The 17 Luxury Spas in Miami: Finest Spas for Supreme Relaxation

Luxury Spas

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Top Criteria for Selecting the Best Spas

Choosing the right Luxury Spas in Miami can be overwhelming when you’re in a city known for its luxury.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Personalized Treatments: The best spas offer services that cater to your unique needs.
  • Atmosphere: Look for an ambiance that relaxes you when you step inside.
  • Expert Staff: Well-trained professionals ensure that your experience is top-notch.
  • Range of Services: A diverse menu of massages and treatments means you can find exactly what you seek.
  • Amenities: From saunas to plunge pools, additional facilities make your spa day special.

17 Ultimate Luxury Spas in Miami

1. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort – A Sanctuary of Serenity


Step into the sublime atmosphere of Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, where serenity is served with a refined touch.

Their blend of Eastern and Western traditions promises an unmatched spa experience:

  • Nestled by the ocean, offering therapies with a breathtaking view.
  • The impressive 70,000-square-foot facility provides ample space for relaxation.

Why Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Stands Out:

  • The East Coast’s largest spa and wellness facility delivers a luxury experience in both scale and quality.
  • A unique wellness circuit that features a crystal steam room, a vitality tub, and touchless treatments like V.E.M.I.

Top 5 Features:

  • We offer an extensive range of treatments, including quartz massage and seaside facials.
  • Innovative touchless treatments for a modern spa experience.
  • Luxurious amenities such as a crystal steam room and jetted vitality tubs.
  • Personalized wellness programs with in-depth diagnostic testing.
  • A fusion of alternative, Eastern Western, and aesthetic medicine to tailor treatment plans.


  • Tailor-made treatment plans for individual wellness needs.
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation with the use of aromatherapy and warm crystal quartz.
  • A holistic approach to wellness, combining different therapeutic traditions.
  • A wide array of detoxifying amenities like halotherapy and infrared sauna.
  • Access to a variety of advanced therapies, including IV therapy and hormone restoration.


  • It may be overwhelming for guests looking for a simple, conventional spa day due to the vast array of options.
  • The luxury experience may come at a higher price than less comprehensive facilities.

Best For: The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is ideal for wellness enthusiasts and luxury seekers who desire a personalized and comprehensive spa day filled with traditional and innovative treatments.

2. The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION – Chic and Contemporary Relief

Miami Beach

When modern luxury meets therapeutic finesse, you find yourself at The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION.

This stylish setting invites you to embrace both sophistication and wellness:

  • A minimalist sanctuary combining plush comfort with effective treatments.
  • The urban retreat is designed to help you leave the stresses of daily life behind.

Why The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION Made the List:

  • Its chic, contemporary design offers an elegant and calming environment for guests.
  • Customized treatments and the sleek relaxation lounge set a new standard in spa luxury.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Custom-designed daybeds and vintage Moroccan rugs create a unique atmosphere.
  2. A streamlined menu makes selecting your ideal treatment effortless.
  3. ‘Quick fixes’, including aromatherapy inhalation and power naps, cater to busy lifestyles.
  4. The candle-lit ambiance and unique seating options encourage deep rest and reflection.
  5. A state-of-the-art fitness studio and an epically stocked retail shop enhance your experience.


  • Quick treatments for visitors on the go ensure maximum relaxation in minimal time.
  • Tailored services enhance individual wellness, suiting various needs and preferences.
  • A luxe ambiance combines both comfort and style, elevating your spa experience.
  • The availability of iPads in treatment rooms allows for personalized ambiance via music selection.
  • The inviting relaxation room may tempt you to linger longer in peaceful serenity.


  • The emphasis on modernity and style might not appeal to those seeking a more traditional spa atmosphere.
  • Customized services may come with a premium pricing structure.

Best For: The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION is best suited for those who appreciate a fusion of modern aesthetics with upscale relaxation, promising a chic and unparalleled escapade into serenity.

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3. Tierra Santa Healing House – Holistic Touch of Wellness

Engage your senses in the holistic embrace of Tierra Santa Healing House, where ancient rituals meet modern luxury.

This spa sanctuary at Faena Hotel Miami Beach offers a colorful, cultural tapestry woven with wellness:

  • Vibrant decor inspired by South American iconography creates a unique and uplifting environment.
  • Inclusive of one of the largest hammams on the East Coast for an immersive, purifying experience.

Why Tierra Santa Healing House Stands Out:

  • The spa’s creative fusion of age-old South American healing traditions with advanced spa technologies is exceptional.
  • Signature treatments and artisanal spa rituals developed by shamans add to the allure.

Top 5 Features:

  1. A stunning array of body treatments, including shaman-developed rituals and revitalizing massages.
  2. Luxurious facial treatments tap into the latest anti-aging technology.
  3. A unique bed of heated amazonite stone in the large hammam amplifies the detoxification process.
  4. Oceanfront treatment rooms offer breathtaking views and soothing oceanic sounds.
  5. Sound and color therapy sessions, incorporating ancient healing arts to modern lifestyle needs.


  • Deep cultural immersion through treatments inspired by ancient traditions boosts spiritual wellness.
  • Stress is alleviated with exclusive massage techniques and the therapeutic qualities of amazonite stone.
  • Access to unique sound and color therapy offers an avant-garde approach to balance and wellbeing.
  • Healing rituals promote inner calm and outer rejuvenation, handcrafted for the modern seeker.
  • The presence of skilled, knowledgeable therapists who guide you through a seamless healing journey.


