A sumptuous array of more than 10 restaurant options, appealing to every palate.
  • Balinese-inspired spa offering an exhaustive menu of treatments for ultimate relaxation.
  • Three outdoor pools with cabanas set against the scenic backdrop of the Gulf.
  • The sprawling soft sand beach offers guests a multitude of water sports opportunities.

Five benefits:

  • Its opulent accommodations, featuring ocean and resort views, foster a stay replete with visual splendor.
  • Guests can engage in activities that range from leisurely to adventurous without ever leaving the property.
  • Exceptional culinary experiences await at every turn, from casual bites to fine dining.
  • The resort’s family-friendly atmosphere is balanced with adult-exclusive areas for a diversified experience.
  • Meticulous attention to service and hospitality ensures that every moment of your stay is seamless and satisfying.

Two cons:

  • The size and popularity of the resort could mean that it feels crowded, especially during peak seasons.
  • Given the array of premium offerings and amenities, the resort may present a price point that’s on the higher end.

17. The Mermaid & The Alligator

The Mermaid & The Alligator

The Mermaid & The Alligator offers the unique charm of a quaint bed and breakfast combined with the lush beauty of a tropical garden. This adults-only inn in the heart of Old Town Key West provides an intimate escape for guests seeking personalized service in a luxurious yet homey setting.

Why it made the best list: The establishment draws rave reviews and a superb rating of 9.3 for its delightful blend of home comfort and boutique luxury. With a cozy ambiance, stunning garden, and thoughtful touches, it perfectly encapsulates the quintessential Key West experience, firmly securing its place on the best list.

Top 5 features:

  • A variety of beautifully appointed rooms, each with unique, sophisticated decor.
  • Pristine Gardens offers a tranquil oasis that features a heated pool and outdoor spaces for relaxation.
  • Gourmet breakfast is served daily, including poolside options for a refreshing start to the day.
  • Complimentary happy hour allows guests to enjoy a social atmosphere with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • The prime location is less than a kilometer from South Beach, which places guests in the center of it all.

Five benefits:

  1. Experience the serenity and intimacy of a B&B, lending each stay a cherished sense of exclusivity.
  2. Embrace the opportunity to stay in a historic Key West home without sacrificing modern-day luxury.
  3. Connect with fellow travelers in a convivial setting that fosters community and shared experiences.
  4. Appreciate comprehensive amenities such as plush robes and fine linens that enhance the comfort of your stay.
  5. The central location invites exploration of Key West’s vibrant culture, history, and dining scene with ease.

Two cons:

  1. The quaint nature of a B&B might lack the anonymity some guests prefer in larger hotels or resorts.
  2. The adults-only policy means it is not a suitable option for those traveling with children.

Who the product is best for:

  • The Mermaid & The Alligator is best suited for adults seeking a quiet yet central accommodation with plenty of character.

It’s ideal for couples on romantic getaways, cultural enthusiasts wanting to absorb local heritage, and travelers who appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and a personal touch in their lodgings. It’s especially appealing for those who find joy in smaller, more personal settings that capture the essence of the destination.

FAQ: Your Key West Lodging Questions Answered

Key West hotels boast an array of luxurious amenities designed to enhance your stay in this tropical paradise. Some of the best include private beaches, ocean-view balconies, on-site spas with a full menu of treatments, infinity pools overlooking the water, fine dining restaurants with fresh local seafood, and private marinas for direct water access.

The inclusion of personal concierge services, in-room massages, and daily housekeeping ensures your vacation is as carefree as it is opulent.

When choosing a hotel for a romantic getaway in Key West, look for properties offering intimate settings such as adults-only policies, private balconies with ocean views, in-room spa services, and fine dining options. Consider a hotel with lush gardens, secluded pools, or special honeymoon suites. Proximity to sunset spots and Old Town can add to the romance of your escape.

Yes, Key West has hotels that cater to families, offering a blend of convenience and fun. Some properties feature all-inclusive packages with dining options, activities like watersports, and kids’ clubs. Look for hotels with family suites, multiple swimming pools, and programs tailored for younger guests to ensure a stress-free family vacation.

Certainly! For traveling with pets, consider Kimpton Key West with its generous pet policy, Sunset Key Cottages, which welcomes furry friends, or Casa Marina Key West, known for its high-class services and pet-friendly accommodations. Parrot Key Hotel & Villas also offers amenities to make pets feel at home.

The best area to stay in Key West depends on your preferences. Old Town is ideal for those looking to be close to historic attractions and vibrant nightlife. The Historic Seaport is fantastic for waterfront dining and boating enthusiasts. For a quieter stay, consider the Casa Marina area or New Town, which offers modern amenities and more space.

To choose a hotel in Key West, consider location relative to attractions you wish to visit, such as Duval Street or beaches. Decide on amenities important to you, like a pool or spa. Look for a style that appeals to you, whether that’s modern luxury or historic charm. Also, read reviews and consider budget factors before booking.

The best month to visit Key West is typically in April or May. These months offer pleasant weather with less rainfall, fewer tourists, and often more affordable accommodation rates than the peak winter season, providing a balance of great climate and value.