  • The exotic treatment offerings may feel overwhelming for first-timers unfamiliar with holistic medicine traditions.
  • The uniqueness and exclusivity might come with a higher price point than other conventional spa treatments.

Best For: Tierra Santa Healing House is ideal for those yearning for a spiritual dimension to their wellness adventure and fans of vibrant, culturallyenriched environments.

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4. The Standard Spa – Iconic Baths and Unmatched Views


Drift into a realm of relaxation at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, where iconic baths pair with unmatched panoramic views of serene Biscayne Bay.

This sanctuary is a bastion of holistic wellness, offering retreats from the everyday:

  • Renowned for its Turkish Hammam, invigorating mud lounge, and infinity pool.
  • A focus on communal wellness experiences, setting it apart in the Miami spa scene.

Why The Standard Spa Made the List:

  • It’s not just about individual treatments here but a communal journey of rejuvenation.
  • From the Turkish-style hammam to hydrotherapy, it’s an all-encompassing wellness destination.

Top 5 Features:

  1. The Romanesque baths and Turkish hammam create a tranquil, culturally enriched ambiance.
  2. A diverse range of hydrotherapy offerings, including a sound pool and Roman waterfall hot tub.
  3. Unconventional offerings include an arctic plunge, mud lounge, and infrared sauna.
  4. A menu of treatments geared not just towards relaxation but holistic improvement and health.
  5. The newly renovated space features eco-friendly materials and serene architecture.


  • Hydrotherapy promotes physical and mental well-being, and The Standard goes above and beyond with its offerings.
  • A variety of heat and cold experiences stimulate circulation and detoxify the body.
  • Access to an infinity pool with stunning views adds an element of luxury to your relaxation.
  • The mud lounge offers a unique detoxifying and skin-softening experience.
  • Progressive treatments such as Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation present innovative wellness options.


  • The communal approach to spa relaxation may not suit those seeking private treatments.
  • The avant-garde and extensive facilities might overwhelm guests looking for essential spa services.

Best For: The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, is best for adventure-seekers in the realm of wellness who thrive in shared spa experiences and desire an innovative holistic health journey.

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5. âme Wellness & Spa Collective – A Fusion of East Meets West

Wellness & Spa

At âme Wellness & Spa Collective, nestled within the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, the wisdom of Eastern medicine harmonizes beautifully with Western innovation.

It’s the perfect enclave for those ready to experience a synthesis of world therapies:

  • Encompassing three floors of dynamic spa facilities, every level is a step towards balance.
  • Offering unique treatments such as a Swiss shower and Himalayan salt suite.

Why âme Wellness & Spa Collective Made the List:

  • Their integrative approach is a rarity, elevating the conventional spa experience to newfound global heights.
  • Comprehensive offerings from rejuvenating facials to sound therapy quench the thirst for diversity and quality.

Top 5 Features:

  1. A holistic combination of Eastern, Western, Alternative, and Aesthetic modalities.
  2. Genomic testing, nutritionist consultations, and other advanced programs are available.
  3. The dedicated wellness circuit comprises the Himalayan salt suite and experiential rains.
  4. An exceptional variety of massages, body treatments, and energy work.
  5. A tranquil relaxation lounge that affords sweeping views of lush tropical landscape or the iconic golf course.


  • Personalized wellness plans conspire with a guest’s unique DNA to promote optimal health.
  • Cutting-edge treatments deliver relaxation and are aimed at rejuvenation and health optimization.
  • A multisensory experience, from the Himalayan salt suite to aroma-infused showers, pampers all five senses.
  • Tiered wellness programs cater to individuals at different points in their health journey.
  • Access to a full-service salon complements the balance between inner and outer beauty.


  • The wide array of offerings may seem daunting for those who prefer a more straightforward spa menu.
  • The high-end nature of the spa might be reflected in the overall cost of services.

Best For: âme Wellness & Spa Collective is an ideal retreat for health and wellness connoisseurs who yearn for a comprehensive, integrative approach to their spa experience.

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6. Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau – Indulgent Ocean-Inspired Treatments

Dive into the depths of relaxation at Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau, a sanctuary dedicated to profound oceanic bliss right at the heart of Miami Beach:

  • Home to royally inspired treatments and a stately setting reminiscent of historic European baths.
  • A haven where water is not just an element but the essence of the spa philosophy.

Why Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau, is A Cut Above:

  • Esteemed by Martha Stewart as “the most beautiful spa in America,” this haven is a testament to luxurious indulgence.
  • The array of amenities post-treatment, like mineral pools and massage-jet showers, make for a complete spa journey.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Marine-inspired treatments like seaweed wraps and caviar facials tap into the ocean’s healing powers. Laxation lounges amplify serenity with mineral-infused water therapies.
  2. Signature Lapis Rituals leverages the magic of spa minerals in healing baths.
  3. State-of-the-art facilities, including eucalyptus steam baths and marble chaise lounges by the pool.
  4. Special monthly offerings provide a unique spin on a regular spa treatment.


  • The marine-based treatments offer detoxification synonymous with oceanic healing.
  • Relaxation is taken to new heights with thermal therapies and unique mineral-infused pools.
  • A rejuvenating ambiance, modeled after the hammams of Marrakech, adds to an exotic and refreshing spa experience.
  • Advanced facial treatments and skincare solutions cater to those seeking beauty enhancements and relaxation.
  • The Fontainebleau exclusivity means unparalleled service and a memorable, luxurious experience.


  • Ocean-front luxury and bespoke services may come with a premium price tag.
  • The majestic size and opulent features might be intimidating for guests seeking a more intimate or simplified spa encounter.

Best For: Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau is best suited for those who delight in the abundance of ocean-inspired luxury and are searching for exceptional spa amenities that turn relaxation into an art form.

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7. The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne – Island Escape Luxury

For a lush, tropical spa experience that epitomizes island luxury, The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Key Biscayne awaits. This sanctuary, set amidst swaying palms and azure waters, offers an exclusive retreat:

  • Inspired by Miami’s native Tequesta people, the spa’s treatments are a nod to the area’s rich history.
  • With a 25,000-square-foot haven, guests indulge in an environment where space complements privacy.

Why The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne Is on Our List:

  • It marries seclusion with luxury, providing an antidote to Miami’s vibrant scene within a peaceful enclave.
  • The comprehensive menu of therapeutic treatments infused with tropical elements makes it a standout.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Treatments utilizing the native lore and local ingredients like the signature Tequesta Ritual.
  2. A co-ed sanctuary and relaxation areas that provide a harmonious balance for all guests.
  3. The indulgent Couples’ Suites are ideal for shared relaxation with ocean views.
  4. Eucalyptus steam rooms, vitamin C-infused showers, and warm whirlpools complete the sensory journey.
  5. A full-service salon offering various beauty services from hair styling to manicures.


  • The spa’s ambiance and treatments practice holistic wellness that soothes the mind, body, and spirit.
  • An unparalleled level of privacy envelops each guest in a truly personalized spa experience.
  • The locally inspired rituals offer an authentic escape reflecting Miami’s cultural heritage.
  • Vitamin-enriched environments and eucalyptus aromas provide cleansing properties for rejuvenation.
  • With a full-service salon, the pampering continues beyond massages and body treatments.


  • The resort’s location on Key Biscayne may require some travel from Miami, making it less accessible for some visitors.
  • The prestigious nature of The Ritz-Carlton brand means services may be priced at a premium.

Best For: The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne, is ideal for those who seek a luxurious and secluded island hideaway to disconnect and indulge in culturally rich spa experiences.

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8. Exhale Miami – The Balance Between Science and Serenity

Tucked in the bustling heart of Downtown Miami, Exhale Miami provides an urban oasis that blends the rigorous science of health with the peacefulness of spa luxury:

  • A chic, boutique atmosphere that juxtaposes the dynamic Miami cityscape with an intimate wellness retreat.
  • Situated in the prestigious EPIC Hotel, it’s a treasure waiting to be discovered by those between meetings or after a busy day.

Why Exhale Miami Deserves a Spot on the List:

  • It offers a harmonious blend of fitness classes and spa treatments, making it a full-service wellness destination.
  • The breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Downtown Miami from Exhale is the perfect escape from everyday stress.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Fusion offerings include cutting-edge fitness classes like barre, yoga, and HIIT.
  2. A menu of spa treatments, such as acupuncture, facials, and massages tailored to individual needs.
  3. Access to the EPIC Hotel’s amenities, including the pool with an impressive city view.
  4. Specialized therapies like the ‘Classic Fusion Massage’ cater to muscles stressed by urban life.
  5. Wellness boutique carrying the latest in skincare science and body products.


  • The ideal balance between action and relaxation suits workout enthusiasts and relaxation seekers.
  • Guests can combine high-powered workouts with soothing spa treatments for the ultimate recharge.
  • Access to hotel amenities allows the spa experience to blend with leisure time seamlessly.
  • The central location makes it convenient for locals and travelers to schedule a delightful respite.
  • Exhale’s focus on holistic wellness is evident in its various classes and therapies.


  • The urban setting might not provide the same “getaway” feel as more isolated resort spas.
  • The combined approach of fitness and spa might leave those seeking a more traditional spa experience looking for more.

Best For: Exhale Miami is best for city dwellers looking to integrate high-energy fitness with calming spa treatments in a premier downtown location.

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9. Valmont for The Spa at The Setai – Swiss Perfection in Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Valmont for The Spa at The Setai offers a serene reprieve where Swiss skincare expertise and Asian-influenced ambiance converge amidst the vibrant Art Deco district of Miami Beach:

  • Known for its luxurious approach to beauty and wellness that echoes the precision of Swiss perfection.
  • It is a space that evokes a sense of calm with its teak wood, black granite, and soothing ocean views.

Why Valmont for The Spa at The Setai Earned Its Place:

  • It distinguishes itself with an exclusive selection of treatments designed to nourish and revitalize the skin.
  • The patented triple DNA, glacial spring water, and Valmont’s bespoke massage techniques represent the pinnacle of anti-aging treatments.

Top 5 Features:

  1. High-end Valmont skincare products for exceptional facial treatments.
  2. Private spa suites offer ocean and pool views, each with a bath and steam room.
  3. Rich design details like Burmese teak, latticed wood, and black granite add to the spa’s allure.
  4. The Setai Signature Master of Time Treatment is an indulgent full-body and facial experience exclusive to Valmont.
  5. Access to three temperature-controlled infinity pools lined with a black mosaic inspired by the Art Deco influence.