Choosing between New Town and Old Town Key West depends on your preference. Old Town is the historic center with lively streets, iconic landmarks, and bustling nightlife, ideal for those seeking culture and convenience. New Town offers larger hotels, chain stores, and a quieter atmosphere, suited for travelers wanting relaxation away from the buzz.

The best neighborhoods for hotels in Key West include the Historic Seaport for the maritime charm and excellent seafood; the quieter, luxurious Casa Marina area; Truman Annex for a residential feel close to attractions; and the lively Duval Street for nightlife and entertainment options. Each area offers a unique experience of Key West.

Key West is a haven for luxury vacations with its collection of high-end resorts, private villas, and boutique hotels. Expect top-tier amenities like private beaches, gourmet dining, exclusive spa services, and bespoke concierge assistance. The island’s laid-back yet upscale atmosphere creates a perfect blend for a sophisticated retreat with the perks of tropical leisure.

Some of the best beach hotels in Key West include Casa Marina Key West, offering a private stretch of sand, Southernmost Beach Resort with multiple pools and beach access, and the Reach Key West for its intimate beachfront and bountiful water activities. Each provides a distinct coastal experience with luxury at the forefront.

Key West hotel costs vary greatly, with prices ranging per night. Factors like amenities, star rating, and time of year can affect the price. 3-star hotels average per night, 4-star hotels run about, and 5-star accommodations average per night, with prices increasing during peak weekends.

Motels in Key West provide basic amenities for a no-frills, budget-friendly stay. They typically offer clean and comfortable rooms, often with a pool and sometimes a continental breakfast. Locations may vary from roadside convenience to more secluded spots near beaches or Old Town, catering to travelers looking to enjoy Key West without the higher cost of luxury accommodations.

Cheap hotels in Key West may lack the luxury of their pricier counterparts but usually provide clean, basic accommodations. They often feature essential amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and sometimes a pool or breakfast. They offer value for budget-conscious travelers still looking to enjoy the Key West experience.

For couples, The Gardens Hotel, with its romantic gardens, the adults-only H20 Suites offering private pools, and Ocean Key Resort & Spa with stunning sunset views, are highly rated. The Marquesa Hotel, for its tranquil historical luxury and Sunset Key Cottages’ secluded island feel, also tops the list. These provide intimate settings ideal for romance.

Casa Marina Key West is a popular choice for its private beach, historical pedigree, and luxury amenities. It boasts a rich history with nearly a century of hospitality, hosting notable guests and providing lavish experiences like grand buffets and spa treatments. Its blend of old-world charm and modern comforts appeals to a wide range of travelers.

Hotels in Key West located directly on the beach include Casa Marina Key West and The Reach Key West, both offering private beaches. Southernmost Beach Resort boasts access to South Beach, while Pier House Resort has its small beach along with a spa. These properties offer the quintessential Key West beachfront experience.

Near Duval Street, you can find The Gardens Hotel, which is set in a lush paradise, The Saint Hotel, which offers a chic, vibrant experience, and Ocean Key Resort & Spa with its famed sunset vistas. Each offers a different style of luxury within a stone’s throw of Key West’s most iconic thoroughfare.

Kimpton Key West offers a range of amenities across its five properties, including on-site pools, a wine hour, in-room spa services, complimentary bike rentals, and lush gardens. Their pet-friendly policy includes pet beds and bowls, ensuring a comfortable stay for travelers and their furry companions.

Family-friendly hotels in Key West include Parrot Key Hotel & Villas with spacious accommodations and multiple pools, Southernmost Beach Resort, close to attractions with family suites, and Sunset Key Cottages, providing home-like cottages and lots of activities. Each caters to creating memorable experiences for all ages.

In Key West, notable 5-star beachfront hotels include Casa Marina Key West, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, offering refined elegance and a private beach, and The Reach Key West, which provides a luxury boutique experience with its own intimate beach and premium amenities. Both are characterized by their exceptional service and coastal sophistication.

For affordable accommodations in Key West, consider Southwinds Motel or The Eden House for cozy, budget-friendly options. Key West B&Bs like La Pensione Inn provide home comforts and fresh breakfast without the higher price. These properties deliver the Key West ambiance at a more accessible rate.

Made by travelers, for travelers, check out the Barefoot Caribou Products below!

Conclusion: Best Hotels in Key West

In conclusion, Key West presents a diverse array of lodging options that cater to any traveler’s preference, whether you’re seeking timeless elegance, intimate boutique experiences, family-friendly retreats, or pet-accommodating getaways. As you plan your 2024 Key West adventure, rest assured that you’ll find a hotel that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for comfort, experience, and service.

From the serene and eco-conscious Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club to the historical luxury of Casa Marina Key West, each establishment on this list offers a unique window into the soul of Key West.

Dive into the vibrant culture, savor the local flavors from each property’s fine dining, and relax with waterfront views that frame each sunset into a picture-perfect memory. Your idyllic stay at one of Key West’s top hotels awaits, promising to be the backdrop for a luxuriously unforgettable retreat.

Share your experiences and recommendations for the best hotels in Key West—where did you find your slice of paradise?

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