  • Facials and treatments utilizing Valmont products deliver tangible results, including improved skin firmness and hydration.
  • The combination of luxurious tranquility and tailored, results-driven treatments encourage overall well-being.
  • The privacy of spa suites allows for a deeply personalized and undisturbed spa journey.
  • The Setai provides a culturally rich escape from the pulsating energy of Miami Beach.
  • The environmentally-conscious approach, such as the pools made from recycled glass, appeals to eco-friendly luxury seekers.


  • The opulent offerings can result in a price point that reflects their exclusivity and high demand.
  • The sophisticated setting and advanced treatments may suit spa-goers with specific anti-aging and restorative goals rather than those seeking essential pampering.

Best For: Valmont for The Spa at The Setai is best suited for the discerning clientele who appreciate the top-tier Swiss skincare and spa treatments within an environment that exemplifies zen elegance.

10. Spa Internazionale at Fisher Island Club – Exclusive Secluded Indulgence

Spa Internazionale at Fisher Island Club stands proudly as a bastion of exclusivity and high-end spa treatments, located on a private island oasis that can only be accessed by ferry or private boat:

  • Offering a Mediterranean-inspired spa retreat for ultimate privacy and pampering.
  • High-end treatments, from cutting-edge skincare to therapeutic massages, cater to an international clientele.

Why Spa Internazionale at Fisher Island Club Is Exceptional:

  • Its hidden-away location promises a level of seclusion and luxury unmatched in the Miami area.
  • Tailored treatments, such as the revered Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, incorporate advanced techniques for discerning guests.

Top 5 Features:

  1. An array of distinctive treatments, including marine mud therapy and Thai massages.
  2. State-of-the-art fitness centers and wellness classes add breadth to the spa experience.
  3. The spa’s menu is infused with global influence, presenting options like Italian Tarocco scrubs and French Polynesia pedicures.
  4. An extravagant salon within the spa offers beauty services to complete the luxurious retreat.
  5. An attentive concierge service that makes each guest feel like royalty.


  • The exclusivity affords a high degree of personal attention and customized care for each visitor.
  • The diverse treatment menu provides a worldly spa experience without leaving the secluded comfort of Fisher Island.
  • Access to the island’s other premium amenities ensures a complete day of indulgence.
  • Advanced skin and body treatments using state-of-the-art technology provide results beyond relaxation.
  • The salon services offer conveniences for guests transitioning seamlessly from rejuvenation to an evening of elegance.


  • The exclusivity of the location means that it might not be as easily accessible for non-members or those staying off the island.
  • The prestigious locale and high-end services are reflected in the pricing, possibly placing it beyond a casual spa-goer’s budget.

Best For: Spa Internazionale at Fisher Island Club is best for those seeking a secluded, wealthy spa experience that combines advanced treatments with a personalized touch reserved for the elite.

11. Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel South Beach – Eco-Conscious Healing

Wellness Spa

At the crossroads of luxury and sustainability, the Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel South Beach offers a retreat that not only pampers but also respects the environment:

  • An oasis of calm using ethically sourced and certified organic ingredients for a genuinely green spa experience.
  • Lady Carole Bamford‘s organic farm inspires the holistic approach here in the Cotswolds.

Why Bamford Wellness Spa Makes the Best List:

  • Embracing eco-consciousness, the spa provides an array of treatments aligned with preserving wellbeing and nature.
  • The tranquil environment crafted with responsibly sourced materials reflects a commitment to guests and the planet.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Spa treatments featuring organic, naturally derived Bamford skincare products.
  2. A comprehensive wellness space inclusive of the Anatomy gym for a balanced fitness regime.
  3. A selection of massages, facials, and body treatments that use healing modalities like Shiatsu and reflexology.
  4. Adaptogenic herbs and botanicals are integrated into treatments to boost immunity and resilience.
  5. A serene, light-filled ambiance with hints of nature throughout emphasizes the biophilic design.


  • An eco-luxury spa experience that aligns with the values of those mindful about the environment.
  • A harmonious sensory experience boosted by natural light, soft textures, and organic products.
  • The versatile treatment menu incorporates wellness practices from various cultures.
  • A complete health and wellbeing journey supported by the adjacent fitness offerings.
  • Innovative therapies include the waterless biphasic mask and collagen infused with nanogold and rose quartz.


  • The focus on holistic and organic treatments might not align with those seeking more traditional spa therapies.
  • Premium pricing reflects the exclusivity and high-end organic products used.

Best For: The Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel South Beach is best suited for eco-conscious spa-goers who prefer a luxurious yet sustainable approach to their wellness routine.

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12. Acqualina Spa by ESPA – Mediterranean Revival Retreat

Wellness Spa

Embrace the epitome of a Mediterranean-inspired pampering session at Acqualina Spa by ESPA, where the charm of Southern Europe meets the sun-kissed shores of Florida:

  • Named “#1 Spa in the US” by Forbes Travel Guide, one can expect nothing less than perfection.
  • The soothing backdrop of the Atlantic and the private tranquil gardens add to the luxurious retreat that is Acqualina.

Why Acqualina Spa by ESPA Is a Sanctuary Like No Other:

  • This spa has redefined luxury wellness with its sublime oceanfront setting and tailored service.
  • A strong belief in the holistic approach to health and beauty ensures a revitalizing escape.

Top 5 Features:

  1. The alluring Royal Spa Suite provides an ultra-private hideaway with stunning vistas and its steam shower.
  2. The extensive thermal area offers crystal steam rooms, refreshing ice fountains, and experiential showers.
  3. A menu rich with Ayurvedic and European techniques that cater to all senses.
  4. The private outdoor terrace is perfect for those seeking solace amidst nature post-treatment.
  5. Incorporation of innovative technologies, such as the Pagani Cryo T-Shock for anti-aging.


  • Rejuvenated mind and body through layered wellness experiences that combine heat, ice, and rest.
  • Bespoke treatments that realign the body’s balance are tailored by skilled therapists.
  • Immersive therapies focus on holistic well-being and utilizing the finest natural ingredients.
  • Relaxation zones with a touch of Mediterranean sophistication offer a gracious pause from reality.
  • Unique and innovative treatments serve as a journey of restoration and tranquility for beauty aficionados.


  • The high demand and upscale offerings may require advance bookings, limiting spontaneous visits.
  • Premium pricing is reflective of the exceptional service and setting, which could be a consideration for those on a budget.

Best For: Acqualina Spa by ESPA is best for those in search of a lavish, holistic spa experience with a touch of Mediterranean flair and in desire of a retreat to a space where wellness is tailored and tranquility is assured.

13. The Spa at the Four Seasons Surf Club – Timeless Pampering Experience

The Spa at the Four Seasons Surf Club

Nestled within the revived Surf Club, a storied haunt of old Hollywood glamor, The Spa at the Four Seasons Surf Club harmonizes the nostalgia of the 1930s with timeless indulgences:

  • Known for its luxurious marble-clad treatment rooms and bespoke wellness services that offer a personal touch.
  • Access to a private cabana row elevates the opulent spa experience beyond the treatment room.

Why The Spa at the Four Seasons Surf Club Is Unforgettable:

  • With a commitment to personalized service, it sets the benchmark for a customized pampering journey.
  • The grandeur is balanced with an approachable warmth, making each guest feel like Hollywood royalty.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Deluxe treatments are influenced by global traditions, including Ayurveda and hammam rituals.
  2. BodySlimmer and Roll Slimmer machines harness vacuum technology for body shaping.
  3. Tranquil wellness pods for meditative relaxation or couples’ treatments.
  4. The Susanne Kaufmann product line is renowned for its natural and efficacious properties.
  5. A refreshing tea room and tranquil Turkish bath to unwind after spa treatments.


  • A diverse selection of therapies that cater to the discerning tastes of men and women of all ages.
  • A beachside location that bestows a serene oceanfront spa experience.
  • The BodySlimmer and Roll Slimmer offer a unique combination of advanced technology and wellness.
  • Opulent treatment rooms and exceptional amenities grant an atmosphere of shoreside opulence.
  • Bespoke wellness treatments that are meticulously tailored to one’s individual needs.


  • The pinnacle of luxury comes with a price point that matches the high-end experience.
  • The illustrious atmosphere might feel too indulgent for those seeking a more minimalist or low-key spa day.

Best For: The Spa at the Four Seasons Surf Club is best for those who seek a blend of historical magnificence with modern luxury treatments — a premium retreat for connoisseurs of lavish relaxation and personalized wellness.

14. St. Regis Bal Harbour – Bespoke Spa Tranquility

The Spa

Infuse your wellness journey with bespoke tranquility at the St. Regis Bal Harbour, an enclave where spa perfection is personalized:

  • Renowned for its 14,000 square foot Remède Spa with a menu offering tailored treatments.
  • The serene atmosphere is accentuated by a thoughtful design that features a floating marble vanity and a reflecting pool.

Why St. Regis Bal Harbour Stands Above:

  • It offers a sophisticated setting where guests indulge in therapies that are as luxurious as the surroundings.
  • The exceptional customer service synonymous with the St. Regis brand ensures an unparalleled spa day.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Exclusive Remède products for skincare treatments that cater to a global elite.
  2. Customized body treatments, including the 24K Gold Wrap, which pamper and detoxify.
  3. A full suite of amenities, including steam rooms, saunas, and hot and cold plunges.
  4. Relaxation gardens and a state-of-the-art fitness center complement the spa offerings.
  5. Personalized attention both during treatments and within the relaxation areas.


  • Impeccable attention to detail ensures a spa experience that is second to none.
  • Highly customizable treatment options that adapt to the guests’ unique preferences.
  • Luxurious amenities offer a complete immersion into relaxation and well-being.
  • The serene environment promotes a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation.
  • The dedicated spa butlers can cater to every guest’s need, underlining the exclusivity of the experience.


  • The opulence and elite brand can make treatments come at a premium cost.
  • The atmosphere may feel too immaculate for those preferring a more casual or bohemian spa vibe.

Best For: The St. Regis Bal Harbour is best for luxury seekers who desire a spa experience where their personal preferences are not just met but anticipated in truly lavish settings.

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15. Biltmore Hotel Spa – Historical Elegance Meets Modern Luxury

Immerse yourself in the old-world charm and contemporary comforts at the Biltmore Hotel Spa, a historical gem that exudes 1920s grandeur combined with present-day opulence:

  • It is set in the iconic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, which is famous for blending classic Italian, Moorish, and Spanish architectural influences.
  • Offers a panoramic view of Miami’s lush landscape, providing a unique, storied backdrop for relaxation.

Why the Biltmore Hotel Spa Ranks Among the Best:

  • The merger of the hotel’s historical elegance with modern spa amenities creates an atmosphere of timeless luxury.
  • The holistic spa menu caters to adults and includes special services for teens.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Treatments are diverse, ranging from Thai and Ayurvedic massages to luxurious facials and body therapies.
  2. Manicure, pedicure, and skincare services that utilize advanced cosmetic technology.
  3. The signature Biltmore experience includes a guava-infused massage that pays homage to Florida’s tropical roots.
  4. Dedicated spa suites for couples who want to share a pampering session.
  5. An Acne-Avoiding spa menu specifically designed for teens, addressing the unique needs of younger skin.


  • Guests can dive into the rich history of Miami while indulging in expert spa therapies.
  • A wide range of therapeutic services caters to a diverse clientele looking for either traditional or innovative spa treatments.
  • The Biltmore’s lush, exclusive golf course stretches around the spa, offering serene views that enhance the spa experience.
  • High-end facial treatments incorporate advanced serums and masks for a celestially radiant complexion.
  • The special teen menu empowers young visitors to enjoy and benefit from tailored skincare routines.


  • The historic grandeur and location may come with a higher price point for spa services.
  • For some, the extensive services and amenities could feel overwhelming, particularly for those seeking a minimalistic and modern design.

Best For: The Biltmore Hotel Spa is best suited for history buffs, luxury enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a spa setting that harkens back to a golden era of splendor while incorporating the comforts and advances of current-day wellness trends.

16. Remède Spa – Personalized Spa Journeys

Remède Spa

Step into the world of Remède Spa, located at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, and discover a sanctuary where personal attention goes beyond the treatments into crafting a unique spa journey:

  • An oasis offering exclusive treatments such as the Bal Harbour 24-Karat Designer Facial.
  • Focus on customized care that allows no two spa visits to be the same.

Why Remède Spa is Synonymous with Customized Indulgence:

  • They eschew the standard spa menu for a bespoke service philosophy ensuring each treatment caters to guests’ preferences and moods.
  • The spa’s champagne and truffles set the tone for an experience of extravagant pampering.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Decadent amenities include marble floors, a fully equipped fitness center, and Vichy shower rooms.
  2. Each spa guest is assigned a personal attendant, ensuring services are tailored and expectations are surpassed.
  3. Luxurious relaxation lounges where guests can unwind in an atmosphere of abundant serenity.
  4. Access to all of the resort’s amenities, including adult and family swimming pools.
  5. A couples’ room offering specialized treatments for those wishing to share their spa experience.


  • Highly personalized treatment echoes the ethos of the spa, focusing on individual wellness goals.
  • An expansive range of amenities provides a comprehensive experience from fitness to relaxation.
  • Elegance and luxury in every detail, from the service to the surroundings, reinforce the exclusiveness of the experience.
  • High-end facials and body treatments promise not just relaxation but visible results.
  • Champagne and exquisite delicacies add a layer of pampering that caters to those with a taste for the finer things.


  • The emphasis on personalized luxury may come at a cost, with treatments priced accordingly.
  • The atmosphere steeped in exclusivity might not appeal to those seeking a more low-key or holistic spa vibe.

Best For: Remède Spa is best for travelers and locals alike looking for a customized spa experience that pampers the senses and elevates the concept of luxury.

17. The Spa at Baia Beach Club – Tropical Oasis of Wellness

Baia Beach

Venture into The Spa at Baia Beach Club within Mondrian South Beach, where wellness is both a journey and a destination.

Between the soft sway of palms and the tranquil waters lies an escape that merges the vibrancy of beach life with the zen of a tropical oasis:

  • A 4,000-square-foot wellness center recently renovated, beckoning with body therapies and bespoke facial treatments.
  • Enlisting the healing powers of nature, the spa includes CBD-infused products designed to usher in unmatched tranquility.

Why The Spa at Baia Beach Club Is a Must-Visit:

  • It reframes the spa experience with a forward-thinking approach to holistic self-care, offering an array of wellness rituals against the backdrop of breathtaking bay views.
  • Full beauty salon services are available, ensuring a continuum of pampering.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Unique offerings like the Baia Deep Relaxing Signature Ritual, which combines aromatherapy and Himalayan salt stones for a grounding experience.
  2. Options between Sea Holistic Rituals and Detox Bamboo Rituals, catering to relaxation or invigoration preferences.
  3. A suite of massages, including Ultimate Pregnancy Massage for expectant mothers seeking solace.
  4. Advanced facial treatments spotlight the radiance of every complexion.
  5. Inclusion of CBD products in multiple treatments, carving out a niche in modern spa offerings.


  • A panorama of treatments reflecting the adoption of both traditional and contemporary wellness approaches.
  • The use of CBD offers a progressive route to soothing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.
  • Custom-designed treatments align with overall health and well-being goals.
  • A rejuvenating space that encapsulates the essence of Mondrian South Beach’s waterfront appeal.
  • An on-site beauty salon delivers a full spectrum of grooming services that complement wellness therapies.


  • With its chic and sophisticated ambiance, the pricing reflects the premium experience.
  • Guests unfamiliar with CBD benefits might be hesitant to try associated treatments.

Best For: The Spa at Baia Beach Club is ideal for the wellness devotee and luxury spa-goer alike, who treasure modern, comprehensive approaches to self-care amid the allure of a beachfront setting.

Beyond Massages – What These Spas Offer

Unique Amenities and Spa Facilities

Spa Facilities

Beyond the tender touch of massages, Miami’s spas lure guests with an array of unique amenities and facilities, ensuring each visit offers more than just relaxation but an experience that enthralls all the senses:

  • From hammams to vitality pools, the diversity of water-based therapies abounds, providing healing through hydrotherapy.
  • Specialty areas like salt chambers and chromotherapy rooms use the power of minerals and light to invigorate the body and mind.

Why These Amenities and Facilities Matter:

  • They transform a day at the spa from a simple series of treatments to a comprehensive retreat for wellness and relaxation.
  • These special features often serve as a focal point for renewal, separating world-class spas from the everyday variety.

A Glimpse into Unique Spa Amenities:

  1. Thermal hydrotherapy circuits include saunas, steam rooms, and cold plunge pools for a full Scandinavianinspired circuit.
  2. Exclusive rooftop solariums and lounges for sunbathing and relaxation with stunning views.
  3. Mind and body studios offering yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes set within serene spa environments.
  4. Nutrition and wellness programs, including dietetic consultations and personalized wellness plans.
  5. Beauty and grooming salons within the spa for a truly head-to-toe rejuvenation.


  • Enhanced well-being with a variety of thermal experiences, each offering distinct health and relaxation benefits.
  • Peace and privacy are elevated with reserved spaces away from the bustling city.
  • The opportunity to enrich one’s spa day with classes focusing on mental and spiritual health.
  • Access to holistic health services that support guests in maintaining wellness beyond the spa visit.
  • A total body care approach that allows guests to feel pampered from head to toe on site.


  • With such an extended range of amenities, choosing how to spend your spa day can become overwhelming.
  • The inclusion of many high-end amenities may reflect the overall cost of your spa experience.

Best For: These facilities are best for those who view their spa day as an opportunity for holistic healing and want to engage in a variety of restorative practices, from emerging technologies in wellness to time-honored spa traditions.

Wellness Programs and Packages

Wellness Programs

Miami’s leading spas present not just treatments but curated wellness programs and packages designed to nurture the body, calm the mind, and uplift the spirit for transformative journeys:

  • Programs range from single-day spa escapes to week-long wellness retreats that forge paths to lasting health.
  • Packages often include combinative treatments, nutrition counseling, and fitness sessions for comprehensive care.

Crafting Your Wellness Narrative:

  • Tailored detox programs use a combination of spa services, fitness classes, and healthy eating to purify and rejuvenate.
  • Retreat packages designed for stress management provide a holistic approach to mental wellness.

Highlighted Wellness Programs and Packages:

  1. Fitness and Weight Loss Programs that blend spa treatments with personal training sessions and healthy meal plans.
  2. Executive Retreats offer therapeutic services that cater to the specific stress relief needs of business professionals.
  3. Romantic Couples’ Packages that combine relaxation with intimacy through spa services enjoyed in shared suites.
  4. Pre-natal and Post-natal care packages are specially designed to support mothers during and after pregnancy.
  5. Day spa passes give a snapshot of wellness with access to multiple spa amenities and services.

Perks and Pleasures:

  • Personal journeys towards achieving fitness and weight goals with expert guidance and luxurious spa treatments.
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced stress through wellness programs tailored for business individuals on the go.
  • Strengthened connections with loved ones through indulgent experiences meant for two.
  • Support for new or expecting mothers through tailored treatments that consider the nuances of motherhood.
  • A sampling of various therapies and the facility’s full offerings with convenient day packages for the ultimate getaway.


  • A commitment to a comprehensive package requires time that not all guests may have available during their visit.
  • Investment in full-scale wellness programs may need careful budgeting as they tend to be premium offerings.

Ideal Suitability: Those in search of a transformative health experience, couples looking for unique romantic gestures, and busy professionals seeking a stress antidote will find these programs and packages designed with their needs in mind.

Planning Your Visit to Miami's Best Spas

Tips on Booking Your Spa Experience


Making the most of your spa day in Miami requires a little forethought and planning. Here are some insider tips to help you book the ultimate spa experience:

  • Reserve Early: Popular spas fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons, so book your treatments well in advance.
  • Weekday Bliss: Consider a booking during the week. Spas are often less crowded, and you may find midweek discounts.
  • Inquire About Specials: Ask about any seasonal offers, new client discounts, or loyalty rewards when scheduling your appointment.
  • Personal Preferences: Communicate any preferences or special requests, such as therapist gender or focus areas, at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation Policies: Understand the spa’s cancellation policy to avoid any unexpected charges should your plans change.

Making the Appointment:

  • Have a credit card ready when you call, as many spas require a deposit to confirm your booking.
  • If you have a gift card or voucher, mention it when you schedule your treatment to ensure it’s applied correctly.
  • For more substantial treatments or packages, ask if there are facilities available for use before or after your appointment, like steam rooms or relaxation lounges.

Considerations for Your Schedule:

  • Arrival Time: Arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork and start relaxing.
  • Post-Treatment Time: Leave some time after your appointment to enjoy the facilities or savor the post-massage glow.

Maximizing Your Spa Day:

  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water before and after treatments, especially if you plan to enjoy heat-based amenities.
  • Dress Comfortably: While the spa will likely provide a robe and slippers, wear clothes that are easy to change out of and back into.
  • Communicate: Speak up about your comfort during treatments, as therapists rely on your feedback for a customized experience.

Final Note: Remember that the purpose of a spa visit is to relax and rejuvenate. By handling the practicalities in advance, you ensure a seamless and stress-free experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the moment.

Best Times to Visit for a Peaceful Retreat

Peaceful Retreat

Strategically choosing when to visit Miami’s spas can be the difference between a good and a great relaxation experience.

Here’s how to find the perfect moment for your peaceful retreat:

  • Off-Peak Seasons: Miami’s quieter months are May through September; spas are less crowded, offering a more tranquil atmosphere.
  • Weekday Wonders: Aim for a Tuesday or Wednesday visit, typically the least busy days, to maximize serenity.
  • Morning Calm: Arrive in the morning as soon as the spa opens; it’s the best time to enjoy fresh and uncrowded facilities.
  • Evening Euphoria: Later evening appointments can also provide a sense of peace as the day’s energy winds down.

Timing Your Spa Visit:

  • Seasonal Considerations: Consider weather patterns such as hurricane season (June to November), which might affect travel plans.
  • Events and Holidays: Avoid times during large festivals or holidays when the city – and its spas – might be particularly busy.

Planning Ahead:

  • Booking Advantages: Some spas offer early bird specials for appointments booked well in advance or first appointments of the day.
  • Package Perfection: Look for packages that offer a full day’s worth of treatments, giving you access to the spa throughout quieter hours.

Remember the Weather:

  • Miami’s tropical climate is perfect for those who want to complement their spa visit with some time on the beach. Check the local forecast and plan your spa day as a retreat from the midday heat or occasional rain shower.

A Note on Flexibility:

  • If your schedule allows, be ready to shift your spa visit to a day with better weather or fewer bookings. Spas can sometimes offer surprising last-minute availabilities.

By picking the optimal time for your spa visit, you can ensure the most restful and restorative experience possible, away from the bustle of a full booking schedule.

FAQ's about Luxury Spas in Miami?

Choose a massage spa in Miami considering personal preferences, like the type of massage you enjoy, and practical matters such as location and budget.

Look for spas that offer unique amenities, have excellent reviews, and provide the specific services you want. It’s also wise to consider the overall ambiance and customer service quality for a relaxing experience.

Yes, many luxury spas in Miami offer couple’s massages as part of their service menu. These treatments are designed for two people to enjoy simultaneously in a shared room, providing couples with a romantic and relaxing experience.

For couples seeking a romantic and rejuvenating experience, The Spa at The SetaiThe Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, and The Ritz-Carlton SpaKey Biscayne, offer exceptional couple’s massages and private suitesLapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau, and The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, also provide intimate settings and duo treatments perfect for two.

Miami’s top spas offer indulgent birthday packages that often include massages, facials, and additional amenities. The Biltmore Hotel Spa and Acqualina Spa by ESPA are known for their luxurious birthday offerings.

The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION and Remède Spa cater to celebratory experiences with champagne and personalized services.

For a more wallet-friendly spa experience in Miami, consider The Standard Spa for its holistic treatments and communal baths, Exhale Miami for its excellent value in the heart of downtown, and MySpa at InterContinental Miami, which offers competitive pricing with exceptional service.

Also, local day spas and boutique wellness centers often provide quality treatments at more accessible price points.

Miami Beach’s foremost luxury spas include Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau, known for its lavish treatments and ocean-inspired therapies; the opulent Valmont for The Spa at The Setai; and The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION, offering chic contemporary relaxation.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel South Beach also provide high-end, comprehensive wellness experiences with an emphasis on luxury and personalization.

Made by travelers, for travelers, check out the Barefoot Caribou Products below!

Conclusion: Luxury Spas in Miami

In conclusion, Miami’s selection of luxury spas is unparalleled, offering an exquisite blend of wellness, relaxation, and opulence that caters to a variety of preferences, whether you’re seeking holistic healing, advanced beauty treatments, or a serene escape from the daily grind.

From the high-end pampering at the Ritz-Carlton and Carillon Miami Wellness Resort to the eco-conscious indulgence of the Bamford Wellness Spa and the historically rich Biltmore Hotel Spa, there’s a perfect retreat for everyone.

When planning your spa day, remember to consider the type of experience you desire, the amenities that matter most to you, and any special occasions you may be commemorating. Booking ahead and choosing the right time for your visit can make all the difference, turning a simple spa appointment into a truly transformative journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

So, whether you’re a Miami local or visiting from out of town, indulge in the finest that this sun-kissed city has to offer. As you surrender to the hands of expert therapists and embrace the peaceful ambiance of Miami’s top spas, you’ll find not just temporary respite but lasting serenity that will carry you beyond the spa walls.

Share your favorite luxury spa experiences in Miami or any additional tips for an indulgent spa day in the comments below!

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